2016 Chinese New Year is around the corner. It is time to decorate the house and send gifts to friends, families, coworkers and more. The coming year is The Year of the Monkey, if you need decoration ideas or gift ideas, read for our list of 8 auspicious items below.


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1.   2016 Chinese New Year Figurine
Let’s start with the animal sign of the year, monkey. Feng shui monkey figurine makes a great decoration/ gift. You will love the below two figurines. They are well crafted and look nice as desk decor. Good for feng shui; will bring you abundance of wealth and good luck.

2.   Wu Lou Bottle Gourd Key Chain
Bottle gourd is the symbol of good health. It is believed to ward off bad chi and promote good fortune. This little bottle gourd keychain makes a good gift. Made of brass with 18k gold plate. Nice weight, bright color. Carry it with you to enhance your luck.

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3.   2016 Zodiac Monkey Coaster
Another nice Lunar New Year decoration.  Stone coaster inspired by the traditional Chinese paper-cutting art. Red, festive and charming. Perfect for the Year of the Monkey.

4.   Chinese Lantern
Red lantern is a basic decor for Chinese New Year.

5.   Food
Good food makes good Chinese New Year gift for all. Cookie, nut, fruit, seafood are most welcomed for the festival.

6.   Wall Decoration
Auspicious wall decoration is also important for welcoming a prosperous new year. Good luck charm is simple and nice. Hang it by the window or door to bring fortune.

7.   Red Envelope
Simple, monetary gift people exchange during the Lunar New Year. Bring luck to the person who receives it and also to the person that gives it.

8.   Money Tree in Money Bag
This shiny money tree makes a wonderful Chinese New Year gift and decor. Rich yellow color, lovely design. Place in living room or office to attract wealth, success, and all good things.

That’s the 2016 Chinese New Year gifts and decor. Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

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