Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) is the sign of the Archer, and rightfully so. The Sagittarian man gets right to the point in conversations, feeling his outlook is correct. His confidence leads him to win disagreements regularly. One way to tone down this tendency is to let him know he’s appreciated. Attention and praise are a salve for the Archer’s soul. The nice thing here is that you will never wonder what the Sagittarius man is feeling. He will tell you in clear, honest, concise words.

Thankfully, there is a lot to admire about Mr. Archer. He has high energy, loves good-natured fun, and if there’s an adventure, he’s all in. There is little he would not like to try at least once. The Sagittarius man can nearly always make you laugh and excite you with his visions for the future. The word “mundane” doesn’t appear in his script. 

In his career, he can’t succeed in any “boxy” job. He needs flexibility. If the occupation includes travel, all the better. In some ways, he feels like the proverbial rebel with a cause. Being ruled by Jupiter, this isn’t surprising. He loves philosophy and is a student of the world all his life. Don’t give him gifts; give him a unique experience. 

Your Sagittarius man is very certain of himself, so he doesn’t get jealous easily. They may flirt with you just for some admiration rather than long-term interest. Be alert. Some men born under this sign will lead you on until they feel you’re no longer necessary. 

Sagittarian men are very independent. He will not be happy with someone who is clingy. He regularly needs personal space and a partner who respects his wishes. Once a good partnership happens, sex with Mr. Sagittarius is exciting. He makes fun when he makes love. He will flirt with you and encourage you both to experiment. Just don’t expect long talks afterward. 

Sometimes it’s good for the Archer to have over one partner at a time. He may jump around, or create a polyamorous setting. The variety provides curiosity and challenges. In any case, he is more physical in sex than emotional. 

In getting to know a Sagittarius man, you’ll immediately notice his optimism. In every moment of his life he strives for improvement, even when it means facing an obstacle. He generally sees the best in people, and will only draw a person into his inner circle if he’s serious. 

Boredom is like kryptonite to Sagittarian men. He’s always moving, always thinking. If there’s nothing going on, it won’t take him long to hatch a plan for something mentally stimulating, exciting, or new. 

Good partners for Sagittarius include Leo and Aries, both of which are fire signs, too. For opposites attract relationships, it’s Gemini. 

Signs a Sagittarius Man is Jealous

Sagittarius can prove tricky. He is carefree, lighthearted, and one of the least jealous signs in the Zodiac lineup. He may get jealous from time to time, but hates it! Why? Because it puts the spotlight on his dependency on another person.

1. Passive-aggressive joking

Humor is a social tool and a coping mechanism for the Archer. It’s one way he expresses internal conflict that he hasn’t recognized yet. Listen closely to his jokes. Is he poking fun at you or someone he feels is a rival? That is jealousy.

2. Possessiveness

Being territorial isn’t in the Sagittarius man’s nature. He treasures freedom in relationships. Over-possessive partners are a turnoff. So, if he’s acting overprotective, it’s a fairly good sign he’s jealous. 

3. He sulks and becomes cranky

You will rarely meet a Sagittarian man who doesn’t have a positive attitude. He walks on the sunny side of the street. Jealousy will put him in an obnoxious, overly emotional mood, quite unlike his normal happy-go-lucky demeanor. 

4. Anger swells to the surface

One step beyond crankiness is outright anger. When the Archer’s jealousy overwhelms him, he may verbally erupt. His partner is directly in the path of harsh words. Once he calms down, he will continue talking and provide his perspective. At this juncture, you can clarify everything. 

Why is my Sagittarius Man Trying to make me Jealous?

The Archer is diligent and watchful. He is also a truth-seeker. So, if he notices something is “off” and that “something” continues for a while, he may grow concerned. At this juncture, the normally staid Sagittarius man may try to make you jealous.

Sagittarian men rarely show their feelings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want you to express your emotions. If you stop, he may fear he’s losing you. This makes him off balance, and he may resort to trying to make you jealous.

Sometimes a show intended to make you jealous begins with the Sagittarian wanting to test your intentions. Remember, this guy doesn’t just let people in on a whim. He’s looking for the right person. How you react to the scenario he sets up will be a defining moment in your relationship.

How to Make your Sagittarius Man Jealous

As you know, this guy isn’t prone to being transparent. You may not know when he’s angry, upset, or jealous. He’s a focused philosopher who gets lost in his mind or work and may not even notice your attempts.  

Just a warning. Sagittarius hates mind games. He’d rather you just tell him what’s bothering you. If you do try to elicit jealousy, one way of doing so is being secretive. Don’t tell him about every moment of your day with friends. Keep your day planner out of sight. Such actions can rein in his attention back to you. 

Another approach is to become uncharacteristically self-attentive. Pamper yourself more. Go out with old roommates. Take a weekend away to reset by yourself (yes, think spa). It won’t take long for the observant Archer to get the message. 

You might try becoming inaccessible. Don’t answer calls so quickly. Wait to return messages for a day or two. When he can’t reach you, jealousy erupts. 

Then, of course, there’s the tried-n-true flirting with others. Unless a guy is very enlightened, this will bug him. If he thinks he has his life’s love, flirting may make him panic a bit. What will happen if he loses you? Mr. Archer will internalize his feelings, but with little help, jealousy develops.