Aries men are filled with affection and romance. They want to find the “one and only.” But what happens when they think that person is stepping out? How will the Aries man behave when jealous? Read on to find out!

Aries (March 21-April 19) is a fire sign, with all the anticipated passion that goes with the fiery element. Aries men are very loyal, so they don’t really understand why others would choose an unfaithful path. And, because of the intensity of emotion typical to Aries, if he feels jealousy it can drive him mad.

If you look at the Aries man he’s charming and seems enlightened. It’s hard to resist him when his focus is wholly on you. Nothing in his relationship-building process is fictitious. Keeping it real is part of the Aries man’s DNA.

Your Aries man will pay very close attention to you when he’s interested. He’ll play the romance card complete with flowers and mindful gifts. He’ll love if you flirt with him. Once in love, however, that attention can turn into an obsession. It may feel very constraining. If he sees anyone as a contender for your affections, they will be discouraged in some manner. 
While the typical Aries man deals with conflict deftly, jealousy is a whole other creature. His normal sense of rationality goes out the window, and his sense of self-esteem may plummet. Note that this can happen if he suspects something, but cannot prove it. 

Signs an Aries Man is Jealous

There are ways in which an Aries man makes his jealousy known.

1. You’re put on notice: He’s about to spill the beans

An Aries man is not afraid of telling you exactly how they feel. He’ll bring up his suspicion of unfaithfulness out of the blue in a conversation, and tell you right out he is jealous. In one way this is nice. At least you don’t have to guess about what’s going on in his mind.

This discussion may get heated. Aries men don’t stifle their emotions and sometimes they rage out of control before the rational self kicks in. Try to keep your wits about you and your replies on an even keel. Do not try to tell him he’s wrong. Rather express concern over his feelings. Even if they’re inaccurate, feelings matter and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. Ask why he came to this conclusion. He will be slow to admit he’s wrong and doesn’t handle criticism well.

2. Close examination and scrutiny: Aries the P.I.

Because Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, the Ram knows the power of planning and getting intelligence. So if they think disloyalty’s hiding in the wings, they’ll pull back that curtain with a mighty hand.

A truth-seeking mission can put matters to rest IF the Ram can look with unclouded eyes. Sometimes we see what we anticipate seeing. It’s a natural human foible. However, in this case, it could prove disastrous, leading to harsh accusations that simply aren’t true.

3. Distancing: The normally attentive Ram gives you the cold shoulder

The Aries man is very independent. So they may temporarily toss their hands in the air, and turn their focus inward. Distance can lend clarity and being alone with his thoughts may prove helpful. Honor his retreat; don’t push. 

4. Moving on: He might seek another

In a hasty moment of jealousy, the Aries man may lick his wounds and move on to something new, often a new relationship. However, in some cases, they replace the intimacy of a partner with a pet project that’s distracting. Of the two, the latter leaves the door open for reconciliation.

Why is He Trying to Make You Jealous?

Aries men have a flirtatious bend quite naturally, so take that into account. Having said that, there are several reasons why he may be trying to make you jealous. The most prominent one is that Aries men like to feel like they are the center of your universe. After all, that’s where they place you. In this instance, it’s an attention-seeking behavior.

1. It’s a test of your feelings

Alternatively, he may be testing you to see your reactions. If you truly love him, you would come to him and express concern over his diverted attention. It’s a way of evaluating you during the courtship part of your relationship. He wants to know your feelings are real and sincere. Additionally, he may be measuring at what level he wants the relationship. Are you a friend? A potential long-term partner? It’s worth noting that jealousy brings out the worst in people, so seeing your reaction tells a story he wants to know.

2. He’s immature and playing games

In some cases, the Aries man may try to make you jealous because he’s immature and trying to play a social game (badly). Remember, Aries begins the Zodiac cycle. They’re the proverbial youngsters and sometimes act the role.

3. He feels vulnerable

There is also the potential for insecurity. The Aries man is not unique in wanting to know you value him. Also, he wants to know if the “it” factor still exists. Is the suave, sophisticated, bold man you met still attractive to you? Reassurance goes a long way.

How to Make an Aries Man Jealous

1. Show interest in someone else

The easiest way to make an Aries man jealous is by showing interest in someone else. Flatter them. Laugh a little. Aries are typically strong-minded, but these actions can cause him to stop and question whether or not he’s still sexy and alluring. Jealousy is sure to follow.

2. Oneupmanship

Another way to elicit jealousy is by upstaging the Aries Man. If you put him in a competition, he’ll want to win, pure and simple. The karaoke machine is playing, and he sings, but another man is far better. You glow appreciatively at the winner. Out comes the green-eyed monster.

3. Assert your independence

Third, buck his authority. Aries men like to lead. They want the reins of control. So when you put your foot down and assert your independence, it makes his head reel. What’s going on?

4. Put other people and projects ahead of him

Or, start prioritizing other things and people.

There is no question your Aries man wants to be your first priority. Now, we all know that’s not practicable all the time, however, you can make a specific note of it. He’ll ask for something and say, I’ll get around to it later. There are more important matters for me to attend.

5. Take care, you may lose him

A word of warning. You have to be careful when trying to make the Aries Man jealous. If you go too far, he may simply pick up, leave, and never return. Generally speaking, playing games with someone’s emotions isn’t the grounds for a healthy relationship.