Discover unique gifts for your parents who already seem to have everything they need in life. They may seem rich, successful, and have-them-all, but trust us, they are going to love these amazing gift ideas we have in store for them. If you’re asking yourself, “what present should I get for my parents?”, your answer lies below. These ideas work for parents-in-law too.

Amazing Gifts for Mom and Dad Who Seem to Have Everything Already

Ideas for your father and mother.

Sense Sleeping Device

If your parents have trouble getting to sleep and waking up the next morning for work, this nifty little device could help. Sense will track sleep, monitor the sleep environment and has a really revolutionary alarm system. Your parents will be so surprised with this thoughtful gift.

Fitbit Activity Tracker

If either of your parents struggles with weight and exercise, this can be a subtle yet effective remedy. Fitbit will monitor their daily steps and heart rate and with the app they can track their progress. Even better, if you get one for both parents, they can compete against one another. Challenge accepted!

Gingerdead Man Sweater

Surprise your parents with a hilarious Christmas sweater. The funnier the graphic, the better.

Asbach Brandy Chocolate

Good food is always a good option. Gourmet chocolate is a wonderful treat for parents who have everything. They will surely love this box of 24 gourmet dark chocolate with Asbach brandy. Finely crafted with really smooth and good taste. A not to be missed yummy chocolates for holiday season.

His/Hers Wine Glasses

If your parents enjoy their wine, why not get them a set of wine glasses to help them declare their love for one another? This cute but classy gift will keep them laughing and remembering your kindness the next time they down a bottle of their favorite red. Related: perfect wine glasses gifts (funny!)

KitchenAid Mixer

Give your parents this top of the line mixer so that they can bake a plethora of treats for you every time you come to visit. Bread, cakes, cookies—-you name it and the KitchenAid can whip them up. Not to mention—this mixer looks oh-so fancy schmancy sitting on a kitchen counter.

Asus Chromebook

Chromebooks are one of the most affordable laptops on the market. All your parents will need is a Wi-Fi connection to be able to browse the internet like a pro with this Asus Chromebook. For parents who don’t have a laptop, this one is a no-brainer.

Organic Mushroom Farm

For the parents who really do have everything, go ahead and get them their own portable mushroom farm. You’ll definitely surprise them when they open the package!

Which one will you choose for your parents?

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