Thank the Receptionist

Show your appreciation to the receptionists at the office. Without their hard work and dedication, daily office works won’t run smoothly. This Receptionist Day, get appreciation gifts for receptionists. See here for 10 creative and fun Receptionist Day gifts.

If you are here for the gift card presentation printables, they can be found at the end of this article.

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Receptionist Day gifts | receptionist appreciation gift ideas

Receptionist Gift Ideas

Receptionist Day Gift Ideas

1.   Plants Enamel Lapel Pins
Let’s start our list of Receptionist Day gifts with this set of three chic lapel pins. Leaf, palm, and cactus design. Looks cute and stylish!

Plants Enamel Lapel Pins | Receptionist Day appreciation gift ideas from boss
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2.   Good Vibes Only Inspirational Mug
A simple mug great for enjoying morning coffee. Made of ceramic. Send good vibes to the receptionists.

Good Vibes Only Mug | gift ideas for receptionist appreciation day | gift for staff
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3.   Juniper Tree Bonsai Plant
Green plant also makes one of the best receptionist appreciation gifts. This mini Juniper bonsai is perfect for workspace. It is evergreen and easy to care. Bring peaceful Zen element to the office.

Juniper Tree Bonsai Plant | Receptionist appreciation day gift ideas | gift from boss for staff
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4.   Diamond Pen
She will definitely love this gorgeous pen. Lovely color with a big diamond on top. For your receptionist to write in style!

Diamond Pen - Receptionist Day gift ideas from boss | gift for staff
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5.   Teabloom Flowering Tea Set
Another great receptionist appreciation gift – Stackable teapots with blooming flower tea. Brew delicious tea that blooms into stunning flower in the elegant glass teapots. Make it hot or cold, and enjoy the beautiful view.

Teabloom Flowering Tea Set - gift ideas for staff - Receptionist gifts ideas
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6.   Pineapple USB Flash Drive
Receptionist Day gift under $10 – pineapple storage drive. Super cute!

Pineapple USB Flash Drive | gift ideas for staff from boss | receptionist day appreciation gift ideas
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7.   CLEAN Rollerball Layering Collection Fragrance
A collection of five travel-size mini rollerball perfumes. Five unique scents that you can mix and match the mood of the day.

CLEAN Rollerball Layering Collection Fragrance | Gifts for Receptionists
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8.   Funny Sticky Notes Packet
Set of 6 colorful sticky notepads with bold acronyms. Features simple and eye-catching design with witty explanations at the bottom.

Funny Sticky Notes Set | Receptionist Day
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9.   Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit
For Receptionist Day, you can also get a gadget gift. He/ she will appreciate this 3 in 1 clip-on lens kit. Includes a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens, and a macro lens. Attach it to your smartphone camera and shoot like a pro!

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit | Receptionist Day gift ideas
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10.   Cat End Pencil Sharpener 
Adorable kitty for the receptionist desk. You can stick a pencil to its rear-end and hear it meow when sharpening your pencil.

Cat End Pencil Sharpener - funny appreciation gift ideas for receptionists
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That’s our list of Top 10 Receptionist Day Gift Ideas. Thanks for reading.

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Amazon Gift Card Presentation PDF Printables for Receptionists

Receptionist Appreciation Day Gift Ideas - Amazon Gift Card Presentation Idea - Free Keepsake Printables

Gift cards are a bit strange sometimes, and I will explain why. What’s great about a gift card is that it’s a very practical gift; the recipient can use it to buy whatever they want to her fullest content — there’s no room for the mistake of buying the wrong gift. However, this can a double-edge sword, because of its superb practicality, a gift card often appears as cold and impersonal. By it self, it is simply not a gift that conveys sincerity and passion, it doesn’t have that interpersonal warmth in it.

But we can greatly improve gift card as a gift — by changing the way we present it. And the free printables are here to help; they convey clear and concise thank-you messages in bold, heartening text with gold-foil design. Also included is a lovely quote about the importance of a receptionist. Simply stick a gift card on one of these keepsake printables, and transform a boring and impersonal gift card into a thoughtful, sentimental, meaning gift with a personal touch.

Amazon Gift Card - receptionist day appreceation gift ideas from boss | keepsake quote printables
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For demonstration, we’ll be using an Amazon card, bur other regular-sized gift cards will work with these printables just fine.

There are 3 different designs available in PDF format. They are in US letter size. I recommend that you use a color printer to print them. I have tried printing them black-and-white, but the result is not very satisfying.

(i) Receptionist Gift Card Presentation Printable1: Thank You for Being Awesome

Receptionist Appreciation Amazon Gift Card Presentation Idea - Free Printables

Download as PDF

(ii) Receptionist Gift Card Presentation Printable 2: Good Job, Keep It Up

Receptionist Appreciation Amazon Gift Card Presentation Idea - Free Printables

Download as PDF

(iii) Receptionist Gift Card Presentation Printable 3: Thanks!

Receptionist Appreciation Amazon Gift Card Presentation Ideas - Free Printables - Keepsake

Download receptionist gift card printable #3 as PDF


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