Celebrate Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) with traditional red and gold decorations. Get these cool decorations for yourself, your friends, colleagues, and family members who are celebrating the Year of The Sheep. Below is a list of 10 Year of The Sheep ideas that are suitable as home décor or gifts for friends and families.

These items are festive and auspicious; they make appropriate Chinese New Year gifts and Chinese New Year decorations.

Year Of The Sheep Chinese Lunar New Year Decoration

1.   Sheep / Goat Figurine
2015 is the Year of the Sheep/ Year of the Goat. So, let us start the list with this year’s main character – goat/ sheep figurine.  We recommend these two handsome figurines.  Gold and shiny. They are biting gold coin in their mouth and standing in pool of coins. These charming figurines are believed to bring abundance of wealth to the owner.

Suitable as gift, office décor and home décor.

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2.   Chinese Carp Wall Art
This embroidery artwork of a group of carp fish forming a circle is a nice feng shui decoration. Handmade with beautiful details of 20 carps in water. This artwork has the meaning of gathering wealth. It helps bringing good financial luck.

3.   Feng Shui Knot
Chinese red knot with coins is one of the most welcomed Chinese New Year decorations. Traditionally hang in home or office. It is an auspicious décor that bring good luck.

4.   Red Lantern
One cannot miss hanging red lantern during Lunar New Year. Remember, the lantern must be red, as red is the color of happiness.

5.   Chinese Tea Gift Set
Chinese people enjoy drinking tea. A box of good quality tea makes a great Chinese New Year gift. We recommend this King’s Oolong Tea from trusted Taiwanese brand, Ten Ren. Includes top grade garden teas that are perfectly roasted to bring out the best aroma of oolong. This tea tastes delicious and refreshing.

6.  Chinese New Year T-Shirt
Cute t-shirt to wear for this New Year. Year of the Sheep theme. The first shirt says “Yang Yang De Yi”, which is a Chinese saying that means immensely proud of. It has a sheep couple in a heart shape, the right shirt for couples.

The second one is designed with traditional Chinese paper-cutting-style with a chubby sheep at the center.

7.  Money Tree
Money tree is good for feng shui. It brings positive energy to your financial luck. A live money tree plant or a manmade money tree is equally nice. They are an excellent decoration to put in living room or working desk.

Also, makes one of the best Chinese New Year gifts for business partner.

8.   Chinese Wall Fan
Gorgeous decorative wall fan in red. Handcrafted in bamboo, hand painted with blossoming plum blossoms that depicts Spring is coming.

9.   Calligraphy Rattan Scroll 
Another nice Chinese New Year decoration idea – hanging scroll with peaceful painting and good blessing. Pretty and inexpensive. Price under $5.

10.   Chinese Food
Let’s concludes this long list with some good food. Food is essentials, yummy food is always welcomed.

Delicious food is wonderful gift. Lunar New Year celebration is incomplete without tasty food.

That concludes the list of 2015 Chinese New Year Gifts and Decoration Ideas. We wish you to have a healthy and prosperous new year!

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