Today’s article is about how to create a beautiful Japanese garden. We have a list of 10 Japanese garden decorations that look nice, easy to get and also affordable.

Read on for 10 great Japanese garden ideas.

1.   Garden Pagoda 
Graceful pagoda with mysterious ancient look. It is finely crafted and hand painted with rustic bronze finish. With this pagoda sitting in your garden, it will insert some oriental majestic feel into the environment.

2.   Jizo Ojizo-Sama Japanese Buddha Statue
Peaceful looking Ojizo Sama Buddha statue. This little guy has adorable smile that is comforting. He is made from resin. Good quality with nice details. Bring tranquility and happiness to any garden.

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3.   Japanese Garden Lantern
This beautiful stone finish lantern looks perfect in Japanese Zen garden. Simple design, two-tone color. It is an attractive garden decoration worth investing.

4.   Zen Buddha Head
Another decorative idea to create beautiful Japanese garden. A rustic-looking Buddha head décor artistically painted in distressed white that add the Zen element to your garden. Nice craftsmanship. Bring harmony and peace.

5.   Bonsai Plant
Creating a picturesque Japanese garden, a few pots of green Bonsai plant is not to be missed. This elm bonsai is ideal for outdoor. It is lovely, healthy and easy to care for.

Besides, this bonsai is also easily be trained into different bonsai style. Great for beginners.

6.   Japanese Bamboo Bench
Relaxing Japanese garden idea with Japanese style furniture. Placing a chair or bench for lounging is wonderful. We recommend this bamboo bench with wood frame. It is a well-built, light-weight outdoor bench.

Charming oriental accent, it is a fantastic furniture to place in any garden, patio, porch or hallway.

6b.   Outdoor Bamboo Bench
You can also opt for this all bamboo bench which costs much lower at $21.95. It is strong, weather resistant and light. Good looking, durable, easy to move around.

7.   Oriental Wood Wind Chime
An artistic wind chime beautifully hand crafted with coconut shell and bamboo. The bamboo tubes are individually tuned to make deep tones. This wind chime creates soothing sound that helps calm your mind and soul. Perfect for a peaceful Zen garden.

8.   Hanging Plume Lantern
An elegant lighting with unique look. Light it up and see it fills your garden with oriental ambience like the olden days.

9.   Japanese Koi Fish Windsock
If you have kids at home, they will like colorful carp windsock hanging in the garden. In Japan, the fish windsock, also known as Koinobori, is hang during the month from April to May to celebrate Children’s Day.

10.   Turtle Key Hider
Something cute for your garden. A little turtle made from cast iron. Sturdy and can withstand various weather condition. This turtle looks nice and can be doubled as key hider. It is decorative and functional.

That’s the 10 Japanese garden ideas that we love. We are sure these few items will make your Japanese garden looks amazing. Thanks for reading!

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