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Want to update your closet for Fall 2014? We have a set of awesome Fall outfits for teen girls here. These fashion items are cool, pretty and inexpensive.

Read on for Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens by Labitt.

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Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens
Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens

1.   Vintage Rose Knit Sweater
Stylish light sweater in apricot color. With roses print and cool ripped design. A lovely sweater for girls.

Vintage Flower Print Hollow Holes Sweater
Vintage Flower Print Hollow Holes Sweater

2.   Basic Cami
Underneath the sweater, you will need a cami or tube top. We recommend this seamless cami for layering. Red matches the apricot color. It creates a little bold and wild element under the sweet rose sweater.

Full Tilt Women's Essential Seamless Cami
Full Tilt Women’s Essential Seamless Cami

3.   Skinny Metallic Snake Print Jeans
This skinny jeans is perfect for teen girls. The color is cute with a little shine. The snake print design is also unique. Made from good quality fabric, it is comfy to wear for long hours.

WallFlower Juniors Skinny Jeans
WallFlower Juniors Skinny Jeans

4.   Retro Leather Canvas Messenger Bag
This is an amazing multipurpose bag that has classic old-school looks. Earth tone colors great for Fall. Made from leather and canvas. It is durable and has big capacity. A wonderful bag for school and other activities. Also available in grey, olive, khaki, orange and more.

Retro Leather Canvas Messenger Bag
Retro Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

5.   Boots
Teens fashion for Fall 2014. You don’t wanna miss this gorgeous ankle boots. Vibrant red, fabulous style. An eye-catching pair that teen girls will definitely love.

Red Bootie Boots
Red Bootie Boots

6.   Betsey Johnson “Heart Candy Boost” Candy Earrings
Sweet candy earrings with colorful beads filled hearts and sparkly stones.

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Betsey Johnson "Heart Candy Boost" Earrings
Betsey Johnson “Heart Candy Boost” Earrings

7.   Fringe Scarf
Scarf is important Fall fashion item. You will also need a beautiful scarf to keep you warm. We recommend this solid burgundy scarf. Simple and nice. Goes well with any outfits.

Solid Viscose Faringe Scarf
Solid Viscose Faringe Scarf

That’s the Fall Fashion Outfits for Teens that we love. What do you think?

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