What are the laziest astrological signs? In this guide, we will put all twelve zodiac signs under the magnifying glass and rank them by laziness.

lazy signs

Almost everyone has a tendency to be lazy. For most people, the only reason they work is because that’s the only way to earn a living. At every workplace, you’ll always find people like this-the slackers that don’t like to work. On the other side of the spectrum, you’ll find relentless workhorses that won’t leave until all the work is done.

A person’s lazy nature can be explained by a lot of factors. But one of the most effective ways to explain why some people love work and others don’t is their zodiac sign. Here is a ranking of the zodiac signs based on how lazy they are.

Zodiac Laziness Ranking (Least to Most)

  1. Capricorns
  2. Virgos
  3. Aries
  4. Scorpio
  5. Gemini
  6. Cancer
  7. Libra
  8. Pisces
  9. Taurus
  10. Sagittarius
  11. Aquarius
  12. Leo

Least Lazy to Laziest Zodiac Signs

1. Capricorn

The “all work and no play” mantra is the Capricorn’s motto. They’re among the most disciplined and the most ambitious people you’ll ever meet. They’re also self-motivated and they have great ambition. People are often scared of working with them because they challenge others to work just as hard as they do which can be quite difficult since not everyone has the same level of energy and passion for work.

2. Aries

Aries are not lazy. In fact, they’re among the most self-driven people you could ever work with. They’re very talented and are always on the lookout for opportunities to showcase how talented they are. Aries people are not procrastinators. Their tendency to be perfectionists makes it difficult for them to put off work for too long. If anything needs to get done, they’ll do it first before taking a rest and might even start the next task immediately without resting.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios are naturally motivated and determined. Their dedication to work often earns them the respect and admiration of others. They’re among the best types of people to have as co-workers or team mates. Just pray everything is right with them emotionally and you’ll be impressed by how hard they work. However, they may lose motivation if they’re struggling with any emotions in their life.

4. Virgo

No one takes work more seriously than Virgos. The word “lazy” is not in their vocabulary. Virgos work so hard that getting them to stop and take a break will be difficult. They’re very meticulous at their job, won’t miss even the slightest detail and will get the job done without complaining.

5. Cancer

Cancerians are the slow and steady kind of workers. They are organized and they love to do chores. But everything gets done at their own pace regardless of the work. They’re deliberate with work and can be quite diligent. But they don’t like to be told what to do even if they’d do it eventually. People born under this sign tend to experience fluctuating moods and this sometimes gets in the way of their work and productivity.

6. Libra

Librans aren’t exactly hardworking, but they’re not lazy either. They’ll get the work most times if they have enough energy for it. Librans shine the most in group projects. They have a friendly personality so they work very well with others. They’re also good at motivating other people to work but they sometimes carry the entire team on their shoulders.

7. Gemini

We wouldn’t call the Gemini a slow-poke. The more accurate way to describe them is that they’re selectively lazy. Their attitude to work often depends on the job at hand. If the task is mundane, they’ll most likely not take it seriously. In such cases, you’ll think they’re lazy. However, if they find a task that is truly worth doing, they’ll show all the dedication required to get it done.

8. Pisces

Pisces are distracted most of the time by their own imagination. This tendency to daydream is one of the major factors that account for their laziness. They always have a lot going on in their life and this often takes up most of their work time. Pisces also procrastinate a lot which isn’t surprising behavior from someone who spends a huge part of their time daydreaming.

9. Taurus

If given a choice, a Taurean would prefer not to work as long as they get to continue enjoying life. Their love for comfort is the major reason for their complacency. However, they also have a huge desire for material success which is the major factor that drives them to do any work at all. They’ll work if it is absolutely necessary. However, once they achieve their target, a Taurus will not feel compelled to do more. Instead, they’ll prefer to simply kickback and relax.

10. Sagittarius

Sagittarians aren’t exactly lazy. They just love their freedom too much to get too attached to a job. Sags are unlikely to take a regular 9 to 5. And even if they do take it, they’ll most likely struggle to keep up unless they get the freedom to work on their own terms. Sagittarius people are also not very good with commitments so they’re unlikely to volunteer for extra work or take up more responsibility.

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are quite intelligent and they can get the job done when they need to. However, they’ll only work diligently if they find the task interesting enough. They’re curious and always on the look out for adventure. If the work isn’t exciting enough, you’ll not find an Aquarian doing it. They’re also big fans of big causes and movements. They like being part of things that are seemingly bigger than them. They are not particularly great at putting in the work required to change the world, but they like the idea of trying.

12. Leo

Leo’s adorable nature makes it easy for them to get away with a lot of things and that includes being a lazy ass. They’re adored by everyone at work and at home, this means they can easily stay unproductive for a long time without anyone dragging them to get to work. While Leos have good traits such as being talented and creative, they don’t always put in the work required to become a real star. If they do work, they’ll play even harder as if they’re trying to undo all the work they did.


On the zodiac chart, you’ll find both lazy procrastinators and extreme hard workers. This ranking should give some insight into why some of your friends or coworkers always try to avoid work at every chance.

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