Looking for funny Christmas gift exchange ideas for office or friends & family? We have compiled a funny list of 8 funny gifts that will work this kind of occasion.

Funny Christmas Gift Ideas. Humorous Gifts.

It’s always difficult to find an interesting yet inexpensive present for a gift exchange. Whether you’re doing the exchange at work or with family, you never know what to get. Forego the Christmas shopping crowds and order your gift exchange gift from Amazon. Shopping for the holidays has never been easier.
1. Hilarious Monster Pajama Onesie

For the incredible price of under $20, you can be the one who brings this show stopper to your gift exchange party. No doubt everyone will be fighting over this ridiculous gift.
2. Six Pack Beer Belt

This incredible beer belt can hold six cold ones at one time. If your friends aren’t drinkers this isn’t a problem. Any can of soda will fit easily into this delightfully redneck-themed belt.
3. Hilarious Coffee Mug

Your coworkers will definitely be fighting over this funny coffee mug at your Christmas gift exchange. The mug shows the various levels of customer service before, during and after coffee consumption. What a riot!
4. Microwave Bacon Rack

First of all, this amazing contraption will help you to drip off 35% of your bacon’s fat before you eat it. This is really a gift that will save your friends those extra holiday pounds. Additionally, it’s kind of hilarious. A total win.
5. Ghost Pepper Nuts

These incredibly spicy nuts will be a real hit at your next Christmas exchange. After all of your friends dare each other to eat them, they’ll quickly be running for ice from the fridge. These nuts are seriously hot and not recommended for parties that include those with nut allergies.
6. LED Umbrella

This super cool umbrella is ridiculous and functional—what could be better? Your friend or coworker will look like a Jedi walking down the street with this bad boy. You’ll definitely be the hit of the party with this umbrella.
7. Octopus Face Mask Beanie

Your friends are going to die laughing when that lucky somebody unwraps this gem. Everyone will want to try on the octopus face mask and the selfies will be never-ending. Everyone will be glad they invited you to the party.
8. The Official Bullshit Button

This one is perfect for an office Christmas gift exchange. The lucky winner of this amazing gift will be able to call bullshit by simply pressing a button. Don’t let them forget to bring it to meetings!
What are you bringing to your Christmas gift exchange?
Have you found just the right novelty item for your gift exchange? Let us know what you’re bringing in the comments!
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