Zodiac Heroes

We all have that person who we would call in the case of an emergency and chances are, they are one of the four zodiac signs below. The following four signs are all perfect examples that not all heroes wear capes. They also know that to reach new destinations, you have to take risks and be limitless in your approach.

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Four Most Heroic Signs

Have you ever wondered what makes these people who they are? Well, the answer might be in the stars. Being heroic isn’t something that is taught, it is something you are born with. These four zodiac signs are naturally heroic, each in its own unique way.

1. Aries Sun Sign (March 21-April 19) (Cardinal sign) (Season: Spring) (Fire) (Ram) (Ruling planet: Mars)

AriesAries is an aggressive zodiac sign who, much like the Ram, takes action in a direct approach, even if this action is entirely new to them. They are the most impulsive of all signs, making them the most fearless as well. You cannot hold an Aries Ram by its horns and expect it not to kick back.

True to their ruling element, fire, they are quick-tempered, although they will usually just as quickly forgive. Because of their love for challenges, you will rarely hear this fire sign say no to things most would shy away from.

What makes them this way?

The Aries sign is ruled by the mighty planet of Mars. Mars is the planet of war, courage, and bravery. Aries has always been better at creating rules instead of following them. This is because they are one of the four cardinal signs making them natural-born leaders.

2. Scorpio Sun Sign (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) (Fixed sign) (Water) (Scorpion) (Ruling planet: Mars)


A Scorpio individual will look fear directly in its eyes and face whatever is coming their way, standing with two feet firmly on the ground. This is what makes Scorpio the most daring zodiac of all twelve. As the Scorpio only trusts themselves, they cannot be manipulated or scared into doing something they don’t want to do. Their brave, intense, and relentless personalities are their core Scorpio traits.

What makes them this way?

They too are ruled by the mighty and ruthless planet of Mars. Much like a scorpion, they can withstand any harsh environment you put them through. Scorpio is a water sign, and they feel emotions more intensely than any other sign. Known to be one of the most loyal zodiacs, if you have earned their trust there is nothing that they will not do for you.

3. Sagittarius Sun Sign (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) (Mutable) (Fire) (Archer) (Ruling planet: Jupiter)


Goal-oriented, once they set their mind on a task, no matter how difficult, they will not stop until it is completed. Also known to be deep thinkers, a Sag will not hesitate to let others know what they think. They are also well known for defending the underdog and protecting the vulnerable, earning them hero status within the zodiacs.

What makes them this way?

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius are born with so much knowledge and intelligence that they are extremely mentally strong and capable. These traits put them in a perfect position to be an everyday hero and execute it flawlessly. This fiery sign is bold and will not back down easily.

4. Wild card – Cancer Sun Sign (Cardinal sign) (Season: Summer) (Water) (Crab) (Ruling planet: Moon)


As a water sign, Cancer is extremely emotionally intelligent and self-aware. Rather than suppressing their emotions, they recognize them and use them to guide their thinking and actions. Very intuitive and quick on their feet, they would be the perfect person to call for help in case of an emergency. A Cancer will defend you in public or comfort you at home — depending on what you need, not what’s more comfortable for them. They are usually soft and loving but do not back this crab into a corner or its pinchers will come out. Foundation and family are at the very core of a Cancer’s life values and are usually the most important thing in their life. Business and everything creating stability within their life’s comes in at a close second. They are fiercely loyal, and they will fight for what or who is important to them. You do not want to be on the opposing side of a Cancer defending its loved ones. They are a true definition of “ride or die”, making this sign the heroic wild card of the bunch.

What makes them this way?

As a cardinal sign, the courageous crab is an initiator of change, possessing unique leadership traits that show others how strong they are at delegating and leading. Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is said to give them an innate need to nurture, support, and protect.

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