How do you tell if a Capricorn man is jealous? In this article, we are going to examine how will the Capricorn man behave when he’s jealous. Read on to find out now.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19th) is ruled by Saturn, so it’s not surprising to find Capricorn men being stubborn and overly serious. As an Earth sign, he also craves security and safety for himself and anyone in his intimate circle. When you gaze at a Capricorn man, there’s something rugged like the mountains there. Mr. Capricorn is assertive, charming, and remarkably smart. Career, money, and success are his tripod. This guy will likely be an over-achiever, which means it may be hard to get his attention.

The idea of risk doesn’t really fall into Capricorn’s playbook. He’s looking for a partner who checks all the boxes, two of which are loyalty and devotion. His shortcoming is the inability to really express how he feels. Opening up is a long process. A great deal of this hesitation is because he wants the RIGHT mate, not just anyone who’s close to filling the job. If you’re someone who enjoys extensive PDA’s this guy isn’t for you. His language of love is service, not hand holding and smooching.

Once Mr. Capricorn is in love, he will express that in the bedroom. He wants you to be fulfilled and happy, too. The intimacy is somewhat remarkable when outside this space, he’s so reserved. Within the sacred space of lovemaking, there is no hurrying. You can help inspire his creativity, however, as sometimes his approach is practical.

People in this man’s life find him to be dependable and generous. If someone presents him with an idea that has solid foundations, he’ll act on it. Wasting time and energy is something he detests. He knows if something seems too good to be true, it most likely isn’t true. 

Signs a Capricorn Man is Jealous

Because he keeps things pretty tight to his chest, it may prove difficult to know if your Capricorn man is jealous. There are some signs for which to watch, however.

1. He becomes more serious than usual

Mr. Capricorn will turn his expectations button to high if he’s jealous. He’s always looked toward a sensible, forward progression, but now it seems more important than ever. He’ll question where your relationship is headed and whether it’s the right “one.”

2. He becomes distant

Now, this guy doesn’t show much in public anyway. Nonetheless, the cold shoulder is hard to miss. He’s set in his ways and sometimes sees life through very dark glasses. He seeks resolution, but that gives him plenty of space for brooding. As a result, his jealousy could lead to some brutal confrontations.

3. A sit-down discussion

Men born under this sign dislike feeling that you’re playing a game. Once jealousy starts forming, he may want to sit down with you and discuss the problems in your relationship. He may come right out and accuse you of cheating. Take this seriously and be honest, or you may lose him. 

4. Controlling behavior

Like most people, Mr. Capricorn wants things to go his way. But when they don’t, and he becomes suspicious, he may try to control your comings and goings. He will try to be subtle about it, but it’s so out of character that you’ll likely spot it on day one.

5. Appearing where you are unexpectedly

A surprise from time to time is nice, however, when this happens more than once, your Capricorn man is likely jealous. He probably checked your phone or social media posts to figure out your location.

6. Check up calls

Where your workaholic partner might not normally call you during the day, all of a sudden, he’s calling two or three times. He’ll make it seem perfectly practical, like asking if you need anything from the store. Then later, asking about something you told him (he “forgot” the details).

7. Hovering

If you’re in the kitchen, he wants to help. If you step outside for some air, he’ll join you. It’s like having a puppy at your heels, which can quickly become annoying. Jealous or not, you have a right to personal space, even if cohabitating.

Why is your Capricorn Man Trying to Make you Jealous?

The workings of the heart are often confusing and confounding. Why would your Capricorn want to make you jealous? The first possibility is that he doesn’t feel like you’re giving him enough attention. If you’re jealous, you might work harder at keeping your relationship special.

If this person has been betrayed in the past, he may want to make you jealous to test the waters. He’s projecting past experiences in your direction. That betrayed love left him feeling vulnerable and clingy.

Alternatively, Mr. Capricorn may feel wholly out of control. There’s been a whirlwind of activity in your lives, including new people. He may consider some of them a threat. He doesn’t want to lose you. Do something that reassures him, like asking him to plan a special event for just the two of you.

Another reason the Capricorn Man may try to make you jealous is because of his own insecurity. You haven’t done anything wrong. Rather, he spiraled into anxiety and self-doubt that manifests as jealousy. He needs to know he’s still relevant in your life.

How to Make Your Capricorn Man Jealous

Jealousy is complex and often hurtful to your relationship. So consider the whys of wanting to make your Capricorn man jealous before jumping in with both feet.

The primary way of making Mr. Capricorn jealous is giving your attention to someone else. Take up a conversation with someone while you are both at a party, leaving him to fend for himself. Bear in mind, there is a fine line here. If you take it too far, he may simply leave the relationship. This holds true for spending time with people other than him and asking someone other than him for help.

In conversations, bring up people you have an innocent crush on. Talk of a TV celebrity and how you admire their personality or image. This will lead him to personal reflection and a flash of jealousy.

Finally, make him wait. If he sends you a text, for example, tell him you’ll reply later. Make “later” the next day.