Did you check out the popular Under Armour commercial by Misty Copeland, the unlikely ballerina of American Ballet Theater? Misty started her first ballet class at the age of 13 in spite of being rejected by ballet school. 13 sounds too old to start ballet, isn’t it? However, Misty did not give up. She instead worked hard, follow her dream and soar to become the second African-American soloist in American Ballet Theater’s history.

If you have the passion for ballet, it is never too late to start. Although most ballerinas start dancing at an early age, if you have the passion, as an adult, you are always welcomed to join an adult ballet class.

Feeling excited that your daughter or you yourself is joining ballet class for the first time? Wanna know what to prepare for the first class? Here, we have a list of 8 things to prepare for your first ballet class. The list of ballet essentials below is common for both adults and children. So you can either use it to prepare yourself or get them ready for your kids.

First Ballet Class: What to Prepare?

1.   Leotard
Leotard for girls, you can choose simple short sleeve leotard or tank leotard. Dance dress or tutu dress is also cute.

For adults, you can get a basic leotard or leotard with a beautiful pattern.

2.   Ballet Tights
Capezio tights are good quality tights that are flexible and stretchable. This tight is loved by many dancers because of its softness.

3.   Ballet Shoes
You will also need a pair of fitting shoes. For beginners, leather full sole ballet slippers are great. We recommend these 2 pairs of ballet slippers by popular ballet shoes maker, Bloch.

4.   Dance Shrug
For colder months, you might also need shrug for warm-up.

5.   Hair Accessories
In ballet class, teachers will require the students to keep their hair neat.

6.   Dance Bag

7.   Water Bottle
Water is important to help you stay hydrated.

8.   Towel
Ballet is exercise that use up a lot of energy. You will sweat and definitely need to bring a long a good absorbent towel.

That’s the list of 8 things to prepare for first ballet class. I hope this list is helpful for you who is starting ballet class. I wish you a happy dancing days ahead!

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