Practical Star Signs

Some people’s lives practically revolve around their emotions. Some on the other hand have a more practical approach to life. Practical people tend to be more focused and less likely to get overwhelmed with the daily happenings of life. They have realistic aspirations and expectations instead of day-dreaming over what could be. How practical a person is can be linked to their zodiac sign, which dictates various aspects of an individual’s personality. In this article, we’ll rank the different zodiac signs based on how practical they tend to be.

Most Practical Zodiac Sign (Least to Most)

1. Gemini
2. Sagittarius
3. Cancer
4. Aries
5. Pisces
6. Scorpio
7. Aquarius
8. Libra
9. Taurus
10. Virgo
11. Leo
12. Capricorn

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are the most whimsical people you’ll ever meet. To them, life is a huge adventure and the only way to enjoy it is to make split-second decisions and live in the moment. Sagittarians are able to ignore facts and reality to make whatever decisions that feels good to them in the moment no matter how impractical it sounds.

2. Cancer

The Cancerian is a big bag of emotions. People born under this sign are too emotionally-sensitive to be practical. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and most of their life-decisions are based on how they feel. Cancers have strong intuitions and they’re able to make the right decision by trusting their gut at all times.

3. Aries

Arians are not the most emotional zodiac sign, in fact, they’re quite intelligent and they tend to make great decisions. That’s when they’re not blinded by passion, in which case it’ll be difficult for anyone to see why their plans deviate from reality. Aries people are also quite optimistic. They believe things will always work out as long as they feel strongly about it. The reality matters only a little to someone that believes passion is the only thing they need to make things work.

4. Pisces

The thing with Pisces people is that they always seem to have their heads in the cloud. They are naturally dreamy and they can concoct a perfect fantasy world in their head where everyone is nice and everything is good. Sometimes, this fantasy universe feels so real that they start to believe this is how things should be in real life. Pisceans also care too much about people’s feelings to be practical. They are quite emphatic, never wanting to hurt others or see people in pain even though this is just the harsh reality of life.

5. Scorpio

Scorpio people are among the most calculative people you’ll ever meet. Whatever a scorpio does, chances are they’ve been thinking about it for a while. They’re deep thinkers and will practically consider all the possibilities in every situation. This allows them to make practical decisions. However, the downside to this is that they tend to take things too slow.

6. Aquarius

Aquarians are naturally sensible people. They’re actually ranked high as one of the most intelligent zodiac signs. Aquarius people are able to apply practical intelligence into any situation they find themselves in. This allows them to make rational choices. They acknowledge the fact that there may be forces beyond their control, but they trust their own ability enough to make practical decisions for their own good.

7. Libra

Libra people are all about equilibrium which is why they rarely make decisions without considering their full ramifications and potential impact on others. Librans believe they hold the power to administer justice and other people’s happiness depends on them. Of course, this isn’t always a practical way to go through life, but Libras often manage to pull it off.

8. Taurus

The bull has a practical mind that analyzes situations critically before making decisions. They’re well grounded and once they have decided on anything, it’ll be difficult to get them to change their mind. Taureans don’t believe in fantasies. They also tend to have a mind of their own and they believe their own fate is in their own hands.

9. Gemini

One the surface, it might seem like Gemini people take everything lightly. But this is not the case. They’re actually the most practical of all zodiac signs. They only believe what they can see with their own eyes. The Gemini’s practical approach to life is the major reason why they always seem to have the big picture and they have long term plans they always follow.

10. Virgo

Perfectionist Virgo always seems to know exactly what to do in any situation and that’s because they have a plan for everything. Their friends can always rely on them. Every detail of their day is planned out and this keeps them from making whimsical decisions. Virgos don’t live in a fantasy world. They believe in listening to different sides of a story and getting different perspectives in order to get a clear picture of happenings.

11. Leo

The Leo’s objectivity is one of the reasons why people look up to them as natural leaders. They are intelligent and very observant people that are able to see things beyond the surface. Leo people also don’t like to take risks with people. They’ll wait till they’re absolutely sure of a person’s motive before trusting them. Leo people also tend to rely on their past experiences to make important decisions instead of just trusting their gut or going with the flow.

12. Capricorn

The pragmatic Capricorn is considered the most practical zodiac sign. They’re not the type to make decisions based on assumptions and suppositions. Rather, they’ll consider the available facts to make plans based on clearly defined objectives. Capricorns are never in a hurry to make the decisions. They don’t mind a long wait as long as it leads them to the most practical decision possible.


Practical people tend to stand out anywhere they find themselves. People trust them when it comes to making difficult decisions. Of course, if your zodiac sign ranks high on this list, you should try to tone it down a little and enjoy life a little by making spontaneous decisions once in a while.