Libras (September 22-October 23) have heart strings miles, and miles long. They seek out partners who are similar to them. This is helpful because the Libra man knows what to expect from his significant other. When something happens outside that framework he becomes suspicious and sometimes jealous. 

Mr. Libra is very interactive. He gets the idea of social flirting. It builds up two people at once. Cool! Libras can talk about everything and always find the right words to make you feel better. So when things go awry, the Libra diplomat usually comes out before the green-eyed monster. Truth is, they prefer peace. Fighting isn’t really in the Leo Man’s wheelhouse.  

In their desire to make a “power couple,” Libra men will always strive to make themselves into a better version – the one you want. But that can overwhelm, and when it does the jealous streak may eke out. This is especially true if he sees you becoming more independent. 

Generally, you can expect the Libra man to be calm, kind, approachable, and classy. The one thing that leads them to anger is an embarrassment. They will quietly calm down, but they will never forget the moment until amends are made. 

In matters of love, Libra is somewhat of a butterfly. He can fall in love with a face, or a voice, or a person’s cut – or all three people in one day. At that moment, it’s all about the joy they feel, and a sense of cooperation. Obviously, not all these connections become intimate but may become friends. Thus, prepare. Libra understands the jealousy game very well. 

Signs a Libra Man is Jealous

Libra can be very accepting, sometimes annoyingly so. It’s hard to make them jealous in part because they hate conflict so much. Libra men are fair-minded, and love flirting, so why should they deny you that fun? When they suspect you of stepping out, they take a pause to consider if they’re being irrational. However, there are some things for which you can watch.

1. He’ll Pack up and Leave

While this is harsh, at the end of the day a Libra will make up his mind. Air signs are notorious for intellectualization. His analysis leads him to the conclusion that this relationship is too much trouble. Mr. Libra knows there are options, and he’ll go exploring for them. 

2. Detachment

Before actually leaving, you may notice Mr. Libra withdrawing a little more every day. His messages to you get shorter, his emotions colder. In his mind, this will make the final ending much easier to endure. 

3. Flirting

Ok, this may be harder to spot since Libra likes to flirt, but it will be over the top, ogling type of flirting. In one way, he’s trying to get a reaction out of you to see if you still care. Alternatively, he may be checking out new prospects. 

4. Lavish Attention

When the Libra man feels jealous, he often questions himself. So, he’ll amp up the roses, romantic meals, and manifest other gestures to see if he can correct what’s wrong. If you’re unhappy, his empathy kicks into high gear, and he’s willing to make a serious effort. 

5. Suggesting a Change in Status

This may throw you for a loop, but Mr. Libra may suggest having an open relationship so both of you can explore your options more thoroughly. He may even go one step further and offer you the opportunity for a polyamorous relationship. It’s time for an honest sit-down! Find out why he feels as he does. 

Why is my Libra Man Trying to Make me Jealous?

Libra men are tenacious. Quitting doesn’t really fit into their vocabulary. If he loves you, he’ll pull out every tool possible to keep you. So uncertainty is one of the main culprits behind him trying to make you jealous. He wants to prove himself worthy. Other ways he may try and make you jealous and the reasons behind them include:

1. Being “super Libra”

He will try to become better than not only those he perceives as rivals, but EVERYONE in your innermost circle. Be it a game of trivia, cooking dinner, or something grander, he’s showing his skills in spades. Note that thankfully these efforts do not demean anyone else. Mr. Libra won’t compare himself or compete with others, he just wants to show you his best self.  

2. Vulnerability

In matters of love, Libra Men are “all-in” when they feel they’ve found the right person. Often that ends in getting their heart broken. So he may show that insecurity by trying to make you jealous in some manner. He thinks the worst, but hopes somehow your response will prove assuring. 

3. He’s suspicious

Libra men are loyal and dedicated. They want to trust their partners, but it’s not always easy for them to do so. There’s always a little voice in his mind stressing caution. If he thinks there’s cause for concern, he may seek out ways of making you jealous. He simply wants to see that you are as invested as him.  

4. He feels neglected

While not as attention-seeking as a Libra man, he does want YOUR eyes on him. He wants to see that little twinkle, as well as your efforts to be mindful and give him quality time. For him, that extra effort is a language of love, and it makes him far more secure. When that doesn’t happen, he may try and make you jealous and become clingy. 

In trying to understand this, remember that Mr. Libra really doesn’t like being alone. Too much quiet time leads to disquieting thoughts. When you’re gone for extended periods repeatedly, there’s the sense of him being low on your priority list. 

Ways to Make a Libra Man Jealous

Libra men are pretty even-tempered. Jealousy isn’t something easily obtained. Sure, you can look hot and flirt, but your Libra may just appreciate the fun you’re having and how great you appear in that outfit!

Worse, Libra really doesn’t like showing their feelings. He prefers keeping his emotions under control. Plus confrontation is a no-no. He’d rather avoid than make a fuss.

One way that tantalizes Libra men with just enough jealousy is playing hard to get (but not too hard). Become the girl you know he dreams about, then move in and out gracefully. Be old-fashioned, drop a glove or handkerchief. 

Alternatively, find a way that you can set him up to rescue you. Let him see someone you “admire” and perceive that person as bad for you. In this scenario you must be careful because you don’t want a full-out assault happening. Rather, if you play it right, Mr. Libra will come to you, offering counsel, which you gracefully accept. Tada! A happy ending.