Gifts for Engineers and Engineering Students 2018

This year’s National Engineers Week, show some appreciation to the engineers that you know by getting them a little gift that is fun and inspiring.

We have gathered some gift ideas for an engineer or engineering student that they will definitely love and appreciate.

While this engineering gift guide is written for the special week, the ideas in here are perfect as everyday appreciation gifts or good bye gifts for a coworker.

Creative Gifts for Engineering Students and Engineers

Great presents for engineers: mechanical, electrical, software, aeronautical, etc.

1. Beer Soap

Six unique soaps made using six different beers. Fragrant, unique, and definitely special. Handmade in Georgia, USA. Soap and engineering may feel different but that doesn’t mean an engineer can’t enjoy a good soap. Soaps are creative presents for engineers.

Six pack of beer soap

2. Notebook

Bullet journaling is a great way to keep the engineer’s tasks organized. This system helps them plan your tasks top-down and move your tasks around.  All they need is a notebook and a pen to get started. However, you should really get the official bullet journal notebook as a gift for the engineer. It comes with the bullet journaling guide, index, and pre-paginated pages.

Keeping a bullet journal

3. T-shirts

T-shirt and jeans are the de-facto uniforms for many engineers. They’re comfortable and effortless to put on. Below are two t-shirt designs that an engineer will find interesting.

There are many types of engineers, but some people don’t understand that concept (the mother-in-law for example). This funny engineer t-shirt is dedicated to those who are often asked to do things that are outside of their area. “I’m an engineer. But no, I can’t fix your TV, I’m not that kind of engineer”. This shirt is a just-for-fun engineer gift.

T-shirt for engineers. Funny gift for engineers

Coffee runs deep in the corporate America culture. Many engineers are huge coffee lovers. This humorous engineering t-shirt is perfect for coffee-loving engineers. “I’m an engineer. I convert coffee into engineering solutions”.

Funny t-shirt for engineers. I turn coffee into engineering solutions

4. Pots

Not that kind of pots. Here we are referring cute, pastel-colored, mini flower pots that come in the shapes of various adorable animals, such as elephant, alligator, and whale. Note: succulent plants are not included. This is an idea for engineers that will help them relax.

Cute pastel color animal mini flower pot.

5. Floating Globe

A levitating globe with no strings attached. It’s fun to look at and will certainly arouse the engineer’s curiosity. This globe is a unique engineering present.

Magnetic Floating Globe

6. Marble Coaster Kit

This kit comes with all the material that you need to build a wooden marble coaster. Build it with your logic skill, then watch the marbles cruising down the coaster. This kit is perfect for people who like to build stuff and so it’s a good gift engineers will want.

Marble coaster DIY kit.

7. Space Pen

The pen that astronauts use in space. This antigravity ballpoint pen by Fisher can be used upside down, in extreme environments such as extreme temperatures and underwater.

Inspire the engineer with this special pen that connects him to the ever-inspiring space exploration.

Also check out our article on motivational pencil sets if you prefer a pencil and a little more colors (mostly shades of pinks). This is one of our favorite engineer gifts on this list.

Fisher Astronaut space pen


8. Einstein’s Biography

Albert Einstein’s biography by Walter Isaacson. Get inspiration from the story of his life.

Albert Einstein biography by Walter Isaacson

9. Necklace

Pi, also known as Archimedes’ Constant, is one of the most important and common constants in science and engineering. Feel connected to centuries of engineers and scientists with this Pi necklace that features the Pi symbol against a starry night background (sorry, the resolution of the image below has blurred out the starry background).

Inspirational pendant necklace for engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. National Engineers Week 2018.

10. Geek Clock

Wall clock for math geeks (not just any kind of geeks, mind you!). Every number is a mathematical expression that requires some thinking or familiarity with mathematics.

Geek clock for geniuses

11. Watch

Bold in terms of design and color. Casio G-Shock is the golden standard of full-feature digital watches. Its ruggedness is perfect for rough everyday wear.

Casio G-Shock Digital Watch

12. Robot Kit

Engineers need to have fun too. Build a simplistic robot model with this robot kit. Three colors are available.

Build your own robot kit

13. Challenging Puzzle

Stimulate thinking with this puzzle. Take it apart and try to put it back together. Do not be mistaken. These wooden puzzles are extremely challenging.

Puzzle for geniuses. Gift ideas - National Engineers Week.

14. Adult Coloring Book

Take it easy. Wind down after a long day at work by losing yourself in the rich world of a coloring book.

Adult coloring book - Island Dreams

15. Portable Espresso Maker

Make espresso anywhere you like — in your cubicle, on a hiking trail, on a beach. Just put in ground coffee, hot water, and press. Many engineers run on coffee and are self-proclaimed coffee addicts. This portable coffee maker is a gift idea for engineers that they love.

Portable coffee espresso maker. Great gift for coffee lovers.

16. Coffee Mugs

A common inhabitant of the cubicle tabletop. Fill it with coffee, tea, or water — anything really.

Below are two interesting mug gifts that will humor an engineer.

Funny mug for engineers. Try some duct tape, that might just work! Trust me, I'm an engineer.

It’s humorous, but at the same time, this software developer coffee mug is telling the truth. Sometimes, program codes take a long time to compile (or not long enough to switch to a different task). During which the engineer may seem to be slacking. This mug is fun and inexpensive gift for engineers.

Mug for software engineer, coder, programmers. Joke.

More Ideas

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Happy Engineers Week!

I hope you found something helpful from this gift guide. Do you have a better idea? Share with other readers in the comment section right below. Thanks for reading and Happy Engineers Week!

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