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Everybody has their flaws, that’s well known. Nobody can be completely perfect no matter how hard they try. Every Zodiac sign has their positives and their negatives, but some signs can be more prone to hazardous characteristics. Being humiliated, seeking revenge or being emotionally distant are all things that can lead to dangerous behavior. If you want to know who to keep your eye out for, look no further than right here.

Danger: Zodiac Signs to Watch Out For

1. Cancer

2. Scorpio

3. Pisces

4. Sagittarius

5. Gemini

5 Most Dangerous Star Signs of the Zodiac

Remember, even though these signs have been picked out doesn’t make them worse than any other sign. You can have sweetheart Scorpios and peaceful Pisceans!

1. CANCER – The Emotionally Unstable One

Seeing Cancer at the top of this list may seem confusing for many. While Cancerians are often known for their caring disposition, they are also known for their moody nature.

Cancer is a water sign, and water signs are extremely connected to their feelings. Cancer is thought to be one of the most emotional signs of the Zodiac, and it is also very aware of their emotional intelligence.

The passionate nature of this sign is a double-edged sword, as things can quickly become dark and twisted. You don’t want to get on Cancer’s bad side because they are extremely volatile and prone to mood swings. They are expert manipulators who can flip any scenario inside out.

When outraged, Cancer just sees red and goes into overdrive. They are known to be passion killers. They attack out of pure emotion and don’t stop until it’s all out. This often gives them the perception of being mentally unstable.

There is just no knowing just what a Cancer is capable of when in a fit of rage.

2. SCORPIO – The Secretive and Revengeful One

If there’s one thing you need to know about Scorpio, it’s that they hold grudges. So if you want to stay safe, don’t ever think about getting in Scorpio’s way. They will never forgive those who have wronged them. In fact, they will spend their time coming up with intricate plans in the name of cold-hearted revenge.

These revenge plans can become so extreme that they leave the other person completely damaged and demoralized. Scorpio is a very resourceful sign, so they can manipulate things and people into believing whatever they want. In particular, Scorpios can be very harmful if they feel like they have been betrayed.

Scorpios are also known to be the most secretive sign of the entire Zodiac. Despite their enigmatic nature, Scorpios often have magnetic personalities. Their mysterious ways just draw people to them.

This makes them an unexpected killer. When it comes to serial killer, female serial killers are rare. However female serial killers are almost always Scorpios. They tend to kill for reasons such as financial gain or revenge.

3. PISCES – The Sensitive Manipulator

It may come as a shock to find Pisces on this list as they are known for their compassionate and caring nature, however, it turns out Pisces accounts for some of the most prolific serial killers.

While we may know Pisces to be that sweet, loving Zodiac sign, they also have a darker shadow side to them. As a water sign, Pisces is incredibly sensitive and prone to emotional outbursts. In fact, this sensitivity is what makes them so dangerous. Pisces can get hurt easily, and once they do… there’s no telling what they could do. Pisces is also another mutable sign.

When pushed to the limit, a Pisces will not usually be publicly angry or confrontational. They prefer to break their enemies in passive-aggressive ways. They’ll turn your closest friends against you, make promises and then break them, or humiliate you in public until you can no longer take it.
However, the instant you snap and react to their behavior, they’ll turn the tables on you, playing the helpless victim and blaming you for everything. They know exactly how to set the scene.

4. SAGITTARIUS – The Fearless Daredevil

Sagittarians are said to come in first for charges related to burglary, robbery, forgery, and fraud. While they may seem outgoing and optimistic on the outside, you should think twice before getting close to a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign which means they are adaptive but also wildly indecisive. Many of the most renowned serial killers actually mutable signs. It is this changeability that makes Sagittarius such a hazardous offender. They are able to shapeshift into any persona that suits them in any situation – so their criminal ways often take people by surprise.

Often Sagittarius does not harm others. But when it comes to their neck on the line, they can be very brutal. The fact that Sagittarians are hot-headed and quick-tempered is probably the most detrimental characteristic of their personality. Their anger can flare up over the smallest of issues, and when it does, they attack with words, which can come on quickly and powerfully.

5. GEMINI – The Intellectual Scammer

Gemini is one of the most formidable signs because not only are they dangerous… they’re smart too. Being an Air sign, Gemini excels in knowledge. They know exactly what to do to keep people from finding out their true nature.

Their airy element also means that Gemini is not as grounded as the other Zodiac signs. As a result, Gemini tends to be erratic and unbound to a belief system. This leads to Gemini not being as firm in knowing what is right and what is wrong.

To add, Gemini’s celestial symbol is The Twins. While on one hand, Gemini can be an amazing person to be around, on the other hand, Gemini’s dark twin can come out. A dark Gemini has trouble empathizing with others or comprehending the emotional ramifications of their actions.

They have a tendency to act without concern for others and show no remorse or guilt. Gemini can be selfish and do extreme things for themselves, even if it leads to dire outcomes for others. Gemini is also another one of the mutable Zodiac signs.

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