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Are you curious about which zodiacs err on the side of humility, and which fall into pride? Both ends of the spectrum have their pros and cons, so it is safe to assume that landing somewhat close to the middle of this list is the most beneficial placement. Let’s get into it. We’re going to start with the most humble signs and work our way into the proudest.

[SPOILER] Who Is The Most Prideful Sign?

To nobody’s surprise, the answer is Leo (highlight text to reveal). The sign of the Lion Leo is the most prideful among the zodiac. Trailing behind are Scorpio at the second place and Capricorn at the third place.

Zodiac Pridefulness Ranking (Least to Most Prideful)

  1. Gemini
  2. Pisces
  3. Taurus
  4. Aquarius
  5. Virgo
  6. Libra
  7. Cancer
  8. Taurus
  9. Aries
  10. Capricorn
  11. Scorpio
  12. Leo

Least Prideful (Humble) to Most Prideful Signs

Are you surprised by this ranking? Don’t worry. We’ll dig into the specifics of why we ranked these zodiac signs this way in further detail below.

#12. Gemini

Gemini symbol the twins

Geminis are humble creatures who occasionally like to be the center of attention but do not need others to stroke their egos. Geminis believe that keeping their nose to the grindstone is the most effective and noble way to spend their time. As creators, Geminis are great at working behind the scenes but tend to do poorly when they have to market or brag about themselves. These natives always see that there is room for improvement, and not how far they have progressed. It would be nice if another person could point out to the Gemini how accomplished and talented they are. Gemini could benefit from a pick-me-up and a healthy dose of self-confidence and pride.

#11. Pisces

Pisces is one of the least pretentious signs of all the zodiac; they are masters of putting others first and staying humble. Pisces knows their own self worth, but never feel like they need to prove it to others. They stand by the statement “have more than you show, speak less than you know”. Of course, they would never post this quote publically. Pisces never one-ups others in conversations and can be relied on to be everyone else’s most helpful supporter.

#10. Taurus

Taurus are not very prideful, but instead, stubborn and less willing to make changes. They do not compromise without a fight, and strongly prefer the comfort and safety of what is known and familiar to them. Still, being unwilling to change, even for other people or to make beneficial advancements, can feel egotistical and prideful to outsiders.

On the inside, Taurus believes that they are the most correct person in the room, and feel compelled to put their wants and needs ahead of everyone else’s. Taurus struggles to walk in the shoes of other people, which contributes to their strictly set ways.

#9. Aquarius

Aquarians are naturally quietly humble people. They usually keep their successes and progress to themselves, but look to others’ successes for motivation and inspiration to do better. Aquarius never looks at successful people with envy, just pure admiration. For them, people are meant to be learned from, not to compete with.

#8. Virgo

Virgos see the world in a most unbiased worldview and are most likely to put others’ wants and needs above their own. They feel a great obligation to lift others up in support, and not compete with or dominate them. Virgos are unexpectedly humble and follow a strict code of morals that they impose on themselves.

#7. Libra

libra symbol the scales

Libras know that they aren’t the best in everything they do, and because of that, feel little to no desire to brag about their wins or talents. They hold onto their failures just as tightly as their successes. This grounds them and can be a good reminder of how far they have come, the ways in which they have changed, and the hopes they have for improvement in the future. Part of the reason why Libra doesn’t feel compelled to share their successes is because they know that in a few short months or years, they will have even more progress to show. Growing and learning never stop for these natives though, and so they will never feel fully qualified or important enough to brag.

Libras are the other zodiacs’ favorite signs, because they were always the ones to ask the useful but embarrassing questions in school; as adults, Libras take full accountability for the failures in the workplace, and will even cover to save others from scrutiny or harsh criticisms.

#6. Cancer

Cancers have deep roots with their ancestors and families, and understand that everything is part of one big cycle. What is a win today will be a failure tomorrow. Because of this, Cancers are happy to sit down and stay quiet, because they know that they will be humbled by life otherwise. Cancers also feel a connection and appreciation to art, beauty, nature, and the talents of other people. They would much rather prefer to keep the spotlight off of themselves and highlight the successes of other people. Seeing the works of other people is profoundly beautiful, mystifying, and humbling for these natives, even if they are equally gifted in the same field of work.

If given the opportunity to promote their work, or promote the work of a friend or family in the same industry with equal skills, Cancer will always choose to help their fellow person out.

#5. Taurus

Taurus lives a quiet and humble lifestyle until challenged by another person. Once doubt or taunting arises, Taurus’ modest demeanor flies right out the window. They cannot stand braggarts or egotistical people. To Taurus, pride and the spotlight should only come after considerable amounts of hard work and significant, measurable accomplishments. If someone doesn’t have both of these credentials, especially if they are in the same field as the Taurus, Taurus will call them out immediately and make a spectacle of it. This is the one and only time that they are willing to reveal their power, success, story, and worth.

#4. Aries

Aries are bold creatures who live to revel in the spotlight. To be fair though, Aries is known for taking significant risks to get these impressive rewards and results. Still, Aries is the first to talk about their expertise, success, earnings, or high status. They feel that they earned their strong sense of self-worth and pride, and want to share it with the world. Unfortunately, Aries ego can get the best of them, and has been known to steal (or at least draw significant inspiration from) others’ work, and not credit them out of pride. Aries is prone to eventually believing that they are the very best, and losing their sense of humbleness and remembering their full story that leads to their successes.

#3. Capricorn

Capricorns take a great amount of pride in their lifestyle, work ethic, and organization. It is rare for a Capricorn to ever try to point to fame, authority, fortune, or talents. Instead, they find pride in how they live, especially in the self-sufficient light of view. Being independent, and viewed by others as independent, is very important to these natives. This can be one of their larger downfalls, because they will not ask for (nor accept) help, even when it is really important.

#2. Scorpio

Scorpios do not tolerate any amount of constructive criticism, even if it is gentle and well-meaning. Their ego firmly stands in the way of them ever considering new possibilities for growth or improvement. They often live in states of grandeur or denial- sometimes they even manage to be both. For example, if someone were to suggest to a Scorpio that route B is faster than route A (route A being the Scorpio’s usual drive) you could expect the Scorpio to double down that route A is best, and not even attempt to drive route B out of pride and denial.

Not being able to accept criticism, suggestions, or keep an open mindset will greatly hinder Scorpio in life. They are capable of changing this about themselves, but many intentionally decide not to change.

#1. Leo

Leo symbol the lion

Leo is, without a doubt, the proudest, most egotistical sign of all the zodiac. This native is proud of every single aspect of their life, from the silliest, most trivial pieces of information to their greatest accomplishments. They are proud of the food they eat, the people they talk to, the house they live in, the area they reside in, their family, their pets, their clothing, how they walk, and how they speak. They believe that everything about themselves is incredible and noteworthy. It is easy for a Leo to believe that they are the only real person in this world, and everyone else is merely a simulation player.

If anyone were to criticize the Leo, they are likely to blow up on that person in a fit of rage or disbelief.

In addition to this, Leo is susceptible to denial. It is easier to lie to themselves than admit defeat, lack of knowledge, or lack of power. While a self-confidence is a beautiful trait, Leo often takes it way too far, and could benefit from a touch of humility.

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