These beautiful ring holders will make sure that your jewelry (e.g. wedding ring) will never go missing again!

Cute ring holders to keep your wedding ring, engagement ring, etc, from going missing

You know the drill – you get all dressed up for a night out, go to grab your favorite ring to top off your outfit… and it’s nowhere to be found. Sadly, rings are so easy to misplace – lucky for you, these cute ring holders below are here to save the day. Let me warn you — keep your credit cards away before we proceed — these ring holders are so cute you won’t be able to resist the urge to buy them all.

1. Cat lovers must-have: rose gold kitten ring holder

It doesn’t get much cuter than this rose gold cat ring holder. Crafted from great quality ceramic, this little kitty wants nothing more than to give you a helping hand by holding all your rings! The rose gold finish adds a fabulously chic vibe.

cute-ring-holder rose gold kitten
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2. Alpaca Ring Holder for alpaca fans and young girls

It must be scientifically impossible to be in a bad mood while looking at an alpaca. They’re just so cute! This sweet ring holder is no exception – adorable and practical? Count us in!

cute-ring-holder alpaca
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3. Cactus Ring Holder for lovers of the succulent plant. Best for casual rings

Show your love for all things prickly with this adorable cactus ring holder! It’s a beautiful green with sweet gold trim, making it will fit flawlessly into any decor theme and the best part? You can’t kill a ceramic cactus!

cute-ring-holder cactus
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4. Kate Spade Ring Holder for wedding band. Beautiful and simple.

This Kate Spade ring holder is guaranteed to bring a gorgeous, classy vibe into any room. The lovely blue is perfectly balanced with a crisp white inside and finished off with a luxurious gold rim.

cute-ring-holder minimalist kate spade new york
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5. Water Droplet Splash Multi-Ring Holder

Designed to look like a dainty drop of water hitting a lake surface, this lovely ring holder dish is equal parts functional and beautiful. The gold elements add a metallic finish to reflect the light – just as a real water droplet would.

cute-ring-holder - water splash
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6. Anchor Ring Holder – golden anchor with wavy lines of blue and white

If your house leans towards a nautical vibe, this anchor ring holder is perfect! The stylish blue, white and gold color combo will add a little pop of color to any room, and the anchor design is ideal for hanging your special rings.

cute-ring-holder anchor and stripes
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7. Geometric Box Ring Holder – you can also use it to hang your favorite pendant necklace

Statement piece? Jewelry holder? Trinket tray? How about all three!? This rose gold and glass number is completely on-trend.

cute-ring-holder geometric box
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8. Birds in a Tree Jewelry Organizer – Rose Gold

If you really want your jewelry organizer to make a statement, consider this amazing rose gold tree ring holder complete with miniature birds. The delicate branches don’t just look gorgeous, they’re also totally practical for keeping all your rings separate, making them easier to find.

cute-ring-holder - rose gold bird tree
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9. Tiered Marble Dish Ring Holder

Perhaps you have a ring collection to rival the rest of us and you need a touch more storage space – well look no further! This amazing marble dish ring holder has two tiers to give you plenty of room for all your jewels.

cute-ring-holder marble dish 2-tier
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10. Whale Ring Holder – store jewelry in whale mouth or on whale tail

Whale whale whale, what do we have here? Perhaps the cutest ring holder we’ve ever seen! Whether you keep your rings on his tail or in his mouth, one thing is for sure – he’ll make sure they’re always easy to find.

cute-ring-holder whale
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11. Penguin Ring Holder – engagement ring holder for cute couples

This little penguin is just waiting for you to add him to your home! Each one of these cute penguin ring holders is handmade to order, giving them an extra-special unique vibe.

cute-ring-holder penguin
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12. Shamrock Ring Holder

Add a lucky streak to your decor with this cute shamrock-themed wedding ring holder. The white and green color combination is beautiful and rustic, and this special dish would be the perfect addition to any country bedroom.

cute-ring-holder shamrock
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13. Polish Ceramic Ring Holder

If you’re looking for something truly unique, this novelty ring holder might just be it. Each one is painted by hand in a traditional Polish art style, so you’re guaranteed that no two will ever be exactly the same.

cute-ring-holder ceramic
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14. Pineapple Ring Holder

Pineapples are so very in right now, and this chic ring holder is just too lovely. The blue and gold combo is gorgeous, and the polka dots are a lovely addition. Pair that with high-quality craftsmanship and you’re onto a winner.

cute-ring-holder pineapple
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15. Magnolia Ring Holder

Flowers lend their shapes perfectly to ring holders – the center makes a perfect trinket dish, and the petals are ideal for hanging your rings from. The chic chrome-plated finish on this futuristic floral ring holder makes it look both stylish and functional.

cute-ring-holder magnolia
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16. Flamingo Ring Holder

If you love all things pink, this flamingo ring holder will tick all the boxes. The ceramic holder is made with high-quality ceramic, and finished with adorable rose gold accents, making it the perfect eye-catching piece for your bedside table.

cute-ring-holder flamingo
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17. Giraffe Ring Holder – golden giraffe sitting graciously on a giant leaf

Add a real jungle vibe to your room with this funky gold giraffe ring holder! The whole piece is delicately etched and made from tough polyresin, so this savannah souvenir will be looking after your rings for a long time to come.

cute-ring-holder giraffe
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18. Minimalistic white Hand Ring Holder – Ok hand sign

It’s only natural for a ring holder to feature a hand on which to store your jewelry! A perfectly petite piece, this dish is not only groovy but super practical.

cute-ring-holder - OK
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19. Gold-rimmed “secretly a mermaid” Mermaid Ring Holder – colorful mermaid tail

Tell the world your true identity: a mermaid, obviously! We can totally picture this ring holder next to the bath, where you can splash around to your heart’s content. The perfect wedding ring holder for mermaid fans.

cute-ring-holder - mermaid
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20. Swarovski-Accented Ring Holder in salmon peach color best suited for pastel-themed bedrooms

We’re ending this list on a high note with this amazing peach ring holder dish, complete with gold accents and a Swarovski crystal for extra bling. Everyone is bound to have serious ring envy!

cute-ring-holder swarovski-accented ring holder
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Now there’s no excuse for a misplaced piece of jewelry! What do you think of these unique ring holders above? Did you find a ring holder for wedding rings and other jewelry? Do you have a missing ring horror story? Let us know in the comments below!