Leo (July 23-August 2nd) is the true lover of the zodiac array. When these men are in love, they boast, swagger, and roar to the highest mountaintop. This behavior makes sense when you know that Leo men are naturally dramatic. The spotlight is their comfort zone. There is no hiding their emotions, and Leos want to be seen.

It is not difficult to hurt a Leo man, no matter how strong and secure he looks externally. There is no question he has a soft heart. Oh, they may “try” to hide the pain of a bruised ego, but they’re not good at it. See, Mr. Leo is an eternal optimist who, when abandoned, seeks out someone to rescue them from melancholy. A sad Leo is like a scene out of a great tragedy. 

From hurt, jealousy rolls out. There’s a sense of lost dignity. You must show off your Leo. Give them ongoing attention (which can prove exhausting). He will shower you with presents and romantic gestures, showing their forgiveness. However, they expect similar gestures in return. 

Leo men do not take well to perceived attacks on his territory. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger or a close friend, they’ll be called out. You, in the meanwhile, will find it nearly impossible to reach him on a logical level. 

As a hunter, Leo himself math not always be loyal either. When paired with a suitably adoring mate, he’ll lavish his lioness with all manner of expressive gestures. If he feels you are not seeking attention elsewhere, you’ll have your Leo purring. 

Signs a Leo Man is Jealous

As much as they would like things to be different, it is nearly impossible for the Leo man to hide any feelings, including jealousy. You will know he’s developed the green-eyed monster when:

1. Speaking in a snobbish manner 

When they’re near the person about whom they feel jealous condescension arises. He’s trying to mark his turf. He is, after all, a King and deserves respect. 

2. Exaggeration

Whenever a Leo man talks about someone who inspires jealousy, they’ll always stress flaws. The nit-picking is precise and meant to deter your interest. 

3. Moodiness

Jealousy changes a Leo man’s demeanor. He may sulk, becoming rude and indolent. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, Mr. Leo will blurt out what’s bothering him, but in a manner that doesn’t make him seem vulnerable.

4. Snooping Around

As jealousy in the Leo man develops, he may begin asking a lot of questions about the people you hang out with the most. He’ll ask who was on a call, or who you were texting. He may also check your interactions on social media. There is a definite pang of paranoia that’s obvious.

5. Possessiveness

The Leo man protects what he loves. However, when he is fearful of losing you, he may become possessive. Every time you step out the door, he’ll want an accounting of your activities. Mr. Leo seems controlling, and it’s not a handsome quality.

6. Surprise!

You’re out having lunch with friends. Your Leo man shows up out of the blue, as if by “accident” (funny seeing you here!). The Lion is in stalking mode and keeping tabs.

Why is Your Leo Trying to Make You Jealous?

There are many reasons why your Leo man may be trying to make you jealous. Younger Leos do this as a test. He wants to see how you react, and if you become a little more attentive.

Believe it or not, stress wears on Leos in odd ways. They may perceive an issue where there is none and seem like they’re trying to make you jealous. In fact, they are simply responding negatively to circumstances. You can fix this pretty easily with a chat.

Third, you have to understand that Mr. Leo doesn’t simply want attention, he needs it. This is a natural part of the Lion’s psychology. They are not always overboard, but it is noticeable when Leo feels slighted.

Ways to Make a Leo Man Jealous

It is always good before embarking on attempts to make him jealous to ask yourself why, and is it truly worth the emotional chaos that follows. Jealousy is very powerful in the Leo man, and if he sees too many reasons for doubt, he may just wander off into the jungle looking for someone else.

When you decide to make Mr. Leo jealous, one effective means is flirting with someone else in front of him. Take care, however. Leo has a temper and he may become physical. On a less tense level, he will likely start making comparisons of himself to that other person, showing you their flaws.

Another approach is going out and having fun, action-packed plans without him, them coming home all happy and excited. He’ll wonder why he was left out. Next, he’ll ponder who might be garnering more of your notice than he might like.

This approach isn’t overly difficult, especially if you have a great group of friends who enjoy each other. Mr. Leo will become jealous of your ability to find happiness when he is absent. Bear in mind, Leo sees himself as the driver in the car of your relationship. He’s not used to being in the passenger seat.

Combined with having fun, dress up! Leos love companions who are attractive. In this case, however, you’re not dressing to please him. So who is it that you’re trying to attract?

Also, decrease your availability. Mr. Leo garners comfort and security from those prompt text replies, as well as you being at his beckoned call. He will not understand why you’re suddenly less responsive. Jealousy follows.

It is worth noting that some Leo men may see you are simply having a good time. Even flirting can be fun, and he enjoys it, too. You need to find the line in the sand with the Leo Man. He stresses loyalty in all his relationships, not simply intimate ones. A little jealousy keeps him on his toes. A lot of jealousy usually results in an unhealthy situation.