Pisces men (February 19 – March 22) are dreamers, believers, and were probably bards in their past lives. There is an ongoing struggle for Mr. Pisces in that he desperately wants to leave the world a better place yet also wants to stay safe in their fantasies and visions. Thus you get the artistic rendering of Pisces as two fish going in divergent directions, forming a yin-yang. 

As you might expect, Pisces is a water sign, so you can expect the Pisces man to be emotional, sensitive, sympathetic, imaginative, and a tad unrealistic. While this fellow has grand ideas, he needs people in his circle to keep him somewhat grounded. 

One thing that will frustrate you about the Pisces guy is that while they will constantly care for you, they don’t know how to accept it back. In fact, they will go to great lengths to avoid showing any need or desire. They feel it’s imposing.

If you’re looking for romance, the Pisces man fits the bill. They want to please their significant other in any way possible. Now, if you’re the independent type, a Pisces man may not be for you. But if you want devotion, this sign oozes with it. You will never be second to anything or anyone.

Pisces men do well in the workplace because they want to get along with everyone. They have an easy-going outlook. If they land an innovative job, they’ll be very content. The only problem is that Pisceans don’t always recognize when someone is exploiting them at work, or elsewhere.

Both Neptune and Jupiter influence this sign. Meaning the Pisces man can be both secretive and sociable, esoteric but worldly in their own way. These are old souls who have a never-ending well of compassion.

Don’t be surprised if Mr. Pisces turns out to be psychic. Sometimes they can be so spot-on as to make people nervous. Even when Pisceans aren’t actively trying to sense things, they really can’t turn off their empathy. If you see a twinkle in his eye, you’ll know he picked up on something. 

Signs a Pisces Man is Jealous

Because of their high level of sensitivity and kindness, it’s not easy to make a Pisces man jealous. If they are jealous, they will likely tuck it away inside for further research. Plus, they not only trust you but know how to forgive. Your Pisces man knows that everyone has faults, and he’s open-minded to understand why you may have strayed.

However, these signs may indicate jealousy is afoot:

1. Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Your normally expressive partner suddenly gives you the cold shoulder. He doesn’t like being petty, so instead, he shuts down. Give him a little time in this space, as he’s probably measuring his feelings. In due time, he’ll find the words to express what’s laying heavy on his heart.

2. Pisces Private Detective

When he thinks you’re not looking, a jealous Pisces man may start taking a peek at your notes. He may check your phone contacts. To be sneaky about it, he’ll ask to use your phone! Or, perhaps he follows your every move on social media. He wants the truth but isn’t taking the best path to find it. His fears of losing you overwhelm logic. If things are really bad, he’ll stop playing detective himself and hire one.

3. Questioning your Behavior

Remember, Mr. Pisces is intuitive and perceptive. It’s hard to get anything past him. If he notices you acting oddly, be prepared for ongoing questions. In most cases, there is an innocent explanation for the subtle changes in your behavior. If you can communicate that, you can fix the problem by boosting his self-esteem.

4. Emotions Change on a Dime

All that water in the Pisces man means he’s already emotional. When he’s jealous, however, he can’t begin to control those feelings. He’ll be angry one minute and laughing the next. Should you notice this happening, try to talk to him about it.

Along with emotions, you may find him waffling on decisions. When his thoughts are filled with fear, he begins questioning everything. So when choices come up, he overthinks them.

5. He Becomes Maudlin

There is nothing quite so sad as a Pisces man wallowing in self-pity. He becomes depressed because he feels he’s losing you and doesn’t know what to do next. Even when he is trying to make you happy, the gray cloud follows him around.

Why is my Pisces Man Trying to Make me Jealous?

While they’d preferred you didn’t know it, the Pisces man can be fragile. It doesn’t take much to hurt their feelings and make them feel self-conscious. So when you’re enjoying a conversation with someone he considers an interloper, his jealousy will come out. 

Abject fear is another reason your Pisces man may try to make you jealous. In the human A-B-Cs of emotions, fear is one of the strongest, particularly the fear of being alone. His jealous actions are a cry for assurance.

Should your Pisces man feels you’ve put him at the bottom of your list of priorities, that’s a trigger for jealousy. He wants quality time with you, and never boxes you in. However, when “later” never comes, he’ll act out, wanting your attention.

How to Make a Pisces Man Jealous

The Pisces man isn’t really known for jealousy. They consider it immature. Nonetheless, he has strong emotions. So if he sees you lavishing someone else with attention, it’s bound to make him jealous. You can see it in his eyes.

While Pisces men are known for wandering in their imagination, they’re not used to their partners doing likewise. Become aloof. Pretend not to hear him right away. Or, just make yourself absent. Go out more with your friends without him. He’ll notice, and sadness follows.

Bear in mind that Mr. Pisces is a very trusting soul. When you play games like this, it will wear on that trust, and could eventually put a wall between the two of you. So the question is, why do you think you need to make him jealous.