The funniest wine glasses money can buy. Discover stemmed and stemless wine glasses that have funny sayings on them. Find the perfect gift for wine lovers that are not wine.

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19 Best Funny Wine Glasses with Humorous Sayings And Where To Buy Them

Drinking wine, red or white, is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Over the years, studies have shown that moderate wine drinking also provides health benefits such as boosting the immune system, increases bone density, reduces the risk of stroke and a lot more. Enhance your wine drinking experience by pairing it with these funny wine glasses below.

6 Funny Stemmed Wine Glasses

The wine glass stem provides an elegant way for you to hold the glass with minimal finger movement. It also has an important function which is to prevent the heat from your hand from affecting the temperature of the wine. The wine glass selection below is funny and very stemmed.

1. Mood of the Day – Don’t Even Ask, Bad Day, Good Day Wine Glass

An item that speaks to you is hard enough to come by, but something this accurate deserves extra praise. This just-for-fun wine glass makes sure you get your point across, and because it’s hand-etched, it’s never going to wear off even after repeated use! Fill up your glass according to how your day went: Don’t Even Ask, Bad Day, or Good Day. It must have been a design constraint because otherwise “Don’t Even Ask” should be to the brim.

mood of the day #wine #winelover #wineglasses

2. Drink Responsibly Don’t Spill It Wine Glass

If you ever feel like you’ve drunk too much and everything is becoming a bit swirly, try to
take another look at it as it may just be this glass! Don’t be fooled, this humorous tipsy glass is perfectly safe from tipping over and spilling your precious life juice! The base is made from strong lead-free crystal to secure your wine and prove that even though it’s tipsy, it can go for more! As always: drink responsibly: don’t spill it!

unique curved | drink responsibility don't spill #wine #winelover #wineglasses

3. Alcohol is Never The Answer Wine Glass

Ever been down in the dumps and needed a friend for comfort? Well if you can’t get a friend then it’s fine because this wine glass is basically the same thing! Alcohol is never the answer but it sure makes you forget the question! Not only does it give you a good reason to why you should keep drinking (please don’t hate me), it also comes with two free drink coasters with hilarious quotes to match! Definitely not a good gift to give to a recovering alcoholic.

4. Drunk Wives Matter. Best Wine Glass for Moms and Wives

Show your wife some love by letting her know you want to get her drunk (take this advice if you want to know what “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” means). In all seriousness, this Drunk Wives Matter glass has a strong message and each of these funny wine glasses for wives are packaged by individuals with special needs. Each purchase of these glasses helps keep them employed and live independently as part of society.

drunk wives matter #wine #winelover #wineglasses

5. Coffee Cup and Wine Glass 2-in-1 Wine Glass

This Frankenstein of a coffee mug and wine glass is the embodiment of convenience, we outdid ourselves on this one. In this age of high technology where we have phones almost as thin as paper and artificial intelligence that manages your schedule via voice command, never have we seen something as revolutionary as this. On one end, a wine glass to help you chill after 5 o’clock and on the other a coffee mug to help you wake before 5. The future has never looked so bright!

before 5 after 5 | coffee mug wine glass 2-in-1 #wine #winelover #wineglasses

6. Corks Are for Quitters Funny Wine Glass

Feel the essence of being hardcore and classy with this comedic wine glass! This Corks Are for Quitters glass comes in with a box tied with a ribbon which makes it ideal for gifts. What better way to spread the gospel of wine than with a gift from the heart?

corks are for quitters #wine #winelover #wineglasses

13 Funny Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemmed wine glasses are the classic, but stemless funny wine glasses make wine drinking an intimate affair.

