Find out what types of gifts should you get for someone who has just become a new dad. In this gift guide dedicated to first-time dads, you’ll find unique and sentimental gift ideas to celebrate their promotion from dude to dad.

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Gifts for New Dad

From a Dude to a Dad: New Dad Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Occasion

Are you shopping for a gift for someone who is going to become a dad? Becoming a father is a precious moment in life truly worth celebrating. In this gift guide, we have rounded up some pretty cool gifts for new dads you can get some inspiration from. This list covers everything from sentimental ideas to humorous ideas. Read it now.

1. Be Prepared – Fatherhood 101 Book

A must-have manual for guys entering fatherhood. This book is packed with helpful info, no-nonsense advice, MacGyver-esque tips and tricks for mastering the new life as a dad. Written with a wry sense of humor with the help of diagrams, colorful artworks, and care instructions. This book will help prepare the new dads to adjust well to his new role.

be prepared. book with helpful tips for new dads.
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2. Willow Tree Our Gift Figurine

This beautiful figurine by Willow Tree is one of the best gifts for new dads. Designed and carved by American artist Susan Lordi. This figurine is of sentiment, pleasing, nature-tone colors. It depicts the wonderful moment of new parents holding their newborn. The parents and newborn’s intimacy depicted by the figure eternalize the love between them.

willow tree our gift figurine. sentimental new dad gift.
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3. Happy First Father’s Day Bodysuit

A thoughtful idea that will surely bring a smile to the new dad. Celebrate his first Father’s Day by dressing up the newborn in this bodysuit and let him/ her wish the daddy a happy first Father’s Day.

happy first father's day bodysuit. funny dad gift.
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4. New Dad SuperPower Travel Mug

Life will be busy when there is a little human at home. Sleep-deprived new dads will probably need much caffeine. Get him this fine-looking insulated tumbler for him to carry his coffee with him when he is on the go, or try to avoid getting his coffee spilled at home by the b-a-b-y. Elegant bamboo exterior, double-walled stainless-steel interior, spill-proof lid. The bamboo travel mug will keep beverages warm for long hours.

new dad superpower travel mug
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5. “Hello My NEW Name Is Daddy”

A new mug to fit his new role. Kick start each day by enjoying his favorite coffee in this mug. This mug carries a message that tells everyone that you are a new dad. It is made of ceramic, painted with chalkboard black and teal. It reads “Hello. My new name is daddy” on the mug.

dad mug. great gift for new dad.
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6. Daddy and Baby Matching T-Shirt and Onesie Set

Matching outfits for the daddy and the little one. Simple design, whimsy statement. This father-son / father-daughter team will look super adorable!

matching t-shirt and onesie set. great daddy baby gift.
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7. Funny Pacifier Set

A set of two really cute pacifiers that will make everyone laugh. Warn off the pacifier thief. Orthodontic shaped teat made from silicone with extra large ventilation holes. Whimsy baby shower gift that parents will definitely love!

funny pacifier set for baby and new dad.
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8. Men’s “Tactical” Diaper Bag
Diaper bag designed for dad. Manly, stylish, functional. Tough heavy duty fabric, multiple pockets to keep all of your baby gear. This bag has roomy main compartment provides generous and secure storage for several diapers and wipes. The exterior pockets fit extra food, creams, pacifiers and more. The concealed back pocket with zipper closure is perfect for all your protection needs such as a changing pad.

men’s “tactical” diaper bag
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9. 2-in-1 Memory Book & Baby Document Briefcase
Keep all your important memories with the baby organized and secured with this convenient document briefcase. You can also use it to keep baby’s important documents neatly in one place. No more separate folders to keep insurance, vaccination records, hospital notes, daycare receipts, and warranties papers of baby equipment. New parents will definitely appreciate such a neat gift.

This organizer briefcase comes with a lovely memory book to keep records of the new (and tiny) family member’s milestones. It has spaces for keeping precious photos and note section for parents to record their special moments.

baby organizer -- great baby shower gift
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Unique Gifts for New Dads

10. Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA Board Book
Convinced that dads around the world secretly want their baby’s first word to be Dada, award-winning TV show host Jimmy Fallon set out to write a children’s book dedicated to this cause.

The result is a humorous board book that is perfect for daddies who are looking for baby’s first book.

Have some quality daddy-and-baby bonding time with this best-selling book and — perhaps get the baby to say dada first at the same time. Filled with colorful and cute cartoon illustrations of different animal papas who are trying to teach their little ones to say dada.

