Father's Day Gifts From Daughters

Father’s Day Gifts From Daughters

In this Father’s Day gift guide, you will discover more than 40 Father’s Day gifts dad will love to get from his daughters. Many of these gifts for dad from daughter work equally well for birthday, Christmas, and other occasions. Also, although this guide is written from daughters’ perspective, the sons can most certainly find the perfect gifts for dads here. Let’s take a look at these cool gifts for Father’s Day now.

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Dad will be genuinely surprised this year when he receives one of these unique Father’s Day gifts from his daughters. Check them out now.

1. Funny Father Pun Coffee Mug

Right off the bat, let’s get back to dad with a little dad joke of our own with this humorous mug. This mug features a pun that only works when you look at the words, and it says, “I wouldn’t be a FATHER without some FAT“. It’s a great way to make fun of dad of his little extra burden of fat.

The mug is 11 oz in capacity and is made from ceramic. The pun is printed on both sides of the mug, which is not very common for novelty mugs. The double-sided design means that dad gets to share the joke with and spread the fun to everyone around him.

Funny coffee mug for dad - returning a dad joke back to him

2. Positive Thought Motivational Box Sign for Dad

A small box sign that is so much bigger than itself. Remind dad of the importance of positive thoughts, no matter how small the thoughts are, with this rustic box sign from Primitive by Kathy. Made from quality wood. Designed to hang or stand. Its compact size of 6″ x 8″ makes it suitable for virtually any location: hallway, living room, or study. Also, the floral pattern on the sides of the box is a very nice touch.

Positive thought wooden box sign inspirational

3. Dad, You’re Special Leather Keychain

Everyone deserves to feel special every once in a while. With the help of this handmade leather keychain, you can make your dad feel special every day.  It says on the keychain “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone very special to be a dad.” If you’re shopping for a keychain with dad quote on it, definitely give it a look. This lovely dad keychain is made in the USA by our favorite leather shop in Arkansas — Miller’s Leather Shop. Price of the keychain: affordable. Dad feeling special: priceless. These keychains are excellent sentimental Father’s Day gifts.


4. Gym Bag for Gym-Going Dads

Medium-sized adidas Duffel bag. Extremely stylish and trendy design. Personally, I absolutely adore its color scheme; its maroon color plays really well with the rest of the design. Aesthetics aside, this bag is super practical and ergonomic. The strap comes with widened padding to ease the burden on the shoulder that carries the bag. The bag is not overly big, just big enough for all the sports equipment that you need. This bag is perfect to bring it to the gym, sports activities, fishing, hunting, etc. Dad’ll be thrilled to receive this bag from his daughters.

Adidas Duffel Gym Exercise Bag

5. Best Farter Father Funny T-Shirt

For families who have a good sense of humor. While this funny t-shirt works great as a gift for many dads, it is the perfect humorous Father’s Day gift for dads who are strong in the flatulence department. Get ready to enjoy a great laugh at this year’s Father’s Day celebration when dad sees this t-shirt. I’m sure he will appreciate this unique t-shirt from his daughters.

Best Farter Father Ever Funny tshirt for dad -fathers-day-gifts-from-daughter

6. Power Screwdriver

A must-have for every homeowner. We’re recommending this as a dad gift here because this is a gift guide for dad, but seriously, this is a thoughtful and practical Father’s Day gift for virtually everyone. This cool product from Black & Decker is a portable battery-operated screwdriver. It is lightweight and only slightly bigger than a regular screwdriver (it’s 2 inches wide, 9 inches long). Its lightness means that there’s less burden on your arm and shoulder even in prolonged use. Its petite size allows it to reach a small area where a full-fledged power driver is too big to reach.

