Dear parents, if you are looking for inexpensive princess costumes for your daughter, read here. We have a list of 9 pretty princess costumes for girls. They are great for small girls and big girls. Perfect for birthday, play time, school plays and also Halloween. Read on for 9 Enchanting Princess Costumes for Girls.

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Princess Costumes for Girls

1.   Cinderella
All time favorite princess. Classic Cinderella costume loved by girls for decades. White, blue with silver. This gown looks elegant.

2.   Snow Queen
Princess costume that sells like a hot cake this year. The Snow Queen from Disney’s animated film, Frozen. In the movie, the Snow Queen, also known as Princess Elsa, wear this blue dress singing the popular song “Let in go”. This costume features icy blue dress with sheer sleeves, a satiny blue skirt and overlay with snowflakes print. Also, comes with a gold-toned tiara with blue sapphire.

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3.   Princess Anna
Another piece based on Princess Anna from Frozen. A beautiful dress in dark purple and blue. This Scandinavian style dress is designed with glittering flowers and sheer puffy sleeves. It is suitable for girls age 3 and up.

3b.   Princess Anna Coronation Gown
Unique, simple and nice-looking. An adorable costume for little girls.

4.   Roman Princess
If she has passed the “magical princesses” age, she can become an elegant roman princess. This costume looks wonderful on big girls age 7 to 12. Wearing a white gown with dark blue drape, the princess also wears a matching headpiece.

5.   Princess Aurora
Pink princess costume for little girls. Sweet and lovely. This dress surely will become a big hit among little girls.

6.   Pocahontas
This Halloween, she can also become a strong and brave Native American princess – Pocahontas.  This costume looks less fancy and more down-to-earth. It is suitable for big girls who need a break from magical fairytale world.

7.   Princess Of The Seas
You can also get her this pirate costume. Featuring a black pirate hat, a vibrant red dress with gold design and sparkles.  Fun and cute. She will definitely become the coolest princess in this Halloween!

8.   Red Heart Princess
Another piece of eye-catching costumes for girls. This costume features a sparkling gold dress and a red robe, both decorated with multiple hearts. A red heart crown and scepter are also included. Perfect for small girls and big girls.

9.   Belle
One of the best princess costumes for girls. Based on Belle from Beauty and the Beast cartoon. This gorgeous yellow gown will make your girl looks stunning. The dress looks shiny with the yellow and gold design.

Different sizes available. Fits for girls age 3 to 10.

That concludes our list of 9 princess costumes for girls. Aren’t they glamorous? Tell us what you think!

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