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Are you curious to see how your zodiac sign falls on the emotional spectrum? You’ve come to the right place. We ranked all of the signs from the least to the most emotional and then offered up an explanation as to why that is. Read on to learn all about how each sign deals with their feelings.

Zodiac Emotional Ranking (Least To Most)

    1. Aries
    2. Aquarius
    3. Sagittarius
    4. Leo
    5. Capricorn
    6. Taurus
    7. Scorpio
    8. Libra
    9. Gemini
    10. Virgo
    11. Pisces
    12. Cancer

Least Emotional to Most Emotional Signs

Are you surprised by this ranking? Don’t worry; we’ll dig into the specifics of why we ranked these Zodiacs this way in further detail below.

#12 Virgo

Virgos are not the type to speak openly about their feelings or what bothers them. However, they do sort through their emotions internally and usually resort to healthy coping mechanisms to work through their troubles. Many times, they use exercise, artistic hobbies, or their careers’ latest projects to work things. They rarely need to speak to other people to identify and heal their emotional side. They are one of the few signs in the zodiac who are genuinely efficient at self-regulating their emotions.

#11 Aquarius- Detached, Apathetic People

Aquarians are so detached from their own feelings that they seemingly lack any amount of compassion or empathy. Aquarians are sometimes in such a deep state of denial that they even believe that they don’t even have emotions. These natives are all about logic and reasoning. They are the type to brainstorm over a solution rather than listen to (or dig around to find) their instincts. They also have little sense of empathy for others and find it unreasonable, unattractive, and unprofessional to show any signs of emotions or act on their feelings. It is rare for Aquarius to have an outburst, but when they do, just know that it is because Aquarius couldn’t contain their bottled-up emotions any longer. They will blame their freakouts on something else, but their unregulated emotions are almost always the culprit.

#10 Sagittarius- Self-Regulators Who Just Need a Confidant

Sagittarius is quite similar to Virgo; they are good at identifying, controlling, and then working through their emotions in a healthy way. The only difference between Sagittarius and Virgo is that Sagittarius needs a friend, family member, lover, or therapist to use to talk through their emotions. In a pinch, Sagittarius can try to sort through their feelings via work or hobbies, but this is not nearly as effective as confiding in another trusted person.

#9 Leo- Masked Feelings and Standoffish Behavior

While Leos have all the standard characteristics of a highly emotional person, they are able to rein in these traits with masking, quietness, and sometimes a tough (harsh) approach to life. Leos are not necessarily people-pleasers, but they do care a great deal about the presence and image they project. Being overly self-aware of how they look, and fearing that others will judge them for their thoughts or feelings, Leos have mastered the art of concealing themselves, keeping the conversation light, and even blocking themselves from ever feeling their own emotions. As children, Leos are not great at masking; this skill comes with age and experience.

#8 Capricorn- Highly Driven People With Little Time

Capricorn tries to be like Virgo, who is steadfast, quiet, and self-sufficient, but they just can’t quite pull it off. These natives have many great aspirations for themselves; they want to be successful in their career, a strong partner, and a committed, loving parent. They have so much they feel obligated to do, and sorting through their feelings isn’t near the top of their priority list. While they do a good job of concealing their emotions when it really counts, they will have the occasional meltdown in less professional or lower-stakes situations. It is also important to note that while Capricorn thinks that they do what they do out of obligation and to better themselves, their actions are usually motivated by love for another person, or love for a group of people (such as their family).

#7 Taurus- Controlled Highs and Lows

Taurus is a tricky sign to rank when it comes to emotions. On the one hand, they are incredibly skilled at concealing their emotions when they need to. They never have uncontrolled or surprising outbursts in public. On the other hand, though, when Taurus gets home after an especially taxing day, they will likely have a complete meltdown, filled with ugly crying, some yelling, or even unexpected coping mechanisms. Depending on the situation, Taurus may work through their feelings by baking a dozen batches of cookies (and later cheerfully giving them away to coworkers or neighbors), hatefully screaming into a pillow, or taking an intense CrossFit class to work through rage, hurt, or emotional pain. Regardless, Taurus is in control in public and yet somehow still in control, even in the midst of a private breakdown.

#6 Scorpio- Emotionally Intelligent Water Signs

While we did not rank Scorpios as one of the most sensitive signs, we firmly believe that they have high emotional intelligence (EQ) and have the gift of intuition. These natives are in control of their thoughts and emotions, though, and are much less expressive than their fellow water signs. They have many strong emotions inside, but they are grounded people who can logically talk themselves through these intense feelings. If a Scorpio ever has an outburst, it’s rarely due to emotions; a Scorpio’s rare explosion is most likely caused by overstimulation paired with no way to regulate or escape the situation.

#5 Libra- The Balancing Act

True to their nature of balancing the scales, Libra will wage a full-on war with themselves to avoid being outwardly emotional. Their emotions rarely show themselves as yelling or full meltdowns but appear in the form of self-destructive behavior, periods of hiding from the world, and then times where they act manic, not needing to eat or sleep. At the same time, they work themselves to the bone in the name of progress.

#4 Gemini- A Happy Comedian Facade

Geminis rarely feel comfortable outwardly expressing their emotions. Instead, they tend to use humor as a coping and commutative vehicle. The world is an intense place for them, and they are constantly analyzing their surroundings, stressing about what-if scenarios, and seeing the worse in situations. Few people notice these traits in Gemini, though, because these natives are experts at casting a carefree, lighthearted vibe to disguise the turmoil and unrest that boils inside them. Geminis desperately need a close friend or lover to confide in, who sees past their happy-go-lucky facade and will help them work through their feelings. Thankfully, Geminis are receptive to this help and are very willing to reciprocate and help the other person work through their emotions.

#3 Aries- Raging Outbursts

Aries are known for their short tempers and lack of emotional regulation. Unlike Pisces, these intense waves of emotion are not beneficial (at all) for Aries. These natives are impulsive, impatient, highly competitive, and also combative. It’s no surprise then that they can act wild and seemingly lose all control in a fit of rage. They do not feel responsible for this anger and instead believe that it is everyone else’s responsibility not to upset them, rather than their own responsibility to regulate their emotions. Some Aries even go so far as to believe that anger isn’t an emotion.

#2 Pisces- Intuitive Humanitarians

On par with the water signs, Pisces are intuitive people who are highly in touch with their own emotions, as well as all the outside emotions that surround them. These natives feel a strong obligation to tend to others’ emotional needs, which is exhausting and leads to their own dysregulation. They are overwhelmed easily, and when this happens, their emotions are all over the place and completely out of their control. Still, these natives have an excellent sense of emotional intelligence, and their introspective tendencies are some of their greatest strengths.

#1 Cancer- Overthinkers Who Still Lead With Their Feelings

Cancers, much like Pisces, are open, honest, loving people who thrive off the good energies of others. Unfortunately, they are equally susceptible to suffering from any bad emotions that may linger nearby too. A Cancer’s life has a rollercoaster ride of emotions with incredibly high highs and devastatingly low lows. They overthink almost every aspect of their lives, leading to stress and anxiety. Overthinking becomes overwhelming, so they usually cast all their thoughts aside and go with their emotions when it’s time to make decisions. Going with their gut can be beneficial at times and detrimental at others. Cancers are definitely the most sensitive of all the Zodiac signs.

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