Power screwdriver


7. Portable Vinyl Player for Beginner Vinyl Record Lovers

Enjoy the rich and dreamy sound of the vinyl with this classy turntable from Crosley. Battery-operated for unlimited freedom, enjoy your favorite music anywhere you like — backyard, park, at the top of a mountain. If you’re ever tired of vinyl (I doubt you ever will), the turntable also supports auxiliary inputs that work with your smartphone and mp3 players. It supports three music speeds so you can adjust based on your personal preference. There are more than ten designs available. All of them are constructed of wood and bound by leatherette material. These turntables are gorgeous looking. The model that we’re showing below even has a hobo-style design on the inside of the turntable suitcase, which adds to the overall classiness of the vinyl player. These vinyl record players are recommended as Father’s Day gifts for dads who are looking to get started with the vinyl.

Crosley Cruiser II Portable Vinyl Player

8. Bluetooth Speaker – Play Music In The Bathroom or The Garage or Anywhere Really

If you have a dad who is into geeky stuff, you will not be wrong by getting him this badass portable speaker. Wireless — no worry about wire mess. Fun and interesting to look at. This Bluetooth speaker is a futuristic eye candy that has surprisingly good audio quality. This is my most recommended Father’s Day gift for geeks.

Anker portable bluetooth speaker

9. Succulents Plants for Gardeners

These little plants are eye candies! They are small and require minimum caring to grow and flourish. Despite their size, they’re pretty great at purifying the air at night, removing toxin from the room while you sleep. If dad is into gardening or succulents, he’ll appreciate these unique Father’s Day gifts from his daughters.


10. Owl Pots

I found these irresistible owl pots by accident and I can’t help myself but to share them with you guys. These little ceramic owls come in a parliament of six (yes, a group of owls is called a parliament; trust me, I googled). Each of them is unique and is ready to work with your plants. They look extremely cute when paired with succulents.

Adorable owl planter pot

11. Superman Lapel Pin – Because That’s Why Fathers Look Like in The Eyes of Their Daughters

A small and inexpensive Father’s Day gift that works best with a custom handmade keepsake card. This lapel pin features the symbol of the famous Superman. For sons and daughters, their father often appears to be a superhero to them; he is seemingly all-powerful and he is always there whenever they needed help. Let him know that he is a super dad with this quality lapel pin made of pewter.

Superman inspired lapel pin

12. Whiskey Decanter for a Whiskey, Whisky, Bourbon, or Scotch Loving Daddy – Present from Adult Daughter

This decanter a beautiful art piece by itself. Whiskey lovers will find this Father’s Day gift both practical and beautiful. On the surface, this is a glass globe on a wooden holder. The world’s continents are imprinted on the glass globe. When you look closer, there’s a delicate sailing boat inside the globe made entirely out of glass. Filling the decanter with whiskey transforms it into a golden globe that is very pleasant to look at. Also, seeing the sailing boat submerges and re-emerges from the golden liquid is feels strangely philosophical.

Whiskey Decanter

13. Tabletop Organizer – Keep Things Together – Must Have for People with OCD

Stylish and practical organizer for your father who likes to keep things organized. It’s waterproof, so it goes well with any space inside the house which includes the bathroom. You can keep it on a coffee table to keep the remotes from going missing, or you can use it to organize your tabletop by giving the stationery a proper home. There’s also a space allocated for a tissue box, though some buyers mentioned that it’s on the small side and doesn’t fit a regular tissue box; to overcome that, you may have to take the tissue papers out from the box. On the outside, it’s wooden top is outstanding. Its bottom half is made of durable plastic which is dust resistant and easy to clean.

Wooden table organizer for phone and stationery

14. Electric Trimmer

Throw away dad’s cheap disposable shaver this Father’s Day, and upgrade it to this cordless electric trimmer. A good product from Philips, this trimmer works for the beard and the hair. 17 built-in lengths to choose from to produce the best result. Multiple combs to satisfy any trimming needs. Fully washable for easy cleaning. It runs on a lithium battery and can last up to 70 minutes per charge.

Philips Norelco Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100

15. Awesome Daughter T-shirt

I call this a win-win gift for dad. Show your father some love and give your pat on the back at the same time with this humorous t-shirt. Your dad will want to wear this t-shirt every day to show the world how proud he is to have you as his daughter. This premium quality t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is washer friendly.

