Probably the greatest list of unique adult pool floats yet. In this blog post, discover 30 super cool, super awesome pool floats that are swan, pizza, pineapple, and other … stuff that is beyond your wildest imagination.

Cool summer pool floats for adults and teens

Do you notice that the sun is burning hot recently? If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s summertime! Or soon to be summertime, depending on when are you reading this. Sometimes it feels so hot that I found my mind slowly drifting to a tropical beach while I’m at my desk working. Well, I guess the only way to combat this heat is to jump straight into the pool. But that can’t be it. Just you and your swimsuit? That is so… boring! You need a unicorn to spice things up. What unicorn you ask? A unicorn pool float of course! Or maybe a banana, or a cow, or a UFO.

Not sure where to find them? No problem, because… I have rounded up a list of 30 colorful and cute inflatable pool floats that you will absolutely love and adore. These floats are stylish and have playful designs that are picture-perfect. The perfect match for a cool chick (or guy) like you! They will definitely bring more fun for the next pool parties or any day in the sun.

Check it out now! 30 pool floats every girl needs and loves.

Animal Pool Floats

Let’s start with these adorable creatures that you wanna ride on.

1. Pretty Pink Flamingo Float

2. Unicorn of The Sea Narwhal Whale Pool Float

Featuring narwhal aka the sea unicorn.

3. Glamorous Gold Swan Pool Float for Adults

4. Mermaid Tail Float for Mermaid Lovers

5. Graceful Peacock Pool Float for Adults

6. Magical Purple Unicorn Pool Float

7. Sea Turtle Raft

8. Silly Rubber Duckie Adult Pool Float

Fruity Sensation Adult Pool Floats

9. Pineapple Raft

10. Sweet Strawberry Red Pool Float with White Dots

11. Cherry Adult-Sized Swim Tube

12. Watermelon Pool Float with Seed and Everything

13. Tropical-Feel Pineapple Pool Float

Yummy Food Adult Pool Floats

Includes food, snacks, sweet treats, and drinks.

14. Lollipop Explosion Teen Pool Float

15. Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float for Pizza Lovers

16. Cheers and Bubbles – Champagne Bubbly Wine Lover

17. Popcorn – Movie Lovers

18. Swirl Ice Cream

19. Hot Dog Pool Raft

20. Green Gummy Bear 

21. Jumbo Pink Donut Cute Pool Float

22. Pretzel Swim Fun Float

Other Cool Pool Float

23. Cactus with Flower Pool Float for Succulent Plant Lovers

24. Pool Float with Pink Emoji Poop

Say goodbye to bad days with this glamorous poop emoji.

25. Seashell Lounge Ride On

26. Say I Love You with a Big Heart 

27. Colorful Rainbow Pool Float

28. Retro Lip Pool Float

Inflatable Drink Holder

Not exactly a pool float that you can sit on, but it does look amazing and floats on water. So there’s that.

29. Unicorn Pool Floating Drink Holder

30. Palm Island Floating Cup Holder

That’s my list of Top 30 stylish pool floats for summer. Hurry up and get one to float on before the weather turns cold again.

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