Scorpio men are mysterious and intense. Jealously is a common trait that’s often associated with them. It strikes them pretty easily when they are in a relationship. Is your Scorpio man jealous? Read this article to learn about what signs appear when the Scorpio man get jealous.

The Scorpio man has an air of mystery. He keeps some secrets locked away behind his walls, and it takes a lot of patience to learn about them. Mr. Scorpio is confident, smart, and a go-getter. Once he sets out to accomplish something, just get out of his way. It’s quite possible that Scorpio men coined the word “workaholic.”

If you observe your Scorpio, you’ll see that they really have the “stuff” to succeed in life. When they fail, they just pick themselves up, dust off, and try again. When the Scorpio man reaches the finish line, there’s no question the blue ribbon is well-deserved. 

Are you the sensitive type? If so, dating a Scorpio man might not be for you. If you ask them something, they’ll reply in a straightforward and unsparing way. There is no fluff to pad the impact of his words. Mr. Scorpio knows this sometimes hurts people, but being authentic to himself matters. Never lie to a Scorpio man. You’ll rarely get his trust back. 

At the outset of a relationship with a Scorpio guy, expect him to be stubborn. He truly believes his way is best. As a result, he may seem demanding. He likes to be in charge. If you’re frustrated and issue an ultimatum, be prepared for a heated argument. This really isn’t a surprise, since Mars rules Scorpio with all the associated aggression. 

On a far more positive note, if you enjoy someone who can think on their feet and turn on a dime, the Scorpio man might be a match. When there’s a problem, he’s the one everyone seeks ‌for a solution. The stinging Scorpion knows no fear. 

Have you ever been on a road trip and simply run out of conversational topics? This won’t happen with Mr. Scorpio. They will listen and talk, because they love to learn Don’t be surprised if there are several jokes inserted in the discourse as well. 

In a relationship, Scorpios are highly protective. It’s well meaning, but sometimes it feels like you’re being smothered. From the get go, put down your lines in the sand about personal space and privacy. 

You’ll know your Scorpio guy is getting really interested when they start asking question after question about you. They want to know everything so they’re secure in taking matters to the next level of commitment. 

Finally, if you love sex, you’ll thoroughly love the Scorpio man. If he feels you’re “the one,” he will lavish you with as much physical attention as you desire. Anywhere, any time, they are always at the ready. 

Signs a Scorpio Man is Jealous

It’s pretty easy to spot a Scorpio man when he is jealous. As a whole, Scorpios feel jealousy on an intense level.

1. Withdrawal

One sign is withdrawal. He’ll avoid you because of doubts, and perhaps even anger. Even at the family gathering, he avoids sitting with you. Other signs include:

2. Sleeping with someone else

If your Scorpio man feels you’ve slept with someone else, he may do likewise. Scorpios know how to strut their stuff. If you know he’s feeling insecure, try to clear matters up ASAP.

3. Anger mismanagement

Scorpios have that stinging tail, and they know how to use it. If he’s jealous, it may whip around and hit you with shouting and lashing out. It doesn’t matter the setting. Remaining mature while jealous is not Scorpio’s strong suit. He’ll pick a fight over anything just to get a rise out of you.

4. Wild accusations

When the seed of jealousy takes root in the Scorpio man’s mind, he may just come right out and start making accusations. Some of them are about people you don’t even remember! Take the time to set things right with reassurance. 

5. An attitude

Should the Scorpio man be angry and jealous, he moves into a defensive position. He’ll give you the cold shoulder. He may stiffen up when you attempt a hug. You’ll need to ask questions to figure out the “whys” of his demeanor. 

6. He becomes bossy and domineering

Control is already a part of the Scorpio man’s personality. Now it becomes worse. He’ll try to sway your opinions or regulate who you see without him present. At the very worst, he becomes paranoid and sneaks around checking your social media or cell phone. 

7. Holding Resentment

It’s difficult for a Scorpio man to let go of an issue, especially if he feels it remains unresolved. Holding a grudge isn’t beneath him whatsoever.

Why is my Scorpio Man Trying to Make me Jealous?

As a water sign, Scorpio has emotions that run deep. They take relationships very seriously, seeking after consistency and commitment. When his jealousy or insecurity flares, he may try to make you jealous to balance the scales.

When he feels as if you’re not giving him enough attention, he may flirt with other people in your presence. Or, he may mention individuals repeatedly, sharing how they trust him for advice (for example). Feeling as if he’s second best to anyone or anything is something Mr. Scorpio avoids. Bear in mind that Scorpio men find it difficult to express their needs, so they look for any type of validation.

If he’s holding a grudge against a previous error in your ways, he may use jealousy as a tool. He want you to stick to the rules. It becomes a mind game for you, trying to figure out the exact thing that’s still in his gnaw.

Unhealed wounds from the past that rear an ugly head may drive your Scorpio to try to make you jealous. It’s usually set off by a trigger – a look, a phrase, an image. No matter what, he needs to be reminded to leave the past in the past so the two of you can build trust.

How to Make a Scorpio Man Jealous

Prodding the Scorpio man to feel jealous is a serious matter. Do you know the old saying about letting sleeping dogs lie? Well, that’s most certainly true for the Scorpion. For one thing, unless he knows you, he won’t get jealous. In fact, he’ll mentally dismiss any idea of meeting up with you. For another, if you’re in a relationship with this person, seeking jealousy could lead to problems.

One way to invoke jealousy in Mr. Scorpio is by keeping in contact with an ex with whom you still have good standing. Not every relationship goes up in flames in the end. Mind you, your Scorpio won’t know the interest is simply platonic.

Another approach is making one of his goals YOUR goal, and one-upping him. Scorpios have a passion for their projects and seeing someone get to the top rung before them doesn’t sit well. The only problem with this type of jealous reaction is that it may push him away.

Be careful with the jealousy game. It’s one you can win or lose quickly.