Proud Dad of a Freaking Awesome Daughter T-Shirt

16. Stacking Pints Gift Set

A good gift for dads who enjoy the great outdoor. Help keep his favorite drink at his preferred temperature with this awesome growler from Stanley. Claimed by the manufacturer to keep cold drinks cold up to 24 hours, iced drinks up to 100 hours, and hot drinks up to 18 hours. This gift set comes with a 64-oz growler and 4 stainless-steel cups — great for sharing drinks with a couple of friends.

Stanley Growler and Adventure Stacking Pints Set

17. My Dad Knows Everything Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are hands down the best cheap gifts from daughters who are young and have budget constraints.

My dad knows everything funny coffee mug

18. Nose Facial Hair Trimmer

A 2-in-1 trimmer from Philips, perfect for dad who is rich in the nose hair department. But it’s so much more than just a nose trimmer, this is a precision tool that works great for touching up facial hairs — side burn and eyebrows for example. There are different packages available, the one I’m recommending here comes with two eyebrow combs (3 mm and 5 mm), precision beard comb (3 mm), cleaning brush and battery (the trimmer is powered by lithium AA battery.

Philips Norelco Facial Hair Precision Trimmer

19. Sentimental Keychain – I’ll always be your little girl, you’ll always be my hero

Your dad will be feeling warm and fuzzy when he receives this sentimental keychain from you. It’s not an expensive gift, but its thoughtfulness is truly priceless. This lovely keychain helps remind your father that no matter how grown-up his daughter is, she will always be daddy’s little girl.

Father Daughter Keychain for Dad

20. First Fathers Day Personalized Frame

A personalized photo frame for new dads who are celebrating their first Father’s Day. Personalize this gorgeous wooden frame with the daughter’s name and the year, then put in a photo of him and his daughter before presenting it to him. He will be so touched when he receives this gift — he may just tear up, so get your camera ready to capture this special moment!

Personalized First Fathers Day Gift from Baby Daughter or Wife. Custom Wooden Photo Frame.

21. Engraved Hammer

Let him know how grateful you are to be his daughter with this unique engraved hammer. It says “thank you for helping me build my life” on the wooden handle of the hammer. Note that this is a real hammer, not a prop.

Thank You Hammer

22. Personalized Golf Ball Marker for Golfing Dads

Unique and cool idea for golf players. This golf ball marker personalization service is provided by Californian indie woodworker Woodulike. You can personalize a golf ball marker with your father’s initials or letters of your choice. You also get to choose the material: wood for a more natural look or metal for a modern look. The golf marker is about 1″ in diameter and comes with a stainless steel magnetic hat clip base.

Perfect Father's Day Gift for Golfer -- Personalized Golf Ball Marker.

23. Best Dad Ever T-shirt

The simplest way to boost your father’s ego. What better way to celebrate this special day with a t-shirt that announces to the world how great he is. He will be on cloud nine when he gets this shirt and every time he wears it.

Best Dad Ever T-Shirt for Father

24. French Press – Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Long-time CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz said that the best way to brew a cup of coffee is by using a french press. With this glamorous french press from Cafe Du Chateau, you can brew the best cup of coffee with style. Made of the finest material only, every single metal piece is 304-grade stainless steel which gives the French press a resilient shine. Unlike many other lesser french presses, this product has a 4-level filtration system that produces a pure brew with no coffee grounds in it. Also, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee — if anything happens to it, you will get a replacement from the seller! This is a great gift for coffee lovers.

Quality Cafe Du Chateu french press for coffee lover dad

25. Dad’s Ice Cream Plow – Cute and Cheap Idea for Toddler or Teen Daughters

Cute engraved ice cream spoon for him who likes to eat ice cream. It’s a great gift even if he doesn’t enjoy ice cream very often, the spoon’s small size makes it great for stirring coffee in a mug. This will be dad’s happy little embarrassment that will remind him of his mischievous daughter. Also, this small spoon is heavy for its size because of the quality of the material that it is made of.

