Compared to other signs, Gemini isn’t as jealous as some. Why? Because the Gemini man generally has control over his emotions. When they do feel something’s off, they talk about it initially. When that doubt continues is when the rich Gemini emotions start to swirl within, and he’ll start closing up. 

There are some things on a Gemini man’s side when it comes to jealousy. They know themselves and value their independence greatly. So, should they feel you’ve wandered off, they may very well do likewise, putting energy into someone who matches their passions and sense of purpose. 

In all aspects of life, Geminis can be very contrary and unpredictable. You are, after all, dealing with twins who often express the exact opposite of each other. So he may feel jealous in one moment, and perfectly at ease the next. Good luck keeping up!

It’s worthy of note that Gemini men love to flirt. They have a great sense of humor and a remarkable way of working with words. For the Gemini, flirting is akin to an artform that assuages his ego. So, when they see you having lighthearted banter with another, they may not think much about it. In other words, being coy with others may not help you if you’re trying to make him envious.

Signs a Gemini Man is Jealous

If you’re not sure your Gemini man is jealous, there are some signs for which to watch. 

1. He becomes indifferent

The Gemini man will begin distancing himself when he’s jealous, which seems a little contradictory. Nonetheless, the amount of attention you receive wanes considerably. His normally clever tongue seems all tangled up and he can’t find words for his feelings. 

2. He uses manipulative wording

If he’s pinpointed the person he suspects you’ve been seeing, that individual will come up in conversation. The comments will be sly and pointed like daggers. Geminis know how to inflict pain if they so choose. You can stop this before it gets worse by starting the conversation and making him aware of how his commentary is impacting your relationship.

3. He starts hanging out with women, lots of them!

Your Gemini Man thinks that if he spends time with women who you may conceive as competition it will make you jealous enough to respond. Most likely these women are friends or acquaintances who he’s charmed into helping him with his plight. At first, you may find this humorous. After a while, it’s insulting to your intelligence. It’s time to have an honest talk.

4. His affectionate displays become grander.

When your Gemini man feels jealous, he may begin wanting more time with you. He’ll snuggle, stand at the stove with you, ask you out more, call you frequently, etc. There will also be other gestures like sending an unexpected gift. The Twins believe if they can monopolize your time, it leaves you little opportunity to step out.

5. He’ll want to discuss your sex life as a couple.

He may want to throw out ideas for manifesting more sparks in the bedroom. Or, he might initiate pillow talk. This is easier than actually talking about how they feel.

6. The compliments come quickly and never seem to stop.

During jealous moments, the Gemini man may think he hasn’t sung your praises enough. So he starts complimenting you often. Initially, it’s kind of nice, but after a time it starts making you feel awkward. Tactfully tell him you appreciate it, but he’s going a little overboard.

7. He becomes a negative Nicholas

Gemini men are generally in love with love. But jealousy can sour that outlook. All of a sudden he sees no hope for any romantic relationship, including yours. He becomes very moody, and not terribly clear about what he’s feeling. 

Why is my Gemini Man Trying to Make me Jealous?

With the Twins, you can expect a happy reaction to jealousy. They like the attention, particularly if it comes from a lot of people. He wants to feel interesting and sexy. Your man has no problem with being in the spotlight, garnering notice. There are, however, other reasons he may be trying to make you jealous.

Your Gemini man is competitive and likes a challenge. What better way to create a challenge than by using jealousy? Let the winner take all the spoils. This is somewhat immature, but the Twin’s dual nature creates this kind of behavior.

If your relationship isn’t developing as fast as your Gemini wishes, he may wield jealousy as a tool to get you moving.  He’s not good at waiting for the results of anything, let alone a love connection. This tendency, of course, can lead the Gemini man into some rough waters with the wrong people. Your best response here is to do something small, just enough for him to see you’re paying attention and want his in return.

Ways to Make a Gemini Man Jealous

There are some subtle ways to entice jealousy out of a Gemini without going so far as to put your relationship in danger.

Begin with lighthearted flirtation. This should be with someone in his social circle. Playful banter will do. The Gemini man will nearly immediately start showing jealousy. He will want your total attention and do everything possible to turn the conversation in his direction.

Alternatively, you can tone down the amount of responsiveness you give him. In various settings, turn your attention elsewhere. Text someone, or call a friend.

Do anything that shows you are not giving him your undivided focus, including giving him less of your personal time. Make a play date with a few people in your trusted circle, without him. Generally, this results in the Gemini turning his sights fully on you. He’ll work harder to ensure you’re paying attention.

Because Geminis are emotional, you can use perceived feelings as a jealousy tool. Be less happy when he’s around, but perk up when you talk to someone else.

Some will say it’s nearly impossible to make a Gemini man jealous, but you can. Just remember not to push the act too far. When Gemini feels you’ve crossed a line in the sand, he will turn his back and leave you.