While all Virgos (23 August- 23 September) strive for virtue, they struggle with envy. The Virgo man holds himself to a very high standard and is often harsh in his criticism as a result. It may also manifest pessimism which can easily lead to jealousy. Mr. Virgo gets a whiff that something’s off in the air, assumptions erupt. 

Jealousy is hard for Virgo men in that they’re rational, mind-over-heart type people. He will find ways to justify his neediness, keeping the hardcore emotions neatly tucked beneath a veneer.  Sometimes they simply retreat rather than confront a situation. The Virgo man puts space between himself and whatever made him jealous. He does not like feeling this way in the least.

Being ruled by Mercury, a Virgo man is ambitious. They know hard work leads to success. This man is honest and shoots from the hip. He has little time for people who can’t keep it real.  If he feels someone’s playing him, especially a partner, jealousy may eke out. 

Signs a Virgo Man is Jealous

1. He endeavors to interrupt your conversations with others

You are at a gathering having an enjoyable talk with someone who is attractive. The Virgo Man may saunter over and try to gently interject himself in the conversation. This approach is never rude. He’s not really intent on talking, but rather making his presence known in no uncertain circumstances.

2. The “cool” Mr. Virgo appears on the stage

Generally, Virgos are reserved. He doesn’t like anyone seeing his feelings, particularly anything that makes him feel weak. So you may feel like he’s giving you the cold shoulder for a while. During this time he’s overthinking everything. 

3. Private discussions focus on dedication and loyalty

Now, the Virgo man won’t just blurt out his jealousy. Rather he might use other people as an example. Say Milly and Max have been dealing with some difficult stuff. He may bring up this couple and casually talk about how maybe they need to do more to show each other respect and trust. 

4. Grousing and Grumpy

When jealous, a Virgo man may very well begin to sulk. He frets about everything, most of which requires no attention. He feels like the world is against him, and his luck is iffy at best. Jealous makes him think that the situation is unfair.

5. He becomes authoritative

Virgo men love having a sense of control. The problem has become they’ve turned that control away from self to you. He may start making decisions for you, with no input whatsoever. 

He wants to know your schedule, and who you hang out with. If possible, the Virgo man may go so far as to check your cell phone messages and social media posts. He is territorial. 
Meanwhile, he will try to brush off his behavior as if it’s perfectly normal and rational.

6. He becomes suspicious

Virgo men prefer a small circle of trusted friends. They go to great lengths to figure out who is “in” and who is “out.” When jealousy rears its ugly head, they may start rethinking their choice of having you as a partner. It’s time for a chat.

Your Virgo man treasures his partner. He’s loyal and supportive, even in crazy endeavors. He will be your cheerleader and active listener. Remember all this as you two talk things through. This guy is worth the time and effort.

Why is my Virgo Man Trying to Make me Jealous?

Jealousy is a very potent emotion. People fear loss, being alone, being rejected, and being replaced. So when you’re thinking about your Virgo Man, ask yourself of what is he truly afraid?

Sometimes Mr. Virgo is feeling impatient. He wants to see signs that you are really into him, and he wants them NOW. Or something may have happened lately that made him say, “hum.” He starts pondering, and before anyone notices he’s deep in the water of jealousy, and wants you to throw him the rescue line. 

Another reason the Virgo man may try to make you jealous is if he’s feeling slighted. Have you been doing a lot without him of late? When he feels constantly left on the sidelines, he may act out and try to make you jealous.

Or, perhaps Mr. Virgo seeks more intimacy. Touching, pillow talk, playful banter – any of these things will stop him from trying to make you jealous.

How to Make a Virgo Man Jealous

Doubt is one thing that the Virgo man has built into his personality. They constantly question intentions, even their own! Even if everything is perfect in your relationship, he’ll let his thoughts wander, which means it’s not terribly hard to make him jealous.

You do have to be cautious in how you play out your plans. He won’t appreciate offhand remarks. In fact, that’s a turn-off. So what do you do?

First, build your social life. Diversify it. If you are around a lot of other people, he may become jealous because he wants to be the center of your attention. There is nothing wrong with a healthy outlet that makes you happy. When you don’t include him much, however, he will become jealous.

Along with your social circle, comes availability. Be busy without him If you are not “on-call” 24-7 to answer emails and texts, he may begin to wonder who else is filling up your time. Remember that Virgo men (well, actually all men) like a challenge. The spirit of competition over a valued prize peaks interest every time. He will want to get into your good graces before other interested parties.

Finally, dress for success. Go out in outfits you know he likes the best to a committee meeting or whatever. He feels those clothes are for HIM. So, who are you dressing for, hmmm?

A word of advice. If your Virgo man discovers you used deception and game playing to garner his attention, the resulting conversation won’t be pretty. He wants to be able to trust you with his whole mind and heart, and such actions deter trust.