Okay, summer is coming. It is time to update your home and wardrobe according to the summer theme. This year, green and leaf pattern is a big hit.

Let’s imagine going to a tropical rainforest and bring out the green essence to your daily life.

We have brought together 24 tropical inspired home decor and leaf pattern design fashion items that you will love.

From wall art, kitchenware, home decor, swimsuit, tech gadget, accessories and more. These items add lush greenery and crisp, fresh feel to your life.

Check it out now!

Tropical Fever! Tropical leaves on everything! From home decor (pillow) to watches and mugs. Everything HAS to come with tropical leaves.
Tropical Fever!
Tropical Decor and Leaf Pattern Outfits
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Exotic-looking Tropical Home Decor and Accessories

Let’s enter the tropical forest.

1.   Leaf Mug with Cool Quote 

11-ounce ceramic mug to hold your favorite drinks. Says “I will sleep when I’m dead”.

(Unfortunately, this item is no longer available. What a shame, I thought it looked pretty cool.)

Leaf Mug with Quote. Leaf pattern home decor.
Leaf Mug with Quote

2.   Homemade Palm Print Wall Art
8 x 10 inch tropical leaf print to give a modern update to your home.

Palm Print Wall Art. Tropical Decor
Homemade Palm Print Wall Art

3.   Home Forest Print Pillow Cover

Change your pillow cover to match the season. This lovely pillow cover adds sophistication to any room. Sweet pink with rainforest leaf pattern. Chic and elegant.

Home Forest Print Pillow Case
Home Forest Print Pillow Case

4.   Banana Leaves Tapestry

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Add some fresh, green feel to your home with this lightweight cotton tapestry. Banana leaf pattern. Rich colors, beautiful. Price below $20.

Banana Leaf Tapestry. Tropical decor. Leaves design home decor.
Banana Leaves Tapestry

5.   Fresh Leaves Bikini 

Stylish swimwear for the ladies. Pretty leaf pattern, cute style. You will love it for sure!

Fresh Leaves Bikini Swimwear. Leaf Pattern Swimsuit.
Fresh Leaves Bikini

6.   Green Banana Leaves Watch

Chic watch for women. Leaf pattern dial with gold case and black straps. Looks cool for the summer.

Green Banana Leaves Watch. Leaf pattern watch. Tropical fashion.
Green Banana Leaves Watch

7.   S’well Water Bottle in Waikiki Pattern

Good quality stainless steel water bottle by S’well. Double walled, insulated to keep drinks cold for hours.

S'well Water Bottle in Waikiki Pattern (Leaf pattern fashion and accessories)
S’well Water Bottle in Waikiki Pattern

8.   Abstract Palm Leaves Print 

Minimalist style wall art for your room. Looks clean and neat.

Abstract Palm Leaves Print. Leaf pattern design home decor. Tropical Decor.
Abstract Palm Leaves Print

9.   Buddha on Jade Elephant Teapot

Stunning piece of work by Artisan Putu Oka Mahendra. According to the legend from the East, when Buddha is riding an elephant, it is believed that it will bring good luck and health.

This teapot is handcrafted with mesmerizing details. It is made of ceramic with a rattan handle.

Buddha on Jade Elephant Teapot. Oriental home decor. Boho decor. Tropical decor.
Buddha on Jade Elephant Teapot

10.   Banana Leaf Dining Runner

Use this banana leaf to decorate your dining table. It will make you feel like eating in a forest.


Banana Leaf Dining Runner - Rainforest tropical decor
Banana Leaf Dining Runner

11.   Exotic Mango Shaped Serving Bowl

Unique bowl made of mango wood. Beautifully hand-carved out of a single piece of sustainable orchard mango wood. Can be used as a serving tray, salad bowl, or simply as a centerpiece for display.

Exotic Mango Shaped Serving Bowl. Boho home. Tropical decor.
Exotic Mango Shaped Serving Bowl

12.   Artificial Palm Tree

5 feet high palm tree that thrives in all weather. Compact enough to fit in a small room and bring out the warm tropical breeze.

Artificial Palm Tree - tropical decor
Artificial Palm Tree

13.   Floral Bloom Backpack

Carry the Hawaiian breeze wherever you go with this gorgeous backpack.

Floral Bloom Backpack by Vaschy. Leaf pattern fashion school bag. Hawaiian leaves design.
Floral Bloom Backpack by Vaschy

14.   Gold Leaf Drop Earrings

Girls, you will look amazing with these gorgeous gold leaves dangling on your ears. It is shiny and eye-catching. Matches well with any casual/ beach outfits.

The Sak Gold Leaf Drop Earrings (Leaf pattern fashion accessories)
The Sak Gold Leaf Drop Earrings

15.  Leaves Pattern Beach Towel

Don’t forget to bring a fashionable beach towel when you hit the beach with your flamboyant float. This banana leaf round towel is perfect for this year’s summer. The vibrant color makes it ideal for photo shooting.

Leaf Pattern Beach Towel. Tropical decor.
Leaves Pattern Beach Towel

16.   Aeropostale Tropical Floral Flip-Flop

Palms and flowers under your feet. Can you feel the heat?

Aeropostale Tropical Floral Flip-Flop. Summer outfits. Beach accessories. Leaf pattern fashion.
Aeropostale Tropical Floral Flip-Flop

17.   Gold Palm Carry-All Pouch

Store your makeup and other treasures in this cotton pouch. It is sleek and versatile.

Gold Palm Carry-All Pouch (Leaf pattern fashion and accessories)
Gold Palm Carry-All Pouch

18.   Leaf Ring

Wrap around style. Made of sterling silver and natural abalone.

Leaf Ring - Leaf pattern fashion
Leaf Ring

19.   PopSockets

Expand the grip of your phone or use it as a stand for hands-free viewing. Helpful little gadget for frequent smartphone users.

PopSockets. Hawaiian Leaf Pattern Design.

20.   Leaf Design Phone Case 

Don’t forget to dress up your phone. Banana leaf design looks cute, isn’t it?

Leaf Design Phone Case. Banana Leaf Pattern Fashion Accessories.
Leaf Design Phone Case

21.   Hawaiian Monstera Leaves Pillow

Green and fresh tropical decor for your living.

Hawaiian Monstera Leaves Pillow. Tropical decor.
Hawaiian Monstera Leaves Pillow

22.   Banana Canopy Wall Sculpture

Splendid woodwork by Artist Sarwaedi from Bali. Hand-carved using Suar wood with a striking, natural finish.

This is an original NOVICA fair trade product in association with National Geographic.

Banana Canopy Wall Sculpture. Rainforest tropical decor for home.
Banana Canopy Wall Sculpture

23.   Palm Tree Decorative Light

LED light to add whimsy to any space. Looks fun and adorable. Tropical decor for office, dorm room, and home.

Palm Tree Decorative Light- Tropical decor for home.
Palm Tree Decorative Light

24.   Palm Leaves Metal Art Sculpture
Impressive metal wall art that looks exotic and grand. 35 inches wide x 34 inches high. Hand-painted with matte finish of warm cream, accented with green and deep brown.

Palm Leaves Metal Art Sculpture (Rainforest tropical decor for home)
Palm Leaves Metal Art Sculpture

That’s the list of 24 tropical decor and leaf pattern fashion items. Thanks for reading.

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