Unique Father's Day Gift from Baby or Adults Daughter

26. Can Insulator

Help to keep dad’s drink cold with this can insulator from the trusted Thermos. Thermos’s vacuum insulation technology keeps a can drink cold for ten times longer. Stainless steel on the inside and outside. No more water rings — the holder is sweat proof. As of now, there are three different designs available: silver (shown below), charcoal, and white.

Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Can Insulator

27. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ranger Leather Wallet

Bi-fold wallet from Tommy Hilfiger that can satisfy any man’s storing needs. Made of 100% cow leather. This wallet has one bill compartment and six card slots. The wallet comes in a beautiful leatherette gift box, ready to be presented the moment the parcel arrives. There are seven designs available: brown (shown below), black, cognac, navy, tan, green, and red.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Ranger Leather Wallet

28. Watch

Help your father to keep track of time while being fashionable with this casual watch from Tommy. The watch is in low-profile navy blue which signifies maturity and wisdom. Good for everyday wear. Scratch resistant on the watch glass thanks to the durable mineral crystal that it is made of. Its silicone wristband is comfortable and light. The watch’s case diameter is 44 mm, which is great for guys in general. It is water resistant to 100 ft, so no problem with splashes or brief immersion in water, but I won’t recommend you go swimming or bathing in it.

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Quartz Movement Watch for Guys

29. Sunglasses

Those of us who wear prescription glasses have a problem: sun getting in our eyes because regular sunglasses just won’t fit with our prescription glasses on. If your dad wears prescription glasses, he will appreciate this wear-over sunglasses from LensCover. These sunglasses fit comfortably on top of prescription glasses. The sunglasses are polarized, they provide UV400 level protection which is 100% protection against UVA and UVB. A necessary companion when driving under the bright summer sun. There are different sizes and colors available, so be sure to check them out before buying.

LensCovers Wear-Over Sunglasses

30. Lawn Trimmer – Excellent for Smaller Backyards

A full lawn mower is great, it can cover a large area of the lawn fairly quickly, but it has one flaw — it’s size is simply not designed to work with tight areas and corners, it is not great for precision trimming. Enters this efficient cordless string trimmer from GreenWorks. Light and flexible in its movement — with this trimmer, dad can do a quick trim on his lawn in areas that a full lawn mower couldn’t reach. It is rechargeable, so no worry about smoke or smell or noise. Note that the battery is sold separately.

GreenWorks Cordless String Trimmer

31. Poem for A Father and Daughter

What could possibly get more sentimental than a poem about a father and his daughter? If you’re looking for a sentimental Father’s Day gift, this is my recommendation to you. Beautifully written by Genie Poems, this daughter-father poem is accompanied by calming watercolor illustrations. It comes matted, you can either keep it as is or frame it up with a photo frame before hanging it on the wall. Alternatively, there’s also a pre-framed version from the seller.

Father Daughter Poem for Father's Day. Great Gift from Daughter.

32. Terrific Dad Disney Mickey Greeting Card

Sometimes the best way to show some love as a daughter is through a simple greeting card. Not all of us get to spend time celebrating the special Day together due to work or school. This funny greeting card from Hallmark features the world’s most loved mouse — Mickey on the cover of the card, and other popular Disney characters on the inside of the card. Why is this greeting card special? Because of its humor of course. On the cover, Mickey says that dad deserves more than just one card and as soon as you flip open the card several mini cards pop up instantly. Head on to Amazon to check out the mini cards in action.

Terrific Dad Greeting Card

33. Engraved Tag

It can be difficult to shop for men’s jewelry. To begin with, the choices are very limited and guys are usually choosy when it comes to guys’ bling. But I guarantee that your father will love this creative and meaningful engraved tag from his beloved daughter for his special Day. This tag is multi-purpose, you can wear it as a necklace, use it as a keychain, or even keep it as a home decor piece, your creativity is the limit here. It’s cool if he wants to wear it, but if he doesn’t want to there are other options available. It is a great gift for first-time dads too, as you can see from the words on the tag, the words can also represent the feeling of a newborn daughter or son.

