You know your relationship needs work when you find yourself reading this article. First off, calm down. Sure, you might have encountered some problems with your partner. But it doesn’t mean that it’s the end for your relationship already. There are quick and long-term fixes you can choose from. That is if both parties still want to make it work. Don’t panic and isolate yourself. Many couples go through the phase of having a seemingly broken relationship. In fact, problems are what make a couple grow stronger. Sit tight and read on. Here are some of the ways you can both do to rebuild a broken relationship.

1. Communication

The first part of rebuilding your relationship will depend on how much you are willing to communicate with each other. Having honest and open communication is one of the first steps that you and your partner should take. Without the willingness to communicate with each other, the relationship will stay broken — or worst, things appear to have improved superficially. It’s important to note that communication is a two-way street. This means that you don’t just have to explain yourself fully. You will also have to listen to what your partner says and vice versa. Be sure to be non-judgmental and respectful in your communication.

2. Forgive

Your partner may have done you wrong or have had some lapses when it comes to your relationship. But after you hear his side of the story and make known what’s yours, take time to heal. You can’t expect your healing to happen overnight, especially if you have been significantly hurt. You and your partner might need some space to breathe. Make sure that once you have already forgiven your partner, you won’t throw his past mistakes at him. Sincerely forgiving him doesn’t mean that you have already forgotten what has happened. Of course, the best way to go is for you to forgive still but never forget. However, you shouldn’t use resolved problems as a way of attacking your partner in the future once again. Once done, it’s done.

Forgiveness - rebuild-a-broken-relationship

3. Fall in love again

Now, this may sound cliche. It’s one of those phrases you hear straight of the movies. But it’s true. Since you’re rebuilding your relationship, there might be some things that you have already forgotten about your partner. After you have been hurt, chances are the hatred that you’re feeling is the most overwhelming emotion you currently have. It doesn’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of work. But you can definitely start by reminding yourself why you fell in love with your partner the first time around. Reread old messages or letters, look at your pictures from before and see how happy you were back then. Let yourself be reminded of the feeling you once had. Times might have changed, but your partner is still the same person after all.

4. Acknowledge your shortcomings

It takes two to tango. With this in mind, you should also know that it takes two to break a relationship. Prevent putting all the blame in your partner. I’m sure you have had lapses in the relationship too. What’s important is the two of you should acknowledge your own mistakes. Although your actions may not be the primary cause of your damaged relationship, you would have to know that you have contributed to why it has broken down. Own up to your mistakes. Your partner will very much appreciate this gesture from you. It also goes to show how much you’re willing to do your part in moving on and rebuilding the broken relationship.

5. Go on a date

Sure, you’re not the lovey-dovey couple who’s in their honeymoon phase. Perhaps that’s the reason why problems came up in your relationship in the first place. A broken relationship doesn’t become broken overnight, it’s caused by the accumulation of little problems. Once you’ve been in a relationship for many years, it’s easy to become too comfortable with our lives and for us to ignore the needs of each other. Some of these needs are the need for romance, passion, love, and attention.

You can jumpstart a dead relationship by going on a date. A great date idea is for you to recreate your first date, only that this time around, it’s better. Through this, you’re hitting two birds with one stone – you get to go on a date, and you’re rebuilding your relationship with your partner.

6. Vacation

Perhaps it’s the repetitive daily chores that are getting in the way of you and your partner. Revitalize and rebuild your relationship with a relaxing vacation. A vacation will help you rekindle your love, and it’s a way for you to bond with each other too. After a huge emotional setback, you both deserve a break – from everyday life, other people and everything in general. Hopefully, this trip with your love will make you feel fresh and renewed as a couple and as individuals.


7. Be Proactive

When we say that you should be the better version of yourself, this goes for you as an individual and as a partner in a committed relationship. The best thing about making up or rebuilding your once broken relationship is that you have nowhere to go but up. Think of it as you’ve already hit rock bottom with your partner. There’s nothing else that could get more painful than that when it comes to your relationship. Take it as a consolation that your relationship is going to get better from that point on. Of course, this won’t be a sure thing. You and your partner will both need to put in extra effort to make this happen. It’s a chance for you to mend what was once broken and learn from your mistakes.

What will you do to rebuild the relationship?

Fixing a broken relationship may be a hard thing to do. In fact, there’s no assurance that you can make it work the second time around. This is a risk you are both going to take. But once you have established with your partner that you’re willing to try again, there’s a great possibility that the two of you can make your relationship even better than before.