Feeling lucky for having good co-workers who make your work life happier? Show them you care with a small and meaningful gift on special occasions like Christmas, birthday, or any other day you feel like filling their working day with fun. In this gift guide, we have brought together a list of 18 greatest gifts for coworkers. These ideas are unique, cute and thoughtful. Perfect for both male and female colleagues.

Let’s take a look now at our list of 18 Greatest Gift Ideas for Coworkers!

18 Cool Coworker Gift Ideas. Perfect for all occasions: Christmas, Birthday, or farewell. You will find these ideas useful for office gift exchange too.
Coworker Gifts
Coworker Gifts. Office gifts.
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1.   Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To!
Let’s us start with this fun parody of Dr. Suess’s Oh! The Places You’ll Go! Filled with a unique blend of hilarious verse and images, this book offers a realistic look at the business world. Whether you are a young soul who just enters the real world or an experienced worker who stays years in the corporate world, this is a wonderful book to inspire and enlighten you.

Oh, The Meetings You'll Go To! (Birthday Gifts For Coworkers)
Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To!

2.   Magnetic Zen Garden Box
Cool desk decoration is another good coworker gift. This unique magnetic desktop zen garden is an excellent choice. In the wooden box, it contains natural magnetic sand together with polished hematite magnet rocks and real metal. Use the miniature tools to rack, scoop, swirl to create your own Zen creations.

Playing with the magnetic sand is relaxing and calming. It can help clear the mind and reduces stress on busy working days.

Magnetic Zen Garden Box - Birthday Gifts For Coworkers
Magnetic Zen Garden Box

3.   Aunty Acid Swear Words Supply Mug
Bring some laughter to the stressful workplace. Aunty Acid is coming to deliver a daily dose of sarcastic, witty, and sassy adult humor to both men and women. Vibrant graphic, hilarious statement. She says “Some days the supply of available swear words is insufficient to meet my demands”.

This mug will become your colleague’s favorite new mug.

Aunty Acid Swear Word Supply Mug
Aunty Acid Swear Word Supply Mug

4.   Elephant Pencil Holder
Beautify the workspace with this wooden elephant. It is solid, well crafted, and sturdy. Ready to carry your pens and pencil in such an adorable way.

Elephant Pencil Holder. Birthday Gifts For Coworkers.
Elephant Pencil Holder

5.   Hamburger Memory Stick
Treat your work partner with free food. This hamburger makes a great choice. It looks fresh and yummy at all times. It is also useful when it comes to storing important files and documents.

Hamburger Memory Stick. Birthday Gifts For Coworkers.
Hamburger Memory Stick

6.   The Master Plan Journal
A sleek notebook for your comrades at work. Let them plan and organize their daily schedule with this Master Plan Journal. Black flexible cover with contrasting gold lettering. Lined pages for users to write down their to-do-tasks neatly.

The Master Plan Journal - Gifts For Coworkers Birthday
The Master Plan Journal

7.   Acrylic Gold Polka Dot Stapler
Help her to glam up her work desk with some stylish office supplies. This stapler is not to be missed. Acrylic with gold tone and polka dots design. It is chic, pretty, and functional. She will thank you for this lovely addition to her workspace.

Acrylic Gold Polka Dot Stapler. Gifts For Coworkers Birthday
Acrylic Gold Polka Dot Stapler

8.   3D Glow LED Illusion Lamp
Awesome lamp for that music lover in the office. Guitar design, soothing colors. By pressing a single button, you can switch the light to seven different colors. Definitely looks cool and appealing.

3D Glow LED Illusion Lamp - Gifts For Coworkers Birthday
3D Glow LED Illusion Lamp

9.   Fart Loading Travel Tumbler
Something funny for the guy workers in the office. Double walled travel tumbler with an eye-catching statement that allows him to enjoy morning coffee slowly without any disturbance. This tumbler says “Fart now loading 69%… please wait”. Warn off people on the upcoming launching of “missile”.