This book will surely be a hit for the family that you’re buying for.

children's book by jimmy fallon
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11. Lotus Travel Crib
A product you can trust from Guava Family. The Lotus Travel Crib is a portable baby hotel room. With this well-thought-out product, a dad can bring his little one on any adventure — for example, to stay a night or two at the grandma’s house!

When traveling, the crib takes the form of a low-profile backpack. Then when you need the crib, you can very quickly set it up in 15 seconds.

Note that while the crib is surrounded by ClearView mesh that protects the little guy, it is not an effective deterrent for mosquitoes. If you’re expecting bugs and mosquitoes, you may want to consider adding a mosquito net.

lotus travel crib
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12. ECOSUSI Diaper Bag for Men
Cool camouflaged diaper bag. This backpack-style diaper bag looks great on both dad and mom. Lightweight, large capacity, comfy to carry. Fully-opened design to clearly see everything in the bag. Other features include insulated side pockets to fit up to 4 bottles, two stroller hooks, and useful back pockets to keep essential things like wallet, phone, and keys. This diaper backpack also comes with a matching pattern cushioned changing pad. I’m recommending this gift for its practicality and unique appearance.

ecosusi diaper bag for men
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This diaper backpack also comes with a matching pattern cushioned changing pad.

13. I Love You Daddy Poem Picture Frame
A sentimental gift for a new dad from his daughter. This picture frame comes with a father-daughter poem that is sweet and meaningful. You can insert a memorable photo of the new daddy with his princess to make this a keepsake he will treasure for years.

dad poem picture frame. sentimental gift.
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14. Worlds Coolest Dad Engraved Beer Chillers
Set of two good quality beer chillers for daddy’s time-out. It features highly advanced cooling technology to chill drinks fast and make them cold for long. No more warm drinks, keep your beer crispy cold from the first sip till the last. Perfect gift for the world’s coolest dad!

coolest dad engraved beer chillers.
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15.  Lullaby Renditions of Maroon 5
New dads will thank you for this modern lullaby gift. No more sacrificing daddy’s favorite music for the lullaby. This collection of Maroon 5 style lullabies will calm the small human down and at the same time soothe the daddy’s nerve.

lullaby renditions of maroon 5
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16. Dad Cufflinks
Stylish cufflinks for the new dads. The perfect gift for guys who are happy to show off how proud they are of their children. Made of brass and stainless steel, engraved with “DAD”. This pair of cufflinks is simple and good-looking. It matches well with any shirt.

dad cufflinks
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17. Funny Baby Vest
Hello ladies, you think my daddy is hot, right? Sorry, he is definitely taken. He is mine, I am too cute to resist. Dad ain’t got time for others.

funny baby vest
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18. Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

One of the best tech gifts for new dads. Take total vision control of your baby at all time when you are working on other stuff. The innovative lens technology allows you to customize camera performance by switching different lenses to suit the viewing angle for your baby’s room. The video is streamed real-time to a crystal clear, compact LCD color monitor. It works well on both day and night time with no delay.

Also features remote pan/tilt/zoom, alarm function, two-way talk with superior sound, and remote temperature display.

Good idea for geek dads.

baby monitor
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19. Staresso Espresso Coffee Maker

Need a boost of caffeine to keep going? Get this portable coffee maker to brew delicious and intense coffee anywhere, anytime. Compact but capable of applying strong pressure which is crucial to making a good cup of espresso. The result: more flavor and less acidity. The machine processes quickly for both hot and cold brew coffee. Compact, easy to use, convenient for traveling. Enjoy good coffee on the go even when you have the busiest schedule.

espresso coffee maker
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20. Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer

Be prepared to feed the little one anytime, anywhere. No more hungry baby or milk that has its temperature all wrong when you are traveling. Just plug into your car adapter and warm the bottle evenly in minutes. Compact, convenient, easy to use.

munchkin travel car baby bottle warmer
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21. Safe Baby Handling Tips
Anyone who has been a parent understands that the firstborn is always the most stressful. And it’s understandably so, without prior experience and what to expect, all the work that comes with the newborn can be overwhelming. I mean you gotta deal with the poo-poo, bathe him, feed him; he also cries at night for seemingly no apparent reasons.

For that reason, this humorous guide is a great gift for new parents — in our case, new dads. Safe Baby Handling Tips provide advice on how to take care of a newborn through humorous illustrations. What’s more, the book comes with a free Wheel of Responsibility. The Wheel provides a solution for deciding which of the parents should take care of diaper change or handle the little one when he cries at night.

humorous new dad book with helpful tips. funny book gift.
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What do you of these new dad gift ideas? Did you find a suitable gift for the new father? Do you have any recommendations to share?

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