Which zodiac signs are the definition of fun? In this article, we will rank all twelve signs in terms of how fun of a person they can be. Keep reading.

Least To Most Fun Zodiac Signs

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Are you feeling a bit curious when it comes to how the zodiacs line up in the fun department? Are you ready to officially name the most fun person in your group? Or call out your beloved stick-in-the-mud friend? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s the countdown to the most fun sign of the zodiac.

12. Capricorn

Capricorns are the most serious sign of all the zodiacs, and it really shows when it comes to fun settings like parties, bars, and concerts. Capricorns are always thinking, and it’s nearly impossible for them to shut their racing mind down, or even slow it, for the sake of fun.

Other pursuits, especially their careers, take priority. If you catch a Capricorn staring off into space at a fun event, it’s safe to assume that they are mentally working.

11. Virgo

While Virgos enjoy fun, they aren’t necessarily the best at showing it. They keep a calm, consistent, level mind, and don’t let the influence of high energy or free-flowing booze get to them. Through it all, they maintain their composure, never fully let go, and are simply there at the party for the experience.

You are most likely to spot the Virgo sitting off to the side, silently petting a cat or dog, happily taking their surroundings in.

10. Cancer

Cancers, honest and blunt people, still desperately want to be seen as fun. This can come off too strong, which some may find off-putting. Still, these natives are always up for adventure and spontaneity.

Cancers don’t care for idle gossip, small talk, or drama. They don’t tolerate rude conversations, even if those conversations are based on complete strangers. They aren’t afraid to call out problematic behavior and right the wrongs.

9. Taurus

These natives are naturally funny people, and bring great vibes wherever they may go. While they may occasionally crack a joke of their own, most of the time they prefer to listen and laugh instead. They are instinctively cautious but curious. It’s easy to flip the switch of a Taurus though. Once they are upset or irritated, they can quickly dampen the mood. Their energy is powerful and is not easily ignored.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are intense and passionate. This world is much more interactive and stimulating for them than it is for most. These natives think quickly on their feet, have keen street smarts, and have cunning sarcasm.

If they aren’t careful with their tone though, Scorpios can be hurtful. If their friend (or victim) decides to fire back, it’s game on for the Scorpio. They enjoy tormenting others and seeking revenge is like a fun party game for them.

7. Pisces

Pisces is the one who is most likely to lead a small, intimate group of friends down to the local bar’s happy hour, fun art exhibits or that new paintball field across town. They are great at setting the mood and finding the perfect location for fun to take place, but they won’t necessarily initiate it. Once the good times start to roll, Pisces is happy to ride along and occasionally contribute to the fun.

6. Leo

While Pisces sets the stage for the fun, Leo is the one under the spotlight who always brings the party.

Leo is charismatic, witty, charming, and adapts to flow with the energy of the room. They keep spirits high, and make all people involved feel as though they are part of something important, fun, and memorable at all times.

5. Aquarius

The Aquarians are perfect for keeping lulls in the conversation and low energy at bay. They always have fun and engaging talking points to bring up, and they love to be the quirky, oddball friend.

Even when these natives are stressed to the max, they know how to drop their guard at a moment’s notice and happily party with reckless abandon and pure joy. Aquarians are inspiring to watch, and even better to party alongside.

4. Gemini

These natural partiers are typically extroverted and love the waves of energy that wash over them in crowds. Geminis are perfect for impromptu trips, stand-up comedy, and quick wittiness.

Geminis love one-on-one conversations in high-energy spaces, especially at parties, bars, concerts, or even bustling coffee shops. They thrive off the surrounding exciting energy while making genuine connections with the person they are speaking to.

3. Libra

One of Libra’s worst nightmares is FOMO (the fear of missing out). This reveals itself in a big way when it comes to fun social settings. Libra doesn’t want to step away, even for a moment, for fear that they may miss out on fun or memorable moments. Still, Libras are some of the most fun signs of the zodiac. They are most likely to be the friend who encourages everyone to keep the fun rolling and stick around longer.

You may have met up with Libra for a quick brunch and mimosas, only for Libra to convince you to go to the zoo together, then take a walk in a park, hit up a dive bar, and then check out an evening band. It’s safe to say that Libras want to have full, fun-filled days that last as long as possible.

2. Sagittarius

These easy-going, super relaxed people make all places feel safe, welcoming, and adventurous in their own ways. Without their happy-go-lucky energy and instinctive desire to explore and bond, most outings would flop. Sagittarius doesn’t try to be the center of attention, they’re just happy to have personal one-on-one talks and make good conversations with kind strangers.

If you want to have a good day, it is best to have it in a one-on-one day with Sagittarius. These natives thrive in more intimate situations and do a much better job of bringing the fun in smaller group settings.

1. Aries

It’s no surprise that Aries topped our list for the most fun zodiac signs. These natives are adventurous, spontaneous, thrill-seekers who love to push others to try harder. Aries has immense levels of high energy. No matter their age or status, you can count on Aries to liven the setting up. Not only do Aries push themselves to explore life outside of their comfort zones, but they also influence and encourage others to embrace the unknown and try something new.

While it can be stressful or even upsetting for some to venture out into the world, Aries always does a fantastic job of keeping a level head, calming others, and keeping the fun vibes freely flowing.

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