Who are the most egalitarian astrological signs? In this ranking, we will put all twelve zodiac signs under the magnifying glass and find out their attitude toward egalitarianism.

egalitarian zodiac signs

Fairness and equality are essential components of a functioning society; having people who deeply value equal rights is key to a happy and balanced community. Identifying the people who respect and also work to uphold fairness is essential. These are the ones who should have the most power because they are less likely to be corrupted or intentionally harm others. Here they are, ranked from the least to the most egalitarian.

Zodiac Egalitarian Ranking (Least to Most)

  1. Taurus
  2. Sagittarius
  3. Leo
  4. Aries
  5. Cancer
  6. Capricorn
  7. Pisces
  8. Gemini
  9. Aquarius
  10. Virgo
  11. Scorpio
  12. Libra

Least Egalitarian to Most Egalitarian Signs

12. Taurus

Taurus is usually a fair-minded and level-headed person, that is, until money gets involved. For a Taurus, money is everything because it leads to power, status, luxury, security, and comfort. They are unwilling to let money slip away from them, and because of this, they will take dangerous, immoral, and exploitative measures to acquire and keep their finances in tip-top shape. They also place high importance on providing for their families; there is never enough money for a Taurus, and they will always want more for themselves and for their loved ones. They are dangerous people who will disregard morals and values for the sake of cash.

11. Sagittarius

Sagittarius desperately wants to be loved, respected, and successful. They have a moral compass, and they want to follow it, but ultimately, these other goals stand in the way of equality. They are quick and clever people too, so it is easy for them to manipulate, control, pressure, and twist logic to get what they want. These natives crave power, and so they find satisfaction in controlling and overpowering other people.

10. Leo

While Leos deeply care about equality and balance in the world, they even more strongly desire to be number one. These natives feel so strongly that they are the most important people, and they strongly feel entitled to everything. They do not intend harm, but they can cause a great deal of it on their path to greatness. While their ego and self-confidence is one of their great strengths, it can also be one of their downfalls.

9. Scorpio

Scorpios are well aware of what’s right and wrong, they do see in black and white. Unfortunately for everyone else, Scorpios use their knowledge to manipulate, bully, pressure, and use loopholes to get whatever they want. What’s most scary about Scorpios is how well they can finesse others. Many of the people they use or manipulate never even know what Scorpio was up to. These are sneaky signs who are clever enough to avoid trouble while secretly causing lots of issues.

8. Cancer

When Cancer sets their sights on something, anyone and anything standing in their path is in great danger. They are completely okay with playing dirty, and they don’t mind hurting a few people to get what they want. Cancers do not hurt others for the joy of it. They don’t like hurting others, but at the same time, they don’t mind sacrificing others. They usually feel some guilt in the process, but it is rarely enough to make them stop what they’re doing.

7. Capricorn

Capricorns really prioritize themselves over others, especially in professional settings, such as their careers or organizations.

They will never intentionally hurt another person, but they are okay with some light lying, cheating, or stealing to better themselves. While they prefer to do things by the books, they will also do whatever it takes if the lawful and just way isn’t successful. They desperately want the upper hand, and few obstacles are too immoral for them not to pursue what they want.

6. Pisces

Pisces doesn’t always work in the most honest, upstanding ways.

While they want equality and a fair society, they don’t like failing or not being the priority. In some instances, Pisces is willing to lie, manipulate, or exaggerate to get their way. Their favorite way to get the upper hand is through emotional manipulation and crocodile tears. They are professional pity party planners and use the sympathy of others to advance their personal agendas.

5. Gemini

Geminis want to do the right thing, but what is the most equal and can just feel very subjective and confusing for them. It’s not that they don’t want to walk the line; it’s just that the world doesn’t feel as black and white to them, everything is more greyscale and confusing. It’s also somewhat easy for these kind but gullible people to be influenced by their friends and family. A persuasive speech can drastically change their opinions. Geminis also have many people-pleasing traits, so overall; they are a confused and easily upset mess when it comes to fairness.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius wants to live in a kind and balanced society. They feel that the major laws and processes are in place for a good reason and should be respected. They can act as whistleblowers and activists because they do care.

Still, these natives are okay with minor acts of rule-breaking and will turn a blind eye when they feel it is necessary.

3. Virgo

Virgos aren’t afraid to call out friends, family members, or even those with more influence or authority when injustice happens. Virgos do not tolerate racism, sexism, transphobia, ageism, sexism, or any other unkindness or unreasonable treatment of another human. They will not stay silent to keep the peace, and no one is exempt from their ruthless warpath to equality and justice.

2. Aries

Aries isn’t perfect, but these natives really don’t like cheaters, nor do they tolerate unfairness or unjust actions.

Aries won’t always go out of their way to intercept inequality, but they will speak up and stand up if unfairness is happening close to them.

1. Libra

Libras are known for their equality-seeking ways and ability to view any situation with nearly zero bias; they are the most egalitarian sign of the zodiac.

Libras seek justice almost to a fault, they cannot make exceptions, and they don’t mind holding themselves back if it means fairness or a benefit for the greater good. Libras are simply incapable of using other people or treating others poorly. Injustice is deeply unsettling to them, and while they aren’t likely to seek positions of power, they are highly likely to become vocal activists, despite hating confrontation. Their purpose in life is to make the world a better, fairer, more equal place to live.

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