Discover 13 boss day gift ideas that your manager or supervisor will actually love. Show appreciation for what your boss has done for you and the team with a recognition gift this Boss’s Day (October 16). These gift ideas are gender-neutral, perfect for both male and female bosses.

Most of them are practical, some of them are funny. They are also great for celebrating a promotion, Christmas celebration, and birthday. If your boss is leaving the company (for greener pasture or retirement), you’ll find that these are suitable farewell presents. Check it out now.

Boss Day Gift Ideas
Recognition Gift Ideas for Managers and Supervisors. Boss Day Appreciation Gift Ideas.

Best Boss’s Day Gift Ideas on A Budget

  1. Boss Mug is a straightforward, unpretentious mug that says “I Am The Boss”.
I Am The Boss Mug
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2. Transformer USB Flash Drive
Practical 8GB flash drive that is also a transformer that transforms from/to a robot leopard.

Transformer USB Flash Drive
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3. Grumpy Kitty Mouse Pad
For the stubborn ones who still use a mouse pad. Giant grumpy cat for a smooth mouse experience(?)

Grumpy Cat Mouse Pad
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4. Magnetic Dart Board
Bosses need to relax and have some fun too. It’s not like bosses are robots (or are they? hmmm).

Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board
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5. PlanAhead Organizer
Help your boss to keep track of her tasks with a portable and practical personal organizer.

PlanAhead Organizer
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6. Dilbert Calendar

Let the boss know that you can’t wait to work with him next year with this Dilbert calendar.

7. Tabletop Zen Garden Kit
An Extraordinary piece of tabletop decor. Balance the energy in the office with stillness: mini zen garden.

Tabletop Zen Garden Kit
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8. Boss-some Pen
Nice pen specially designed for awesome bosses. It looks sophisticated and elegant. Black ink.


Thanks for Being So Boss-some Pen Gift Set
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9. Feng Shui Zen Garden
Desk accessory loved by many executives. A miniature Zen garden with a sitting Buddha, sand, stones, and rake. The sand represents the ocean and the stones represent mountains. It creates a scene of peace and tranquil. This kit clears the mind of all stress by simply raking the sand or playing with the stones.

Feng Shui Zen Garden
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10. Sleek Red Business Portfolio
A practical gift  – quality business portfolio by Pierre Belvedere. Featuring stunning red pebble-grained faux leather, multipurpose document pocket, two business card pockets, notepad and a pen holder.

This business portfolio also has a snap tab closure to keep all her documents secured. Sleek looking, functional, stylish. Your boss is gonna like it!

Pierre Belvedere Business Portfolio
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Red cover
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11. Funny Coffee Mug
Something fun for your boss to laugh about on National Boss Day. A unique mug with a hilarious statement. Have morning coffee in this mug and indicate your readiness for the day with the 3-level indicator. First level is asking people to “Go Away“, then it is “Not Yet“, until finally you are almost done with the drink “How can I help you?“.


Funny Coffee Mug
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12. Robot USB Hub
This little robot is actually a cool USB hub with 4 ports that are compatible with any PC and MAC. When connected to the computer, the robot’s eyes light up. It has adjustable arms and rubberized wheels. Can be doubled as a toy while you are feeling bored in the office. This robot fellow makes one of the best Bosses Day gifts under $20.

Robot USB Hub
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13. The Official BS Button
A giant red button to say out BS without having to say a word yourself. Simply press the red buzzer to make it light up, buzz loudly and announce “That was BS!” or shout “BS detected, take precautions!” over a wailing siren.

The Official BS Button
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What do you think of these appreciation ideas? Did you find anything useful? Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comment section below.