1. Blood of my enemies Funny Wine Glass

No, it’s not Halloween, but you can never go wrong with this blood of my enemies glass! Get your vampire-mode on with this hilarious gem. Sure you may not be up all night hunting humans (or at least I hope you’re not), but you’re likely to be staying up all night drinking anyway, and that’s close enough!

blood of my enemies funny glass #wine #winelover #wineglasses

2.  You can’t buy happiness Wine Glass

There’s a wise saying, “you can’t buy happiness” which is very true but you sure can buy things that make you feel happy — for example, an exquisite bottle of delicious red wine. Take a break from a stressful day while having a good laugh with this You Can’t Buy Happiness But… wine glass with words to live for! It’s happiness in every sip!

You can't buy happiness but you can buy wine and that's kind of the same thing | funny stemless wine glass | wine quote | happiness quote #wine #winelover #wineglasses

3. It’s Wine O’Clock Funny Wine Glass

Do you know what time is it? Yup, it’s WINE o’clock, time for some wine.


it's wine o'clock #wine #winelover #wineglasses


4. Funny Wine Glass Set Wine Glass

If one wine glass isn’t enough for you alcoholic, how about four? This wine glass set has four unique funny wine glasses in them: salute, every hour is happy hour, cheers, and when in doubt more wine. This is a pretty good housewarming gift and birthday gift for a friend or coworker.


Every hour is happy hour. When in doubt more wine. Cheers. Salute. Set of 4 funny stemless wine glass | #wine #winelover #wineglasses

5. Wine because punching people in the face is illegal Wine Glass

Wine keeps people from harm, even though it’s basically saving them from you. We all have those people we’re least excited about, get rid of that pent up anger and drink until you can tell them how much you love them! This comedic glass, Wine because punching people in the face is illegal, is dishwasher safe, so you can wash it without fear of damage!

Wine - because punching people in the face is illegal | funny stemless wine glass #wine #winelover #wineglasses

6. Definitely Earned This Wine Glass

It’s been a long day (or maybe a long week), you have definitely earned this moment of peace to sip on some adult grape juice.

definitely earned this #wine #winelover #wineglasses

7. Awesome Water – Gold Letters Wine Glass

Take the quote “it’s like water to me” by heart with this amusing wine glass! The Awesome Water glass comes in with the quote printed in metallic gold so that others are sure to see your conviction!

awesome water #wine #winelover #wineglasses


8. Because Kids Wine Glass

Whether they ask you or not, the question a lot of people might have about you is “why do you drink so much?”. Well, there is no better answer than this — because kids. This wine glass perfectly curves into your hand to prevent spillage and to provide you with the most comfort while drinking. No need to tell people what your life is like, now people will get the idea before they even ask! Excellent funny wine glasses for moms.

because kids. #wine #winelover #wineglasses

9. I Will Drink to That Wine Glass

The best drink to drink to match any celebration is wine, but what if there’s no occasion? Worry not, you can enjoy the little things and celebrate anyway! Your dog learned to sit? Celebrate! You were able to lose a pound? Celebrate! You’re 1 day sober? I’ll drink to that… and that! Ok, that’s a piece of terrible advice, but you get the idea.

I'll drink to that! and that, and that.. #wine #winelover #wineglasses


10. You Look Like I Need Some Wine Funny Wine Glass

See someone having a bad day? Do they look like they need something to cheer them up? Why not invite them over for a drink? The funny quote this wine glass comes should be a good conversation starter to set the mood. It says, “You look like I need some wine“. If the alcohol doesn’t cheer them up, the hilarious quote printed on its glass sure will!

you look like I need some wine #wine #winelover #wineglasses

11. Because Work Wine Glass

Why do you need a drink at night? Well… because work. This is a fun gift for your co-worker and even your boss.

because work #wine #winelover #wineglasses

12. I’m 50, Bitches Wine Glass

Reserved the 50s club only. Aweseom 50th birthday gift for mom. I’m 50, bitches, and life is awesome. Hands down the greatest funny wine glass for a 50-year-old’s birthday.

i'm 50 bitches #wine #winelover #wineglasses

13. I Only Drink Wine on Days That End in Y Wine Glass

I may seem like I drink every day but that is simply NOT true. I only drink on days that end in y. Which is, coincidentally, every single day.

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