Which astrological signs are the biggest dreamers? In this article, we will examine all twelve zodiac signs under the microscope and rank them according to how likely they are to be a dreamer.

dreamer zodiac signs

The Zodiacs may reside in the stars, but that doesn’t mean all their heads are in the clouds. Some like to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground while others seem to wander and constantly frolic amongst their thoughts and dreams. Here’s a comprehensive and detailed list of which Zodiacs spend their days doodling dream lives while others seem to rather rip the pages out of their notebooks.

We have ranked the Zodiacs from the least to the most likely to be a dreamer. Let’s dive right in!

Zodiac Dreamer Ranking (Least to Most Likely)

  1. Capricorn
  2. Taurus
  3. Scorpio
  4. Virgo
  5. Aquarius
  6. Libra
  7. Leo
  8. Sagittarius
  9. Aries
  10. Cancer
  11. Gemini
  12. Pisces

Zodiac Signs that Are the Biggest Dreamers

You’ve got the list but now it’s time to find out why! It may or may not be exactly what you expect but we’ll get into why we’ve got them listed in this order.

12. Capricorn

Oh, Capricorn. The definition of pragmatic. You won’t come across another sign with their feet more firmly planted into the ground. Capricorn is natally ruled by Saturn and loves to give a reality check any chance they get. Their minds are solely focused on the here and now; so, they don’t have a lot of time to daydream. Their goals may seem unattainable to others, but they’re sure-footed and guaranteed to get where they’re going. Even if they tend to shred everyone else’s wants and needs in the process.

11. Taurus

The only thing Taurus is dreaming about is their next vacation. They work hard but relax even harder. Taurus is renowned for their hold on all things tangible and doesn’t waste their time being focused on what’s not in the here and now. That’s the bread and butter of being a fixed Earth sign. Taurus isn’t as pragmatic as Capricorn, seeing as they’re ruled by Venus. They may get lost when they’re outside of their day-to-day life, but they do like keeping a nice hold on reality.

10. Scorpio

Scorpio rings in at number 10; Scorpio may not be the dreamy type, but they can definitely get delusional. They’re Taurus’ sister sign and ruled by Mars and Pluto. They have a similar grip on reality as Taurus until infatuation walks onto the scene. All bets are off at that point. Once they’ve got their claws into someone, they’re relentless and spend all of their free time wondering about what “could be”. Outside of that, they’re ambitious and dedicated to the world around them and relatively in touch with reality. They simply love to be obsessed with someone.

9. Virgo

This is where creativity comes into play. Virgos are highly intelligent individuals and, like their Pisces counterparts, love to get creative when they find their expertise. All the Earth signs reside near the beginning of this list because they put value on the tangible. The neat thing about Virgo is their mutability. They may be keen on structure, but that derives from a foundation that can be easily molded. Virgo is very much like clay waiting to be shaped into a masterpiece; they’ll lean into their dreams and let them take them anywhere.

8. Aquarius

Aquarius could be placed a little higher on this list but they’re just cold enough to stay at number 8. Aquarius is an air sign that is heavily influenced by the intellect and the community around them. They can be very sober individuals when heavily influenced by other placements in their natal charts (e.g. Earth placements, specifically). Otherwise, when heavily influenced by water placements, they can be a smidge out of touch with reality. Their minds are limitless but they often stay contained by their immediate surroundings.

7. Libra

The flip side of Venus is Libra. Libra is a cardinal air sign that can be swept up by other people’s fantasies. If they find themselves out of balance, they can teeter on the side of delusion. A Libra who is not in check can lose themselves in the opinions of others and go overboard with fitting into someone else’s perception of them.

6. Leo

The shining star of the Zodiac, Leo loves to be loved. Their hyper-fixation of themselves sometimes leaves them a little out of touch. But, if you were that cool, wouldn’t you want to stroll in the clouds too? Leo sometimes gets so rooted in their persona that they can ignore the present moment. This leads to ignoring important relationships, exaggerations, and more.

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the king of saying “bye!” to responsibility. They can be so tightly wound in their own little worlds that they forget about everyone else’s. They place a hyper-importance on their plans and don’t mind hurting anyone else’s feelings in the process, though maybe they just don’t realize it?

4. Aries

It’s no coincidence that all three fire signs are in line on this list… and close to the top. They have a bad tendency of not being self-aware. It’s not always intentional! Aries is probably the “worst” with that bad habit. They can carry a juvenile demeanor and often let it take the lead with their emotions. Aries gets wound up by circumstances that they often look past the truth to play their own narrative.

3. Cancer

Cancer is depicted as a crab for a very good reason. Why come out of your rose-colored shell to face the facts? It’s nice and cozy in your little corner of the world. Cancers are ruled by the moon and are highly intuitive beings. It’s easy for them to not only manipulate other people but also themselves.

2. Gemini

Cancer may be a master manipulator, but the Moon is no match for Mercury when it comes to the lies that roll off a Gemini’s tongue. They can so easily ignore the facts of a situation and fabricate a story so grand that you wouldn’t believe the truth. They’re naturally very creative, social, and intellectual beings. When all of that is folded together and not used properly, Gemini can forget where they’re at. They’re so focused on having fun and learning every little thing that they forget about… every little thing.

1. Pisces

Pisces is stuck so far out in the left-field they don’t even realize the game is going on. It seems nice, doesn’t it? Pisces loves to dissociate, especially with art, literature, or really anything they can dive into. They’re notorious for mentally walking off in conversation to go on their own mental adventures. You’d think they were really living on Neptune! They deep dive into their passions and spend their days dreaming of doing anything else but engaging with the present moment. If you’re ready to get lost in a world that’s not your own, track down your favorite Pisces and get lost.


The variety and differences between zodiac signs are simply fascinating. It’s so rewarding to look into each of these signs and their accompanying personalities to see why they are the way that they are. What do you think? Was your sign ranked appropriately?

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