There are about half a million homeless people in the US alone. The people in the homeless community need our help. We all have different reasons why we’d want to be helping the homeless community. You might be doing it because you really want to help them out, or maybe because you feel like that the least you can show that you’re thankful for all the things you’ve been receiving is to share them with others. Whatever your reasons are, it’s good that you’re willing to help those who are in need. Below are some of the things you can do to help homeless people:-

1. Donate Money

The homeless are not only lacking a place to call home, but many of them are also in dire need of money. You see them under the bridge and on the streets every day. Each of them has their own unique circumstances but many of the share a common need — some money to at least fill their stomachs with food for energy to go through the day. If you think that a dollar will not be of help to them because of its small amount, a dollar for them means more than just that. If you have some spare change in your pocket, they will truly appreciate it.

You can also donate money to certain non-profit organizations whose mission is to help homeless people. These organizations are the trailblazers when it comes to dealing with the homeless. If you’re unsure about what you can give the homeless, then talking to a homeless organization might help.

2. Donate Necessities

Homeless people who do not get to choose what they should wear every day. Many of the homeless folks don’t have enough clothing to keep them warm when it’s winter time, and neither do they have proper shelter to shield them from the rain. You probably have some old jackets or sweaters that you’re not using anymore stuck in your closet, or you may have an extra umbrella. These are the people who don’t care if you give them something new or used. What matters is that you’ve taken your time to think of something to give to them.,

3. Volunteer

Volunteering is the best way to go if you don’t have enough financial resources to share with the homeless but you’d still want to help. Volunteer your time and skill in helping to improve homeless people’s life. There are many organizations that organize volunteer works for the homeless and they would appreciate the manpower you’re able to provide them. There are many volunteer works you can do. You can help out to serve meals, or teach the youth and the children. You can even share some of your skills and talents to them!

4. Give out goodie bags

If you have some time and resources to spare, you can give out goodie bags. These are bags containing some food, hygiene kit, clothes or simply anything that they will need to make their living quite easier. They might be having a hard time in the streets, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something to help them.

5. Give them a job

For homeless people who are unemployed due to one reason or another, the best way to help them is to provide them with a way to make money for themselves. It doesn’t have to be a big corporate job. You can give them little tasks to do like mowing your lawn or gardening. You can even refer them to your friends and other people you know. This way, they can make a living out of their own effort, and not feeling hopeless about themselves. You are not only giving them a job as a way for them to earn money, but you are also helping them to improve their self-esteem and help them feel more confident about their skills. They are not only receiving money because someone is giving them alms but because they are working hard for it. It’s also one of the more sustainable ways to help out a homeless person.

6. Respect them

This is relatively easy to do. In fact, it could even be the easiest one to do from this list. Some people tend to ridicule and judge the homeless because of the state they are in. You don’t know how cruel some people can get and how many times they have received bashing from various people. So give them something these unkind people weren’t able to provide them. Show them respect. Make them feel respected as human beings even if they’re living conditions are like that. They too deserved to be respected and treated in a way like how you treat other people like your friends, as well.

7. Give them a list of homeless shelters

If you have some spare time, you can try to research and look for shelters near your area. Jot down the complete address and a person to contact in the shelter. Homeless people may not know that these shelters exist, or if they know, they are too shy to go there. Giving them a list that they could definitely use one day will undoubtedly be of help to them.

8. Give them some recyclable materials

You can consider your empty soda bottle trash, but this garbage can be another person’s gem. They can turn over these recyclable materials to the local recycling center and get money for it. Some people can even craft out art from them and sell them for some money. Now you may want to think twice before disposing of your recyclable wastes. Make sure they’re already doing the recycling work by observing their base; watch out for bags of recyclable garbage. If they aren’t already making money off recyclable materials, they might mistake your kind act as dumping trash on them!

Be Grateful We’re In A Position To Help

Everyone is capable of helping the homeless community in some way. There’s really no reason why we shouldn’t be helping these people who are in dire need of our help. You don’t always have to donate money. Often, these people who are often pushed away by society appreciate the smallest things. These people may be homeless, but we should show them that they are not hopeless. As someone who’s in the position to give, there’s nothing wrong with sharing with them something you have.

Other Ways To Help A Homeless Person

What are some other ways to provide help the homeless?