Fart Loading Travel Tumbler. Gifts For Coworkers Birthday.
Fart Loading Travel Tumbler

10.   Drives of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Spectacular Trips
A fantastic book for colleagues who love traveling. This book takes you on a ride to 400 amazing driving routes in some of the world’s most fascinating locales, and inspire clear ideas for your next road trip.

It is lavishly illustrated in full color and loaded with in-depth descriptions of the sights each drive offers. This book is handy when it comes to travel planning. It includes a detailed map of each route, local culture information, best traveling time and a lot of insider tips to help you get the most out of every fabulous trip.

Drives of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Most Spectacular Trips. Gifts For Coworkers Birthday
Drives of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Spectacular Trips

11.   Divine Botanics Bath Bombs Kit
Skincare like hand cream, lip balm, shampoo and shower gel are great birthday gifts for female coworkers. Ladies will love this box of 6 extra large bath bombs containing the best of organic oils and shea butter. Handmade with a special blend of essential oils that smell amazing. They soften skin, moisturizing, relax the body and mind. Immerse in luxurious spa at home with these bath bombs.

Divine Botanics Bath Bombs Kit - Gifts for Coworkers
Divine Botanics Bath Bombs Kit

12.   Knock Knock Sticky Note Pad
Sticky notes to make working hours less boring. This Knock Knock sticky note has a cool design for you to write down every day’s to-do list. Tackle work projects with military precision, no more overdue tasks start from today!

Knock Knock Sticky Note Pad. Gifts for Coworkers.
Knock Knock Sticky Note Pad

13.   Dog Shaped Perpetual Desk Calendar
A dachshund who never fails to tell the date. He is finely carved from wood, painted with distressed color. Nice size, antique feel. A charming doggie perfect for any room.

Dog Shaped Perpetual Desk Calendar. Gifts for Coworkers,
Dog Shaped Perpetual Desk Calendar

14.   Sheep Push Pin Holder
Baa, baa, baa. White little sheep is coming to liven up your workspace. She will help keep you organized with its flock of pushpins. A very cute gift for coworkers.

Sheep Push Pin Holder - Gifts for Coworkers
Sheep Push Pin Holder

15.   Don’t F*ck Up The Table Drink Coasters
Honest coasters set to protect your table. Made in the USA by skilled artisans using Baltic birch. Each piece has its own unique wood grain. These coasters are precisely cut, carefully sand and print. Added with a sense of humor, they surely become a big hit when you gather visitors around.

Don't Fuck Up The Table Wood Drink Coasters - Gifts for Coworkers
Don’t F*ck Up The Table Wood Drink Coasters

16.   Laptop Carrying Case
For that co-worker in your life who loves pink. This is a practical laptop bag for storing laptop and accessories without unnecessary bulk. It is slim, lightweight and easy to carry. This bag is well made from water-resistant PU leather with ultra-soft fabric lining. Fits up to 15″ laptop.

Great value under $15.

ProtoCASE Laptop Carrying Case - Birthday Gifts for Coworkers
ProtoCASE Laptop Carrying Case

17.   Rosebud Smith’s Lip Balm
It is important to keep your lips moisturized and healthy. Get this Rose & Mandarin Lip Balm by Rosebud. Contains orange spice that smells amazingly fresh. This lip balm treat and smooth chapped lips like wonders.

Rosebud Smith's Lip Balm- Gifts for Coworkers
Rosebud Smith’s Lip Balm

18.   Harney & Sons Herbal Peppermint Tea
Here is a delicious peppermint tea for all the hard working men to enjoy. Contains herbal peppermint leaves from Oregon. Refreshing flavor, crisp taste, caffeine free. Neatly packed in 20 silk tea bags, ready to soothe and warm your souls.

Harney & Sons Herbal Peppermint Tea- Gifts for Coworkers
Harney & Sons Herbal Peppermint Tea

That’s my recommended list of 18 greatest gifts for coworkers. Thanks for reading.

Do you have other recommendations? Share with us in the comment section below.

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18 Cool Coworker Gift Ideas. Perfect for all occasions: Christmas, Birthday, or farewell. You will find these ideas useful for office gift exchange too.
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