Are you looking for basket ideas that teen girls would like to have as a gift for Easter Day? We have a list of 7 awesome Easter basket ideas for teen girls here. Ranging from jewelry to electronics to books, these gifts are loved by tween and teen girls.

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Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Girls

Best Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Teenage Girls

1.   “Enchanted Forest” Blue Bunny Necklace by Mercedes Salazar

For teen girl’s Easter basket, you can get Easter-theme jewelry. We love this bunny necklace. It has whimsical, one of a kind style. This handmade necklace looks stylish to wear with any casual or dressy attire.

2.   Edge Blendable Hair Color Chalk 

She will like this temporary hair coloring chalk if she loves playing with different hairstyles. A box of 6 bright colored chalks with sparkles. Provides lots of fun from changing hair color to creating stunning new look.

This hair chalk is easy to apply. Just glide, rub the chalk onto your hair and ta-da cool-looking color on your hair.

3.   Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera 

Teen girls will be super thrilled to receive this camera. Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera that prints out photo instantly. New limited edition raspberry red model. It is lighter and easier to carry around. Features automatic light adjustment, real image finder with target spot. This camera is handy and fun to use. It gonna be a big hit among the girls.

Also comes with a selfie mirror fits for girls who like to take selfie.

4.   TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Mist

Skincare and makeup are great Easter basket ideas for teen girls. This facial moist mist makes a wonderful gift. Its cute bunny packaging is perfect for Easter, and it is great to use in hot summer days. It is refreshing and hydrating for the skin. Compact size for easy storing in bag. Spray it onto face anytime, anywhere and it will leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and moisturized.

5.  Good Book

Good book is another good Easter gift. For teenagers, we recommend the 2 books below.

a.   How to Win Friends and Influence People for Teen Girls

An interesting self-help book to guide tween and teen girls for better communication. Covers advice on how to improve socializing skill, interact better with peers, win friends and gain popularity in school.

b.   The Secret to Teen Power 

Another excellent book for teens. This book talks about the law of attraction in relation to teen issues such as friends and relationships, schoolwork, and self-image. Informative and insightful. It inspire the young people to understand and use the power they have in their hands to improve their own lives and achieving their dreams.

6.   Bath Bomb Gift Set 

Set of 6 colorful bath bomb that looks like Easter eggs. Made with ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter that are nourishing to the skin. These bath bombs are infused with lovely scented essential oils. Your girl will certainly enjoy the heavenly smell and the silky smooth skin.

7.   Cartoon 3D Messenger Bag

The last item in our list of Easter basket for teen girls. An eye-catching bag that looks extremely cool. 3D, cartoon-like vibrant design.  It makes you look like you are popping out from a comic book.

That’s the 7 ideas for you to build your teen girl’s Easter basket. Have a happy Easter!

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