If you have a Cancer man in your life (June 22-July22), you’re lucky, indeed. Cancers are known for commitment, devotion, and the desire to protect those in their inner circle. Friends and life partners alike benefit from his demeanor. While ambitious and stubborn, his loving nature comes through in mindful words and actions.

Mind you, don’t expect a lot of PDA (public displays of affection) from your Cancer man. They don’t open up easily. Some of their personal life when it comes to relationship stays silent. Don’t be insulted by this. Cancer is very sensitive, so they hide their feelings in self-defense.

The Cancer man is inclined toward jealousy, particularly when he feels insecure in his relationship. They value your devotion and truly want the “ever after” scenario. Sometimes the jealousy becomes resentment. If the Cancer man is sure of betrayal, there will never be forgiveness.

You may find your Cancer becoming, well, crabby! They sometimes fall into a needy spot and start treating you like a possession. In such moments, they don’t realize the damage they may be causing. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open and clear. Where some other signs might object to ongoing text messages, Cancer loves them. Your attention supports self-confidence.

Signs A Cancer Man is Jealous

Cancers can be hard to read sometimes, but there are signs that your Cancer man is feeling jealous.

1. He retreats into his shell

He feels vulnerable and uncertain. His mind is reeling with the “what ifs.” Betrayal, real or imagined, feels like a deep cut that won’t stop bleeding. Moving into himself and creating distance gives him a sense of safety. He can be alone with his thoughts. More importantly, it is a space in which he escapes perceived toxicity.

Sometimes, this time results in soulful meditation wherein he may discover his conclusion was wrong. No matter what, the sudden approval for giving you some personal space is a huge red flag.

2. He uses his pinchers for an attack

Pinchers, in this case his words and actions, are the Crab’s first line of defense. He will go for your known buttons and push them with full force. His anger is visceral, cruel, and sarcastic. The more he feels wronged, the worse it becomes. See, the Cancer man wants you to feel what he’s feeling-his pain. And while he won’t get physical, this is not a pretty time in your relationship. In this situation, you might do well to take some alone time yourself to recover.

3. He runs on silent mode

Should a Cancer man stops communicating or gives short, abrupt replies, he’s overthinking things. As time allows, he collects whatever evidence he can, then examines everything in order to come to a conclusion. Afterward comes the inevitable conversation. He will confront you, but at least you’ll understand his reasons for feeling jealous.

4. He turns to passive-aggressive coping

When the Crab has an itch they can’t seem to scratch, they turn to clever ways of checking up on you. For example, he may use social media by “friending” people who he feels may give him the clues he needs. When you’re not looking, he may check your cell phone. The Cancer man may go so far as to keep notes on your comings and goings.

5. He becomes very needy

If your Cancer man feels jealous he’s going to want 100 percent of your attention. If you have plans alone, he will try and convince you to change them in favor of a “date night.” When you are out together, he’ll hold you closer than usual. If he thinks anyone is insulting you or slighting you, that individual will hear about it in spades.

Why is the Cancer Man Trying to Make me Jealous?

First, you must remember that Cancers are natural flirts. So stop and consider if this is just his natural behavior or something more. If he’s obviously making a show of it when you’re nearby, then something else is afoot. He may want to elicit a merry chase with you. Something playful, romantic, and arousing.

Most often the reason this gentleman is trying to make you jealous is his own sense of insecurity. Something’s happened and it bruised his self-confidence. In this situation, he needs your jealousy (even if you just pretend). It makes him feel attractive and worthy to fight for. Playing hard to get isn’t just a woman’s purview.

While it might sound contrary, another reason your Cancer man may try to make you jealous is because he fears rejection. He wants you to become the torchbearer and make the first move. He wants to see your interest. Remember that the sign of the Crab does have a shy and reserved aspect to it.

How to Make a Cancer Man Jealous

If you’re trying to make your Cancer man jealous, there are several ways to go about it. First, stop telling him about your feelings. Cancers are emotional, and he loves to talk about emotions with you, not only his but yours. This is how he builds connection, and when you tell him intimate things he becomes your confidant. So, when you want nothing to do with such discussions, he’ll wonder if you’ve found someone else in whom to confide.

Keep your replies to questions short. If you’re incredibly happy about something, pick up the phone and tell your best friend first. It will drive him crazy.

Another approach is being secretive. The Cancer man is often mysterious, but they will want to share secrets with you and expect the same in return. If you act like you are hiding something it will poke the green-eyed monster within. Go on an errand and don’t say where you’re heading, for example, and don’t ask him to come along.

Third, avoid giving him a lot of attention. He wants to be close to you and feel like the center of your universe. Instead of answering those texts right away, wait a few hours. If he’s asking about plans for the night, put him off. Since he’s prone to insecurity, and hates being ignored, this is the perfect stew for summoning jealousy.