The Aquarian man (January 20-February 18) is smart, inventive, loyal, and self-governing. As an Air sign, it’s no surprise to discover that Mr. Aquarius is free-spirited, and often a rebel with a cause. There is something undeniable quirky about him, but it’s also attractive. This guy doesn’t appreciate clingy people, preferring the path of liberation. 

Your Aquarian man is authentic. He will show you his true self, and you will never have to second guess him. At work, he needs to be the boss. Being ordered around is a recipe for disaster.

When you first meet an Aquarian man, he may seem patronizing. He has thought a matter through thoroughly and truly believes his conclusion is correct. Compromise isn’t really a word they can embrace. This all comes from a keen intellect that all too often overthinks things. Aquarians often become life-long students due to an obsession with learning more. 

From the perspective of morals, you can trust Mr. Aquarius to hold true to his values, even if their not the norms. They’re sacred to him. He seeks out what is just, and fight for what is noble and good. The Aquarian man also accepts other lifestyles with a “live and let live” philosophy. 

If you are in a relationship with an Aquarian man, be prepared to fade into the background sometimes. Once he’s caught up with passion about a project, it’s what they think about all the time. They plan on accomplishing their goal, so personal time lessons. The nice part about this aspect of the Aquarian personality is that he will not even date you unless there is true interest. They know their worth, and won’t waste time on “iffy” prospects.

If you are a somewhat needy person, don’t date an Aquarius. They need to have a life of their own and expect independence from their partner. Jealousy on your part will make him run for the hills without a second thought. 

Sexually, be prepared for innovation. Aquarius men love sex, but they don’t want it to get overly repetitive. Variety is the spice of life for him, and it will power your relationship.

The beauty of the Aquarian man is his unpredictability. You’ll never quite know what’s on the horizon Glove trotting is definitely on this guy’s bucket list. He will always want to surprise you. 

By the way, never lie or break a promise to Mr. Aquarius. That’s a deal breaker.

Signs an Aquarius Man is Jealous

Now, this is tricky. Aquarians aren’t really prone to jealousy. They’re too busy living their lives in the moment. Even if they get jealous, they don’t admit it. But there are some striking signs that your Aquarian man is jealous.

1. He becomes even more independent

You may have grown accustomed to your Aquarian guy being out and about. However, if he’s jealous, that distance grows. He’ll avoid spending time with you. While away, he’ll work on his feelings. Give him that space. If he feels pressured, it will only make matters worse.

2. His vibe is “off”

The Aquarian man is unconventional and eccentric. However, when he is jealous, he may push his normal wit. His reactions feel forced, and his bohemian nature runs amok.

3. Being unusually quiet

It is hard for the Aquarian man to integrate difficult emotions, especially jealousy. They really don’t know what to “do” with it. As a result, he’ll use few words in replying to you, and often just sit in silence. Where in social settings, Mr. Aquarius loves to talk and exchange ideas, this is personal and intimate. There’s no telling when he might be ready to talk things through.

4. Flaunting Flirting

Ok, there’s no question Aquarian men have charm. A blink of the eye looks like flirting. But this is different. He does it brazenly in front of you, especially if he finds someone you see as competition. This is revenge flirting for what he sees as betrayal. They also want to make you feel jealous; he wants you to pay attention and show your feelings.

5. Possessiveness

Now, this is a no-brainer. Aquarian men want to be foot-lose and fancy-free. Now suddenly, he’s hovering? He doesn’t trust you, so the closer he stays to you, the better. A little attention is nice, but this is over the top.

Why is my Aquarian Man Trying to Make me Jealous?

The Aquarius man isn’t fond of jealousy. It’s constraining and goes against his nature. So if he actually tries to make you jealous, he may feel something is off between you. Have you been busy with other people and things? Yes, he likes his independence, but you should connect regularly to alleviate any worries.

Second, Mr. Aquarius may want validation of your feelings. This guy doesn’t want to just spin his wheels. He’s looking to see if you are as interested as he.

While free thought and movement are Aquarian traits, all people want to feel special sometimes. When you leave an Aquarian man to his own thoughts for too long, he may envision any manner of things and start getting anxious. At that juncture, he may do something to invoke your jealousy.

How to Make an Aquarian Man Jealous

It is very difficult to make Aquarians jealous. If you manage to do so, don’t expect he’ll respond like anyone else you’ve dated. Rather than want to grab his prize, he might just walk away, seeing the whole display as immature. Remember Mr. Aquarius won’t put effort into someone who appears duplicitous or overly dramatic.

Whatever efforts you design must not come from manipulation or duplicity. He’s likely to see right through you. At that juncture, he’ll decide you’re not worth the fuss.

A far better approach is putting on an air of mystery. Aquarians love puzzles, so they’ll want to figure you out. Instead of trying for jealousy, you endeavor to allure. Think about your strategy. Give him tidbits to follow. Eventually, he’ll unveil at least one of the things you were hiding with great joy. But, hey, you still have more!