Engraved Tag for Dad

34. Vacuum Bot

This is a gift that is beneficial to the entire household. I’m sure you have heard of the iRobot Roomba. It is an automatic vacuum robot that keeps the floor dust-free. It’s very easy to maintain, you just have to throw out the dust when it’s full and the robot will notify you when that happens. Roomba is smart enough to know when it needs to go for a recharge and does so itself without needing your help. It can adapt to any floor type: carpet, tile, or hardwood. Its low-profile design allows it to reach areas that are otherwise difficult to reach, such as under the bed or the couch. This robotic cleaner is especially helpful if the household has any pet.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

35. A Prayer for My Dad Framed Wall Plaque

Pray for dad for his well-being. Be grateful for his undivided love and contribution to your life. Say thanks on this special Day by celebrating fatherhood with this gorgeous framed prayer wall plaque. Tasteful rustic design with easel back that allows it to stand by itself on a tabletop. Made of MDF wood. Proudly made in America, you may want to consider this unique product if you want to buy American.

A Prayer for My Dad Framed Poem Wall Plaque

36. Newspaper Mug – Dad Says He Loves Mug Received As Gift

Creative mug with old newspaper style design. A simple and practical gift to celebrate the special day. Funny gift for men who like a little laugh. Be instantly reminded of his mischievous daughter when he sips from his new favorite coffee mug.

Funny dad mug. Perfect Fathers Day Gifts from Adult Daughter.

37. Great Dad Sign

This wooden sign is a wonderful gift that dad will definitely love. Simple design with aged effect, coupled with a cute message to make dad feels proud.

It is a nice room decor that can be displayed on the desktop or hang as wall decoration.

Great Dad Father's Day Gift From Kids Box Sign


38. Shaveology Double Edged Safety Razor Set

Men’s grooming like a shaver, shaving cream, after-shaves are good choices for Father’s Day. We recommend this box of razor set loved by lots of men. High-quality Phantom Series Razor by Shaveology. Sleek, sturdy, ergonomic.

Engineered for the gentlemen. It works well to give you a close and clean shave without irritation.

Shaveology Double Edged Safety Razor Set


39. Super Dad Coffee Mug

Another great Father’s Day gift from kids. An awesome ceramic mug that says “I’m a Dad. What’s your super power?”.

Fun style, vibrant colors. Perfect for morning coffee or tea.

Super Dad Coffee Mug

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40. Dad Quote Keychain

Small gift for Father’s Day. A brown leather keychain engraved with a beautiful quote. “Anyone can be a Father, but it takes someone very special to be a Dad

Functional and sentimental. It makes one of the best Father’s Day gifts from kids.

 Dad Quote Keychain


41. Mens BBQ Apron

For dads who love cooking and grilling. This apron fits perfectly for the big chef/ BBQ expert. Features durable canvas, adjustable neck and 3 pockets to hold the cooking stuff.

Also available in red, white and beige.

Mens BBQ Apron


42. Dad T-shirt

This Father’s Day, you can also get this cool statement T-shirt for him. Made from comfortable pre-shrunk cotton. It is stylish and eye-catching. Other dads who do not get this cool shirt gonna be so envious of him.

Papa T-shirt


43. My Dad: His Story, His Words

The last item in our list of Father’s Day gifts from the kids – a hardcover journal for dad to talk about his stories and memories. This little book asks interesting questions and prompts with lots of spaces for dad to write down his thoughts.

Simple, straightforward and thoughtful. A great book to pass down the legacies of the great man in your home.

My Dad: His Story, His Words

So what do you think of these recommended products for Father’s Day Gifts from daughters? Did you find the perfect daughter-to-dad gift? Do you have any recommendations?