True to the nature of the Bull (April 20-May 20), the Taurus man can be very possessive and stubborn in his relationship. Astrologers say that this is likely the most jealous sign in the zodiac (depending on other houses, etc.). Being ruled by Venus, when Taurus is in love, he gives his soul to his partner. When he feels the relationship isn’t balanced, he’ll get frustrated quickly.

More than anything else, Taurus demands loyalty. They invest in long-term relationships 100%, no holding back. This is the source of deep jealousy in the Taurus man. They expect devotion and fidelity.

The hardest part about being with a Taurus man is that he sometimes treats you more like property than a companion. If Taurus was an early explorer, he’d claim every rock he stepped upon has his own. This behavior is born out of the Bull’s love of material things, the fancier the better. It takes time and communication to deter this trait, and it isn’t likely to wholly disappear even then. 

Signs a Taurus Man is Jealous

People born under the sign of the Bull don’t hide their jealousy very well. But if you’re looking for tried-n-true signs, there are several.

1. He’ll make detailed inquiries as to your activities

Lets say you set up an afternoon out with someone from work that your Taurus man never met. He’s going to want specifics. Their name, how long you’ve known each other, perhaps even their DNA. If it’s someone he’s only known for a while, the questions continue but may be more subtle. For example, if he noticed a brusk interaction during a previous encounter, he’ll ask how and why it happened. 

All of a sudden he’s become like Inspector Clouseau and you’re just waiting for his magnifying glass to appear. He’ll review your text logs and posts on social media. While this is very intrusive, it’s the Taurus way of getting to the bottom of why he feels as he does.

2. Amped up possessiveness

We already talked about how Taurus has some control issues. He’s always acted somewhat possessive and territorial, but now it’s 5 times worse, especially should you have plans with another man. He will want to be at your side everywhere, every moment, every day. It’s exhausting. He will also loudly pronounce your role in the relationship, “my wife” or “my partner” or “my girlfriend” to anyone who will listen.

3. The silent treatment

One reaction from the Taurus man during bouts of jealousy is pushing you away. He may avoid conversations curtly, ignore your texts for days, and just generally become sullen.

4. Grand shows of affection

Rather than pushing you away, he pulls you in. His territorial instinct is high, and he finds a way to figuratively mark his territory. You’ll receive flowers from him in public, along with kisses and a strong arm across your back to show you’re taken. If you’re at a social gathering, he won’t give you much more than a few minutes alone. Clingy, thy name is Taurus. He may push the envelope so far as to tell you where you can and cannot go (or who you can hang out with). This, of course, is unacceptable and must be immediately addressed.

5. He acts like a schmuck

Being hesitant about his true feelings, he starts acting out in stupid ways. His communication is convoluted. He becomes gropy at wholly inappropriate moments, including times when you just don’t want to be touchy-feely. The Taurus man may go so far as to poke at old wounds just to elicit a reaction. He’ll be lucky if you don’t kick him out for a while.

6. He’ll leave the relationship

With the Taurus man, there will come a point of no return. The threat he senses is so palatable that hey just walks away. You may never understand why, and he will ignore any efforts on your part for closure.

Why is my Taurus Man Trying to Make me Jealous?

When you think of the Bull, words like bold and brave come to mind. Sheepish and insecure isn’t among them. Nonetheless. The Taurus man struggles with self-esteem and self-confidence. Those feelings make him distrust new people and cause barriers to making new friends.

Building on that premise, the Taurus Man finds his bravado sorely tested in social situations. To hide his nerves, he may switch to flirting, much of which becomes a turn-off because it’s self-centered bragging. Here, you see your Taurus man asking for help from you in not the best of ways. Give him some time and attention to soothing his delicate ego.

Speaking of attention, your Taurus man may resort to trying to make you jealous if he feels somehow neglected. Now, his perception may be true or imagined, but it’s changing his behavior. Find a way to show him you’re taking “special” time just for him. Send him an E-card. Greet him with a romantic dinner. If you make quality time, his reaction will change nearly immediately.

Should you suddenly cancel plans, your Taurus’ man’s mind starts churning. He thinks, “is there someone else,” or “have I done something wrong?” So when you bow out, make sure you have a solid reason for so doing or he may endeavor to make you jealous somehow.

Ways to Make Your Taurus Man Jealous

If you think of why he tries to make you jealous, ways of making him jealous become clear. Taurus dislikes it when you don’t communicate openly, especially if you act secretive. That triggers insecurity and jealousy swiftly. Don’t reply quickly to a phone message, cancel your plans at the last minute (unavailability is powerful). Express your appreciation of another man’s features. There is little question this approach works.

Besides being a little distant, try making plans with a friend, dressing up beautifully, and excluding him. You must tell him why, of course, but he’s unlikely to wholly believe you. His jealousy will kick him into proactive responses to your wants and needs, including alone time with you.

Beyond this, you can bring up other men in your life casually, showing your recognition for something they’ve done. The more impressive the better. In group settings, direct your discussion to others more than him. Start doing more favors for other people than you do your Taurus man.

As with any relationship, jealousy must be carefully considered. If you constantly talk about your ex, constantly flirt openly in front of him, and repeatedly give more time to others than him, there’s a strong chance he’ll leave, never to return.