Are you looking for some cool gift ideas for your dad this Christmas? Well look no further! We’ve got some really nice Christmas gift ideas below that will help provide some inspiration. Check it out now.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

It’s always so difficult each year to find something new and inspiring to get your Dad for Christmas. Some Dads have it all, while others are never pleased with anything you buy. This year, rock his socks off with your amazing gift. Check out this list of guaranteed Dad-pleasers.
1. Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera

Just because he’s your Dad, doesn’t mean that he isn’t a bit of a big kid on the inside. Bring out the child in your Dad this year by gifting him a drone. It’s a big boy toy, for sure, and he’s going to love taking it out into the yard to cruise it around. Just don’t be unwilling to climb up into the neighbor’s trees when he gets it stuck up there. Seriously.
2. Quirky Yet Functional Eyeglasses Holder

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Is your Dad one of those guys who is constantly losing his glasses? Does he ask you where his glasses are when they’re sitting right atop his head? This classy wooden eyeglasses holder will not only look great in his study, but it will help him to keep up with his glasses. Seeing is rather important, you know!
3. Funny Dad Shirt

Cute shirt for the greatest farter in your house. Oops! typo.. it actually mean father. Hilarious and fun. Dad will laugh out loud for sure!
3. Deluxe Walk-In Greenhouse

If your Dad loves gardening, he will absolutely die when he sees this amazing walk-in greenhouse that you’re going to gift him this Christmas. This greenhouse is ideal for displaying plants in full sun to help them germinate in the spring and grow later into the fall. Say hello to garden fresh veggies for the upcoming summer!
4. Toothpaste Tube Wringer

Is your Dad OCD? Or is he merely obsessed with tidiness? Either way, this toothpaste tube wringer is going to make the perfect (and most unexpected) stocking stuffer for your Dad this Christmas. Bonus: It doesn’t just work with toothpaste. It works with anything like tubes of paint, or medications. Now your Dad can wring the last drop out of any of his liquid items!
5. Beer Brewing Kit

Your Dad is going to have so much fun brewing his own beer this new year. With this beer brewing kit, he’ll be able to brew batches of 5 gallons each. That’s enough for the whole family to enjoy! The family that drinks together, stays together, you know.
6. Merino Wool Hiking Socks

These super warm thermal hiking socks are made from 70% merino wool. That means that they’re warm, but not too scratchy. Perfection for your feet! If your Dad complains of cold feet during the winter, or he likes hiking on wintery days, this 4-pack of socks will make a great Christmas gift for this year. Bonus: The yarn is anti-odor. The gift for the whole family!
7. Coach Leather Passport Case

Does your Dad travel frequently? Is he a businessman or a big-time tourist? Either way he’ll love this stylish and sleek 100% leather passport holder by Coach. This classy brand will show your Dad that you really care to spend a little extra on him this holiday season.
8. Bowtie and Necktie Set

This set includes a necktie, bowtie and a clip. Your Dad will look super dapper on those special occasions and he’ll think of you and your kindness when he puts on this tie or bowtie. In a stylish gray, this set goes with everything.
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