Are you ready to have lots of fun this April 1st? You are? So evil. Here’s a list of April Fools prank ideas that will help you in your quest to make a total fool out of your victims this year. Super fun and totally awesome. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

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Evil, but Funny April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas. Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend or Friends

1. Fake Poop

A picture is worth a thousand words. As you can see in the picture below, this is an extremely realistic fake piece of turd. This item is extremely versatile. As a start, leave it on any surface you can find — on the floor, the table, on the toilet seat. You can always used a double-sided tape to stick one on the wall if you’re looking for something a little bit more advanced. Not edible — just in case if you’re wondering.

2. Gray Fat Rat

One of the biggest and oldest human fear. This rodent creature is capable of bringing unpleasant surprises to your “guests”. Pro-tip: don’t use it on someone who has a record of heart attacks.

3. Shocking Lighter With Real Flame

This is actually kinda neat, especially for a minor group known as “smokers”. It does help you to light a cigarette but it also shock you. You may want to find a fire-proof floor for this prank.

4. Exploding Noisemakers Bomb Bags

Exploding Noise in a bag. Be very noisy.

5. Shocking Digital Camera

“Can you help me take a picture? Just press that button.” A great way to get your victims shocked by how photogenic you are.

6. Prank Grenade

Realistic grenade that will guarantee to scare your victims shirtless.

7. Remote Control Fart Machine

Harmless prank. Remote-controlled fart machine. 15 different fart sounds to embarrass your victim.

8. BARFume Puke Spray

Puke smell spray. Use it with your imagination!

9. Shocking Pen

Ask your victim to write something for you on a piece of paper and … “Zap!”

That’s it! 9 prank ideas to make your day at the expense of another’s. Play at your own risk, have fun!

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